Insightful Performance Review Phrases Examples

Insightful Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His insights make other insights seem less-than-insightful, strictly because no one else would think of them.
He provides insight and makes us think of what we could do, not what we have done.
He always had the insight to look forward and not backwards with any challenge.
He has many insights that were insightful and were not covered in the textbook.
He knows the industry inside out and always provides him with useful insights.
He always made himself available to us and provided very insightful feedback.
His insights into his personality were always insightful and often surprising.
His insights into the market are always well informed and very insightful.
John, thank you again for your help, your insight, and especially your our company.
He has an insight that is most welcome when you are in need of perspective.
And when he has something to say it's always insightful and intelligent.
John is always available when you need to get his input or insight.
He indeed knows what he is doing and he got the vision and insight.
John never refuses you when you ask him for help and insights.
He always has something insightful to say and value to contribute.
The course was insightful and provided him with many useful tools.
John is very insightful and he knows how to think out of the box.
He is always available with appropriate and insightful guidance.
He is quite insightful and speaks those insights intelligently.
He is insightful and looks after the well-being of his clients.
Because he is very insightful, what he says is also invaluable.
John provided some insights that none of us could have known.
And that's exactly what makes him so insightful and brilliant.
He is someone you always want to have insightful discussions.
His feedback was thoughtful and the insights were just that, insightful.
He has that rare insight to see everything for what it really is, and will never tell you anything other than what it really is.
He is always pushing himself to be the best at what he is doing and is not afraid to ask others for their insight.
He provided insight from different perspectives to help others see things more clearly and come up with solutions.
John has never let us down and has always provided insight to any situation from several different approaches.
John's presentations are always insightful - you'll always come away with something you didn't know before.
John, thank you for your insights, your efforts and last, but most certainly not least, your friendship.
Knowledgeable and insightful and always willing to share that knowledge and insight with his colleagues.
The impact of his own insights, together with listening to the insights from others has been profound.
He is so forward thinking and insightful, he can't help but make you better - just being his company.
Not only does he excel at what he does, but he also provides insight and help to those who need it.
Him insight to what is the need of the end user and how to make it available for him, is priceless.
He is always insightful, and quickly got him looking at things from entirely different angles.
John always made himself available to others to offer insights into what made him successful.
His insights always come back to value - what is the value someone brings to an organization.
John's help & advice has given him new insight and above all else, he's been an inspiration.
This was by far his most insightful course that will help him become successful in his career.
This allows him to have insights others don't have regarding the who, what, whens and whys.
His insights on technology/architecture/programming are something you don't want to ignore.
He is very thorough and provided much insight into the various challenges we were facing.
John also insight way beyond the curve to know what you need to have and what's just noise.
He has some really useful insights and furthermore could lead us to some best practices.
He has gone above and beyond and provided so much insight that has benefited his business.
He has done it all, therefore he always has insightful input to the all of our problems.
If he says you need his insight or that he has an idea, they're some of the best around.
John provided him with insights and strategies that would have otherwise been missed.
John always goes above and beyond the assignment and provides added value and insight.
He's insightful with his observations and fosters insights of your own to come forth.
He provided the best service possible, and the insight he provided was second to none.
John as he always has interesting and fascinating insights into the industry.
John his motto 'insight is useless until you use the insight to come up with an idea'.
John, thank you for all of your insight and wisdom you provided him while on the team.
John is very insightful and always does what is in the best interest for the company.
John has never been anything other than exceptional in the insight he has provided.
Yes, and again he will have questions or insights that you might not have considered.
His insight not only in the business, but his insight into people was second to none.