Instructional Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Instructional Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

They are always available for help and instruction.

It used to amaze me the things he could do with very little instruction.

He knows exactly what he is expected to do at one instruction.

He was very thorough with instructions but never micromanaged.

Working with him has been refreshing and very instructional.

Clear instructions, always available and understanding.

His course was instructional and enlightening.

It did not come with an "instruction manual".

He instructs without being patronizing.

He has leadership skills, but is also take instruction very well.

If you are looking for someone who knows how to not only instruct, but also to motivate, look no further.

John does what he says he'll do, accurately and without lots of instruction.

He was always very easy to get on with and clear with him instructions.

He is great at following instructions, but also uses him initiative.

Finally, he listened to our instructions and followed them exactly.

He instructs and makes sure you understand everything he has say.

He's also provided me with instructional design for my business.

He was clear in his instructions and new exactly what he wanted.

John provided instructions that were always clear and direct.

The best instruction will only happen if we know our students.

It was always to the highest quality with little instruction.

John is bright, engaging, and thorough in him instruction.

John never instructs, he inspires you to take the plunge.

John's instruction was both generous and to the point.

He gives the right mix of instruction and encouragement.

He is very approachable and he gives clear instructions.

I found him instruction to be thoughtful and insightful.

He is very clear in his instructions, and very patient.

At each, he was at ease, entertaining and instructive.

His is very clear and descriptive in his instruction.

Following his instruction yielded immediate results.

An all-round great experience under his instruction.

They have been instructional and educational for me.

He's now assisting with instruction to new students.

Thank you for your expert instruction and training.

His expectations and instructions were very clear.

His presentations are interesting and instructive.

I now need to put him instructions into practice.

Most recently, we co-instructed classes together.

He's attentive and listens well to instructions.

John is an exceptional instructional designer.

Outstanding instruction and outstanding advice.

It was instructive, useful, and of great value.

He is engaging, entertaining and instructive.

John does not need day-to-day instructions.

Calm, patient and clear with all instructions.

Every instruction he gave me was reasonable.

He is friendly and gives clear instructions.

Him instruction and patience was remarkable.

He is an inspiring and instructive leader.

I have never had to give instruction twice.

Very loyal and followed instructions well.

He listens before providing instructions.

His instructions were detailed and clear.

He instructs adults as well as children.

Him instructions were clear and concise.

Working with John has been instructional for me.

Thank you John for your valuable instruction.

Basic instructions are not required with John.