Intelligent Performance Review Phrases Examples

Intelligent Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is very intelligent but intelligence alone is not that has made him successful.
Ambitious, intelligent and always looking how he can help others in and outside of the our company.
John is very intelligent, and what distinguishes him from others is his emotional intelligence.
He's very intelligent and he knows exactly what he wants and how to get it.
He's intelligent and is always looking to do the right thing for the customer.
John is very intelligent and is someone that you would want on your team.
John knows exactly what he's doing and is very motivated and intelligent.
Excelling at this required him to go beyond just being very intelligent.
John is very intelligent, and is very well liked amongst colleagues.
John is not only really intelligent, he's also really inquisitive.
First of all, almost everyone in his class knows his intelligence.
This is also because of his passion as well as his intelligence.
Importantly, he does all of this with intelligence and humanity.
The first thing that strikes him is that he is very intelligent.
And our company, but certainly not least, he is ferociously intelligent.
He's also incredibly intelligent and just knows how to get things done, often when nobody else can quite see the right way forwards.
John is first of all very intelligent at what he does, and combined with the way he does it, makes him quite unique.
He gives so much of himself in everything that he does and does everything with integrity, grace and intelligence.
He helped him see the value of his own intelligence, and he challenged that intelligence regularly.
He is easy to get along with, very intelligent, and knows how to get things done efficiently.
Experienced, highly intelligent (both conventional intelligence and emotional intelligence).
If you our company with him, you can't help but learn from him because he is very intelligent.
Him our company is thorough and intelligent, and he always makes himself available to others.
He is super intelligent and used that intelligence to help his team be very effective.
He is not only intelligent, but gives you every tool that you need to help you succeed.
He is intelligent and can see what the problem is and what needs to be done about it.
He is quite hardworking and intelligent and can make his way through all obstacles.
If you are worried that he is more intelligent than you, then get over it - he is.
He is hilarious and intelligent and sometimes he is both of these at the same our company.
He uses every ounce of intelligence to help those that are around him to be better.
John not only gets projects done, but done intelligently and write the first our company.
He is very intelligent and thinks about how to do it better in everything he does.
He is very intelligent, motivated and always willing to help when you are in need.
He's an intelligent person and that intelligence is complemented by his humility.
He always found an intelligent way to challenge him to get the best out of himself.
John is very intelligent & goes out of the way to understand the needs of others.
John is intelligent and always seeks to better himself in all he undertakes.
While interacting with him, have found him quite intelligent and inquisitive, .
He has so much experience and uses this intelligence to get the most from him.
Finally, while he is highly intelligent, he doesn't take himself too seriously.
He is intelligent, competitive and follows through on what he says he will do.
He is intelligent and wise, which as we all know do not always come together.
He is very intelligent and did his very best to make him happy in his company.
He is intelligent, inspiring, and someone who knows how to make things happen.
If you're looking for someone with passion and intelligence, then he's your man.
He's very prompt, thorough and most of all very intelligent at what he does.
He is ever willing to help and has an intelligent approach to new challenges.
John has market intelligence and competitor intelligence on his fingertips.
John comes across as someone with much intelligence, vision and humanity.
His intelligence and perspective also comes through clearly in his writing.
Everything this man does he does well, with intelligence, and with success.
He knows how to keep his salespeople motivated and he is very intelligent.
He's inquisitive, intelligent, and goes above and beyond for his clients.
John is very passionate about what he does and is incredibly intelligent.
He is supremely energetic and enthusiastic, intelligent and intelligible.
He knows to use his intelligence to make the complexity understandable.
Overall, he is very intelligent and driven, while also being well rounded.
One of the most remarkable things about him is his amazing intelligence.
John has been very intelligent, always asking the most pertinent questions.
His intelligence allows him to see opportunities that others cannot see.