Insurance Agent Performance Review Phrases Examples

Insurance Agent Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

All of those insurance agents either told him that no one would insure his company or that they were not interested in his business.
Please approach him; he will be one of the few people that you like to consider as an insurance agent.
His years of experience make him one of the country's top insurance agents.
John is a fabulous insurance agent and very passionate about what he does.
John, from our company, is the world's greatest insurance agent.
John should be the standard by which all insurance agents are trained.
As an insurance agent, he consistently does his best to evaluate the risk exposures of an insured, and get the correct coverages in place.
John's knowledge and understanding of insurance make him the perfect agent.
He works diligently with agents and is very competent in insurance.
John has also cleared up several issues created by past insurance agents who weren't as dedicated as he is.
He made recommendations on coverage that his previous insurance agent never even mentioned as an option.
His attention to detail separates him from other insurance agents out there.
If you want an honest and fair insurance agent give him a call.
As our insurance agent, he has done an outstanding job keeping us informed and making sure we had the best insurance for our needs.
John is a great insurance agent and went out of his way to meet him face-to-face and go over the insurance plans he could offer.
We got on the topic of what he does and how he has transformed many lives through his work as an insurance agent.
He doesn't do a hard sell like so many insurance agents are notorious for.
He has been an excellent resource to not only his clients but other insurance agents.
As his insurance agent he has been able to offer guidance and has helped him save on his annual insurance bill.
He became his friend and health insurance agent shortly thereafter.
He never fails to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and provides the value one should expect in an insurance agent.
His wide ranging expertise beyond mortgages included insurance, which proved to be useful when we ran into difficulties with the condo association, their insurance agent and our insurance agent.
John understands how to work with insurance agents and knows how to motivate for success.
John sets an example for all insurance agents in that he is available to help out, answer questions, and respond promptly - when you need it the most.
Without prodding, he provides full disclosure and honesty which is very rare when dealing with insurance agents.
If you, or anyone you know, needs the services of a superb insurance agent, he is the one you should call.
Within the past year his insurance agent moved on, which immediately led to confusion and worry.
When it was time for him to find an insurance agent, he was on a short list of prospect.
If you have an insurance agent or not it is very much a smart move to give him a call.
Our company, like Realtors are a dime a dozen, insurance agents are the same.
He cares about everything he does and insures it is done right the first time.
John is there to help you with all your title insurance needs.
He is not only his insurance agent, but a close personal friend.
Since day one he has always gone above and beyond what any reasonable person would expect from their insurance agent.
John is an excellent insurance agent, but more importantly, he's an excellent person.
He will go out of his way to make sure him a customer has the right insurance for their needs.
He's one of those rare insurance agents who really knows what he's doing-and is also a pleasure to work with.
John invited him to present some ideas on being a successful insurance agent to his agency.
John provides the insurance on all his properties and automobiles.
John gets his insurance done, is thorough, loves his work and makes it a joy to talk about insurance.
He sought him out as an insurance agent when his client was unable to find competitively priced insurance for their mountain home.
John always goes above and beyond to insure that whatever he is working on is successful.
He goes above and beyond to get things done insuring the integrity of the results.
If you have a health insurance question, he is the agent that can handle it.
As an independent insurance agent, he can match your needs to one of many providers and give you the best solution.
He handles himself professionally and is very engaging when meeting directly with our insureds and agents.
He also was conscious of the budget and did everything he could to insure value.
He insures everyone has the tools they need to be successful in their position.
He takes a genuine concern for our agents and follows up with them to insure there are no further questions or concepts that need explaining.
Now, as an insurance agent and entrepreneur, he goes above and beyond for his customers in making sure they have the best protection and advice they deserve.
As an insurance agent, he provides the highest level of service to his clients.