Instructional Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Instructional Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Friends and colleagues who know him, know of his reputation for excellence in instructional design.
He often designed, built and instructed the organization on new process/functionality.
He is deliberate and methodical about his approach to instructional design.
John's instructional designs are first rate and highly impressive.
His design briefs and instructions were accurate and concise.
He's also provided him with instructional design for his business.
His instructional design solutions have been very practical and simple.
He loves learning, which makes him great at instructional design.
John has proven over and over that he can take vague or no instruction at all and nail the design in one shot.
Besides being an incredible instructional designer, he also is very collaborative and open to feedback.
John knows what good, effective instructional design looks like, and doesn't accept anything less.
He always designs instruction by keeping the best interest of the learner in mind.
He knows instructional design from both the theoretical and practical perspective.
His expertise in instructional design is what specifically helped him recently.
For the first, he was the trainer for several instructional design workshops.
He mentioned he did instructional design and immediately his radar went off.
He has an exceptional command of instructional design theory and practicum.
John has a great impact on his appreciation for instructional design.
He is passionate about designing instruction make a real difference.
John is an instructional designer; very experienced, talented, and yet, diligent.
We counted on him to instructional design, user interface design, and information architecture.
As an instructional designer he's proven his ability to design instructional sound programs.
He really pays attention to directions and adheres to all design instructions.
John's instructional design knowledge and abilities are exceptional.
John has worked for him as an instructional designer on several courses at our company.
Guided by his precise instructions, we used to come up with eye-catching designs and graphics.
He introduced him to the adult learning theory and instructional design.
And he gives back to the design community by teaching and instructing.
His designs are very clean and extremely well-done, and he provides very clear instructions, feedback and artwork.
It always struck him as funny that his title was instructional designer, because he was much more than that.
He is undeniably an exceptional instructional designer who strives for excellence in everything he does.
John combines the incredible capability in instructional design with the principles of performance technology
His willingness to share his expertise in instructional design makes him an asset to any group.
Him the ability to conceptualize and create instructional design deliverables is unsurpassed.
John's strengths are his attention to detail and his expertise in instructional design.
Him holistic, positive approach to instructional design is refreshing and much desired.
His instructional design prowess has continued to foster the growth of his own.
He's never afraid to ask if his design brief or instructions were ever unclear or if he had input to give while working on design ideas together.
John's expertise in graphic design was evident in him instructional design and development.
He kept very detailed design manuals that covered all of the various design concepts that were tried during the design and testing phases.
John would always there to listen and guide further instructions.
His approach to instructional design along with his work ethic is very admirable.
His knowledge of typography and design principles are evident in his instruction.
Bottom line, he is an instructional designer that you really want to work with.
As an instructional designer his work was consistent and of the highest caliber.
His observations about game design and polish were instructive to him.
As a gifted graphic designer, he was able to bring that creativity to his role as an instructional designer.
He truly is a "servant leader" who brings out the best in instructional designers.
His instructional design solutions were thoughtfully conceived and always had the end user in mind.
John is definitely an expert in instructional design and adult learning theory and principles.
John always provides clear, concise instructions and makes his job as a designer much simpler.
He's autonomous, eager to learn new things, and has great instructional design instincts.
He designed tools for decision making and explained instructions with ease.
His ability to engage his audience allows him to make sound instructional design even better.
His knowledge and presentation using instructional design concept is good.
John consistently adds value to the instructional design team with his creative graphics design expertise.
He displayed an infectious zeal during his tenure as an instructional designer and was very popular with his pupils.
He knows instructional design theory and knows how to apply these principles in a practical manner.
He has a wealth of experience in many industries, and he is a great instructional designer.
During that time it was a pleasure to watch him grow into a fine instructional designer.
His instructional design prowess is outstanding; his attention to detail excellent.
He is an exemplary instructional design professional and an asset to our company.
Our company, John is a gifted, expert trainer/facilitator - and his instructional design expertise is second to none.
Our company instructional designers seek him out as a Mentor based on his proven reputation.
He has a strong grasp of technology as well as instructional design.
John showed great commitment to his work and was very experienced in terms of both visual design and instructional design.
He is always willing to generously shares experience and ideas about instructional design.
He approaches, curriculum design and instructional design with intentionality and a desire to wow customers.
He understood what was required and designed and delivered an interactive course that was both highly entertaining as well as instructional.
His knowledge of instructional design is up-to-date and he always keeps the learners' needs in the forefront of his mind.
John always ensured the integrity and legitimacy of the instructional design and rationale for it.
His work ethic was impeccable and him instructional design was of very high standard.
Also, he has brought a great deal of instructional design depth to our team, inspiring us to innovate while keeping us focused on the priorities of instructional design.
He designed instruction and learning tools that aligned with the organizational needs.
He will be a valuable asset to any instructional design project.
With no fuss or much instruction from him, he created some on brand designs that had synergy with his website.
His creativity in conjunction with his knowledge of instructional design, makes him one of the best in his profession.
John provided exceptional instructional design work for one of our major customers.
Moreover, he also trains other designers to go to the next level.
Shortly after starting his position with the bank, he quickly established himself as so much more than an instructional designer.
He has very detailed knowledge of what he is designing, and has an unusual understanding of how the designs are made.
He is leading us, but he has extremely good in instructional design, content design from a user perspective
John ensures that he incorporates the latest and most innovative, instructional techniques into his learning design.
His instructional design is thorough, based on the latest adult-learning theory and always effective.
Him thought leadership in instructional design and delivery methods were evident from the start.
John has the unique ability to blend instructional design expertise with outstanding delivery.
He can design, develop, and instruct nearly any course, on any topic, using any medium.
John brings a tremendous amount of passion to him graphic design instruction.
He drove instructional design principles into our developers.