Instructor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Instructor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is probably one of the best instructors to take towards then end of your schooling.
He is the one of the best instructors, we ever had and we have had over dozens.
John has always been there with the right instructor for the right class.
But when it comes to teaching, he's second to none as an instructor.
John is way ahead of everyone, including most of the instructors.
John provided even more than was required of him as instructor.
John has been an instructor for this course for several years.
John has all the qualities that one looks for in an instructor.
John is one of the best course instructors you could ask for.
For most of the our company he was with him, he was an instructor.
He would always make himself available for help during and after class and was an excellent instructor.
He receives the best evaluations of any of our instructors and we have great instructors.
And not like other instructors he keeps his guidance and help even after the workshop.
John is an excellent instructor and would recommend him as an instructor to anyone.
John is the one who inspired him to become an instructor from the very beginning.
He is one of those rare instructors who goes over and above right from the start.
John is always the instructor who was sure to be thorough in his teaching style.
As an instructor, he makes sure that his students get the most out of the courses.
As an instructor, he pushed us to our very best and it was very exhaustive.
John got what it takes to be successful in what he does as an instructor.
John is not only an instructor, but also managed a team of instructors.
He is one of our best instructors and always has customer as his priority.
John is definitely one of our best professional development instructors.
John is the standard by which all other instructors will now be judged.
Now he is taking the next step in his career in becoming an instructor.
But most importantly, he expected the same of himself as an instructor.
He is by far the best speaker/workshop instructor we have ever used.
John's grading is straightforward, more so than any other instructor.
Also, he's well-liked by his former students and fellow instructors.
John is one of those students who make it easy for an instructor.
John is known for how he values and supports him instructors.
John is an instructor of mine during his undergraduate studies.
John is far and above the most amazing networking instructor.
He is thorough, and great with both students and instructors.
He knows the industry very well and is an excellent instructor.
Our instructors were the better for his guidance and teaching.
John is an exceptional instructor who is always well prepared.
John always took the our company for both instructors and students.
John has definitely been one of his favorite instructors at our company.