Intellectual Property Attorney Performance Review Phrases Examples

Intellectual Property Attorney Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an excellent attorney with significant experience in intellectual property.
I am especially intrigued by his take on intellectual property and what's next-he's way ahead of the curve.
He is always there to help and inspires others in doing the same, growing our intellectual property.
He is someone who knows what he wants, what is best for the property, and how to get it.
John is an extremely knowledgeable intellectual property attorney who provides thoughtful advice.
He has such a passion for everything property and having people win with property.
I'd recommend him to anyone that wants to get the most out of their intellectual property based ventures.
This is the third property he has sold for us and we would not consider using anyone else.
He is very attentive and knows what is going on with all of the horses on his property.
He will listen to your needs and wants and guide you into the right property.
John also found us properties to look at that we missed in our own search.
John has an incredible understanding of the intellectual property space.
I have seen him scrape/paint their properties for them when they could not.
I know he probably thought we would never settle on the right property.
He will definitely be my first stop when we pursue another property.
Thanks to his help, we have a strong piece of intellectual property.
We would recommend him to anyone looking for property consulting.
He does whatever is necessary to get the property sold and closed.
I look forward buying several more properties through his company.
We reached out to him regarding the property and he was great.
John, and especially if there is something special about your property.
Additionally, he understands the value of intellectual property and the need to protect it.
He is a smart, collaborative attorney and is very knowledgeable in the intellectual property area.
We were the difficult ones, but he always came through with properties along the guidelines we were looking for.
In addition, he has also come up with many concepts for our new and upcoming properties.
John helped us with all of our intellectual property needs, from trademarks to patents.
John knows what he is talking about when it comes to listing and selling properties.
John does this without lengthy discussion of intellectual property or chest beating.
He's the one who can give different perspectives about property in different ways.
Importantly, he did not push or pressure me to move on any particular property.
Not only has he provided the most sobering and calm advice regarding property.
He made sure his properties were rented before he went on maternity leave.
Learned about his property and was intrigued by the location and reputation.
If you're looking for a property expert, look no further, you've found him.
John has made looking after our property, and our tenants incredibly easy.
John then proactively found properties which fulfilled our requirements.
John was one of my earliest and best intellectual property law students.
John has helped me out quickly and efficiently with two properties.
Additionally, his insight brought tremendous value to the property.
He provides regular updates on your property throughout the year.
John is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about property.
He is the one to talk to when you want to buy or sell property.
During my ownership of that property, he hooked me up with all sorts of folks to help me update and maintain the property.
John inspected multiple properties to ensure we get the right property with the best yield which met my specifications.
As an attorney his client always comes first and he is always available when needed.
He makes sure the properties look their best for the photos so they stand out amongst the competition.
John is one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial individuals involved in intellectual property.
From one conversation with us, he pulled up other properties for us to look at to best use our time.
John has always impressed me with his great passion for innovation and intellectual property.
Every property that he ever taught at had nothing but great reviews.
He is definitely an attorney, you want on your side of the negotiation table.
I certainly would recommend him to work in the intellectual property arena.
His intellectual curiosity is one of his most outstanding characteristics, which is essential for success as an attorney.
John is a wonderful attorney, very bright and up to date to modern issues of intellectual property.
John's intellectual horsepower is perhaps second to none in the profession.
He is excellent at seeing things through and intellectually very astute.
He is an individual with whom you can have intellectual conversations.
He has the intellectual horsepower for it, which cannot be taught.
John will do well in an intellectually challenging environment.
John's intellectual flexibility was always really impressive.