Instructional Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Instructional Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John instructed selling is about assisting others with their buying decisions.
He would always take the time to assist and instruct his peers as needed.
He made himself available outside the classroom setting, even to assist in matters not associated with the course of instruction.
John does not need instructions on what needs to be done or how things need to be done more than once.
It used to amaze him the things he could do with very little instruction.
With his instruction there is no way that anyone will be unsuccessful.
He knows how to get things done without much instruction given.
He knows exactly what he is expected to do at one instruction.
He is very thorough with instructions, but never micromanaged.
Discussing with him is always very energetic and instructive.
The assistance he provides, even on a continual basis, is invaluable to him and everyone he instructs.
He gives clear, concise instruction and is always available for clarification, advice or assistance.
Him intentional and methodical instruction is what has inspired his instructional philosophy.
He gives clear instructions and as much assistance as possible, but he doesn't micromanage and lets him do his job.
He advised us on what he was looking for and where we were going, but never instructed us on how to get there.
Especially from someone who has "been there, done that, " the value of his instruction was immeasurable.
He always gives him clear instructions on what needs to be done when he gives him an assignment.
He is very passionate about what he does and he gives thorough instructions on different tasks.
He instructed us what to do, when doing it and made recommendations for anything we needed.
So once you get back home, you know what you are doing plus he sends you with instructions.
You can always rely on him when you need something done with minimal instruction.
John not only instructed, but he was available to help every step of the way.
His instructions concerning what he would need from us were clear and concise.
His passion for the profession clearly comes through during him instruction.
He's also good - as all husbands should be - at following his instructions.
He's positive and gives you instruction that's appropriate to your level.
He always says what he wants, and he never instructs how we have to do.
John is clear in his instructions on how making it go smoothly.
He instructs and makes sure you understand everything he has said
Another big plus for him is that he only needs instructions once.
He provided clear instructions and was always willing to help.
At the same time, he was able to assist and instruct others in correcting their vocal mistakes.
Easy to get along with and clear in his direction and instruction.
John provided direction and instruction on all things our company.
He followed instruction with precision and was happy to assist the team in any way.
He did so on his own initiative, with little instruction or supervision, demonstrating that he is capable of much more than an assistant role.
He genuinely cares about his students and provides superior instructions and assistance.
He's easy to work with and is very instructive and helpful when asked for assistance.
At the same time he is very patient when assisting, sharing or instructing others.
John typically needs little, if any, instruction on assignments, but is always willing to ask for help, if needed.
Under his instruction the only way you can fail is by failing yourself, he is always there for help and advice.
He takes the trouble to understand what needs to be done rather than just following instructions.
He followed the instruction easily and went over and beyond what was asked of him on every assignment.
He also remembers what was instructed by him and does not ask the same questions over and over.
His instructions and questions were always clear in not only what he was asking for but why.
John will never let you down and can be relied on to carry out instructions diligently.
We have always been very pleased with our child's progress while under his instruction.
One needs to give him instructions just once - and could count on him to just get it done.
He has an incredible and a loyal following in all of the classes that he instructs.
His instructions are always clear and he is very understanding and compassionate.
He gives instructions clearly and he even walked him through the whole set up.
He followed instructions well and was able to think on his feet if necessary.
John follows instructions very well and delivers with great expectations.
He always provided typed instructions, which he would then verbally explain.
Every instruction he has given him was clear, concise and most appropriate way.
John, was both helpful and instructive on the approach that we should take.
More importantly, he knows just how much humor to dose into his instruction.
He's very quick to understand instructions and will ask when he's unsure.
He did one on one instruction in an inductive way to make it easier for him.
We are very pleased with him instructive and look forward to continuing it.
He instructs the imbiber as to what to look for in the texture and finish.
He takes instruction well and is also very proactive and self sufficient.
His instruction was thorough, in-depth where needed, and right on target.
John takes instruction and gets things done in an expeditious manner.
He both respects and honors those blessed to be under his instruction.
He would be an asset to any organization in any instructional capacity.
He also instructed him on how to update his images himself in the future.
John clearly conveys instructions and makes valuable recommendations.
There is clarify in all his instructions and he is quick on his feet.
You ask him once and he delivers, no reminders or instruction needed.
John took all opportunities to use instruction as teachable moments.
John does not passively approach his instructional responsibilities.
He walks his talk and we are certainly going to instruct him again.
His instructions are to the point and he knows what he talks about.
His instructional methods are quite modern and always to the point.
His instruction is snappy and goes for the jugular - of the issue.
Students have expressed praise for him instructional capabilities.
His articles are always instructive as well as thought provoking.
His examples and instruction is always relevant and very useful.
He consistently gives instruction that is helpful and thorough.
He provided excellent instruction, and encouraged participation.
He comprehended the task, giving to him with little instructions.
He took pains to make them simple, interesting and instructive.
He often far surpasses his instruction with additional insight.
He makes instruction, fun and interesting, the way it should be.
He gave straightforward instructions on how to get things done.
He even charted instructions for him to reference in the future.
He is quick and accurate in following our debug instructions.
His instruction and encouragement helped make them attainable.
John's instructional techniques are dynamic and entertaining.
It was both delightful and insightful to be instructed by him.
He needs very little instruction to get the feel of a script.
John's our company workshop was both instructive and enjoyable.
He then instructed him on the intricacies of using our company and our company.
He instructs report writing clearly and thoroughly and has been readily available for questions and assistance.
John excels in instructing and assisting people because he has such an overt passion for people.
He told us we could contact him at any time for further instructions or assistance, and he has stayed true to his word.
Also, he makes himself available after hours for students who may need extra instruction.
John uses his past to instruct others, but looks to the future to direct others forward.
John instructs his classes very well, they are fun, and interactive.
His instructions and directions for the assignment are always clear.
His advice was always sound and his instructions always very clear.
He always found new and innovative ways to instruct his students.
John is organised, instructive and motivated in his leadership.
John's students were uniformly satisfied with him instruction.