Insurance Sales Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Insurance Sales Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was one of the few sales representatives who walked with integrity and was well liked by all.
John was one of the hardest working sales representatives, doing whatever it took to get the best.
John is there to help you with all your title insurance needs.
John has extended experience in insurance, finance and sales.
John was very driven as a sales representative when we worked together.
His sales background provides great insights into potential employer he's representing.
He represents him organization well and is very respected in the insurance community.
John was a committed, results-oriented sales representative who was one of the most respected reps on him sales team.
John is also a hard working and well organized sales representative.
Honestly sales training does not really even come close to describing what his methodology represents.
John has gone above and beyond for me and my group to insure success.
John is a solid sales representative that was incredibly reliable and results oriented.
John is a highly experienced sales representative with integrity that can't be compromised.
He once told me to get my insurance through another company because the companies he represented couldn't offer an equal policy.
He goes "the extra mile" to insure that the people he represents are treated as they should be treated.
John is an extremely personable sales representative and listens to your needs.
John is the kind of insurance agent you want representing you.
He has successfully represented my companies and me individually on a variety of insurance and arbitration matters.
He has always been reliable and available to answer questions regarding our insurance.
He spent the time to make sure that we had the best insurance for our needs.
He's there to guide you to make the right insurance coverage decisions.
His love of sales and commitment to sales professionals represents the best in our industry.
He was extremely diligent in his responsibility to prepare and train new sales representatives before they reached the sales floor.
John was the sales representative for a product my company bought.
His rates were so much better than my previous insurance company it was unbelievable.
I've come to completely trust his judgement and insurance recommendations.
He was instrumental in getting some of my insurance challenges resolved.
He would track issues and help insure follow-through to resolution.
He was one of our best if not the best representative, sales agents that worked for us.
I recommend him to anyone looking for an aggressive, hard working sales representative who will ramp up quickly.
John performed above and beyond our expectations in representing our company.
He treats the lines he represents as if they were his company.