Intellectual Performance Review Phrases Examples

Intellectual Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He can keep up with anyone intellectually on just about any subject.
However, he is not only intellectual orientation, but he also knows how to get things done.
He attracts intellectuals and curious intellectuals and keeps them further engaged.
He is magnificent at this both in the intellectual as well as the mechanical.
John's intellectual horsepower is perhaps second to none in the profession.
He is excellent at seeing things through and intellectually very astute.
Each and every interaction with him was very intellectually stimulating.
His intellectual curiosity is surpassed only by his intellectual acumen.
Highly intellectual and willing to give his all for the right solution.
John is someone who needs to be intellectually challenged constantly.
He's an intellectual, who is willing to challenge and to be challenged.
He is an individual with whom you can have intellectual conversations.
John is also very bright, intellectually as well as in personality.
Technically, he is very intellectual and has always produced the best.
Most everyone who knows him is familiar with him intellectual acumen.
In this way, his contribution is as intellectual as it is material.
But what most impressed him about him is his intellectual curiosity.
John has an intellectual curiosity that is almost infectious
Furthermore, he is very intelligent and intellectually curious.
He is not just an academic, but essentially also an intellectual.
He does not have any airs regarding his intellectual abilities.