Insurance Broker Performance Review Phrases Examples

Insurance Broker Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was the insurance broker for one of my longtime clients.
John has always been my most trusted and knowledgeable insurance broker.
Clearly, he has been a terrific benefits insurance broker for my company.
John is one of the most knowledgeable and ethical brokers you will find in the insurance industry.
John has an incredible knowledge on how insurance brokers and insurance companies are not always working for you with your best interest in mind.
John has a wealth of commercial insurance experience from both a broker and insurer perspective.
John has always been responsive to our needs and brokered the right connections to get things done.
John has been our insurance broker for a few years now, and visits our company regularly to review.
John is extremely knowledgeable and clearly goes above and beyond to help brokers.
John has been his insurance broker now for the last four years he has provided him with liability, home, holiday and life insurance throughout our company.
John successfully insured his company, which was a difficult if not impossible task for any insurance broker.
If you are looking for an insurance broker, please reach out to him because he will amaze you.
Not to mention it makes his job as his insurance broker that much easier.
John breaks the mold of the conventional insurance broker at our company.
As an insurance broker, he is indeed the consummate professional.
His client's have retained one of the best insurance brokers in the country.
John is more than his insurance broker, he is his business partner.
The our company group of companies found ourselves getting very disillusioned with our previous insurance broker.
He is someone you can trust and he will look out for you and your needs as a broker.
John is the broker, who at no charge to his clients, finds them an insurance quote.
His system was built by brokers and not just by techies for brokers.
He knows hundreds of insurance brokers and is exceptional at building rapport/trust.
His prompt delivery and diligent follow-up all set him apart from other insurance brokers.
This sets him apart from the average insurance broker who is basically a salesperson.
John's company is very a very efficient, personal insurance broker.
John arranged some insurance for him and it was all done with professionalism.