Instructional Coach Performance Review Phrases Examples

Instructional Coach Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John's approach to coaching is enormously insightful and instructive
He instructed him in his new role and was a very motivational coach.
Without hesitation, he has instructed, coached and mentored him.
His coaching techniques are far and above any other coaches out there since he actually sold real estate.
However, if he was asked to provide coaching, he would do so in an instructive way and non-confrontational way.
John's instruction, coaching style is so much fun, to top it all off.
John's instructional leadership in our company has helped him to become a better instructional coach and leader.
John speaks with passion, instructs with purpose and coaches with insight.
By doing this, he was able to let the self motivators do their parts while coaching those that needed coaching.
John's facilitation of group coaching and instruction was extremely thought provoking.
His coaching and instruction has impacted both his life and the life of his two young sons.
He is very approachable but don't let that make you think he waits around for instructions.
John does what he says he'll do, accurately and without lots of instruction.
He just may be the instructional speaker you need for your organization.
Finally, he listened to our instructions and followed them exactly.
With little guidance and instruction, he makes things happen.
His heart to instruct, equip and empower coaches is inspiring.
He provided executive coaching to him as well coaching to his team.
Who understands his job very well & not really need to be instructed.
He gives you all the tools and the best instruction possible.
He knows how to get on with the job with minimum instructions.
His instructions were clear and he let him get on with his job.
He takes the initiative and makes sure that things are done in the right way without merely waiting for instructions.
Jokes aside, you can rely on him to take the initiative instead of waiting for instructions.
He does not wait around for instructions, he seeks out what needs to be done and does it.
He is proactive which also means he isn't just someone who waits for instructions.
The instructions and guidance from him have been always straight to the point.
Him instruction directly helped him with his own advancement within the company.
He instructed various seminars throughout the company and was always helpful.
He taught him to use it, and his instructions were clear and well-organized.
John's instruction does not end when the bell rings at the end of the day.
Guys trust him and follow his instructions he will get you to your dream.
It was not his first experience with being instructed by a facilitator.
His style is one of guidance to self-awareness instead of instruction.
He follows instructions well and is very detailed in every response.
In addition, he provided guidance and instructions when necessary.
He provided both instruction and guidance as well as sought input.
He is extremely well organized and gives very clear instruction.
He will follow up and keep track of you as you learn in coaching.
He coaches and provides feedback in a way that is constructive, instructional, and motivating.
It has been truly instructive for him to see him in action, particularly now as a peer.
He's one of those people who don't sit and wait for instructions.
His guidance, direction and instruction have been unparalleled.