Interactive Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Interactive Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an exceptional interaction designer with a hands on approach to solving complex interaction design problems.
He can take an idea and conceive the interactions and designs from scratch.
John is a proactive, interactive designer that cannot be overestimated.
He comes across as a dynamic expert in the interactivity and design.
His courses are designed to be very interactive and action packed.
I would highly recommend him for your interaction design needs.
John is more than just an insightful and intelligent interaction designer.
John's a rock solid designer with a solid grasp of concepts and interaction design.
Superstar and he's always willing to share his interaction design expertise with his peers.
He strives to be on top of the interactive design world and is always looking to better himself and the company.
Not only has he got a passion in interactive design, but also he is a forward thinker.
John showed me the difference between sloppy and polished interaction design.
He understands interaction design and strives for clarity & simplicity.
He has designed beautiful interactive pieces that made my jaw drop.
He would be an asset to any organization in need of an experienced interaction designer.
John's interaction design never fails to show insight and innovation.
He is an extremely talented and perceptive interaction designer.
John has a very unique eye for design and interactive usability.
John is a versatile interactive designer who can distill complex ideas into an inspiring design with unusual speed.
His team oriented interaction and help with the other designers made all the difference.
He has also designed multiple websites from scratch, which are all amazingly fresh and interactive.
John's known for designing unique portals that encourage surfer interaction and bookmarking.
John is an inventive sort with an innate grasp of interactivity and modular design.
His knowledge on design and human interactions with the design set him apart.
He will always go beyond designing single interactions to build up the complete design system.
Furthermore, his attention to the details, and to the nuances of interaction design is second to none.
I have learned so much from him about interaction principles and design thinking.
Employees not only trust him and his judgement, they look forward to every interaction.
Looking forward to interacting more with him and helping him in his initiatives.
He has never disappointed me in any of the opportunities we have interacted.
John from there and later got several opportunities to interact with him.
Each and every interaction with him was very intellectually stimulating.
Two, he knows how to share it to make everyone he interacts with grow.
In all of our interactions, he has been nothing short of exceptional.
I have always found him very interactive and open in his discussions.
He has always provided leadership and insight to every interaction.
I have found him to be very open and honest in all his interactions.
In my interactions with him, he has always been honest and diligent.
He was very straight forward and ethical in all of our interactions.
His interaction with the audience is unlike any other entertainer.
Always interacting with everyone around him with ease and respect.
He interacts well with his audience and gets them to participate.
I wish him all the success and wish to interact again in future.
He was well liked and respected by everyone he interacted with.
Personally - he is kind and witty throughout all interaction.
His excitement and passion for interaction design was contagious and made meetings very enjoyable.
John has the respect of every designer, he works with because of his great interaction and design intuition.
John's design process is seasoned, and was influential in establishing a successful interaction design workflow across the design organization.
His understanding of design, and interacting with designers made the interview process pleasurable.
He is passionate about what he does-and those he interacts with can see his passion in their interaction.
He's also a very talented interaction designer and constantly looks for ways to push the boundaries of design.
His successes are well known in the field of interaction design.
This means that he can make his designs come to life interactively, and they can be deployed more easily.
His other strength is his intuitiveness and knowledge about interaction design (which many designers severely lack).
John also has a solid, non-nonsense approach to interaction design which helps him work well with designers.
He's passionate about the causes he gets behind and this comes through in our interactions.
As far his interaction goes with him, can be taken as an example for everything.
This would not have been possible without him attentive interaction.
This is the first trait that comes across in all his interactions.
And as always will look forward to the next interaction with him.
You will get to know him much better once you interact with him.
John goes above and beyond in every transaction and interaction.
This makes him a great interaction designer to have on your team.
John has incredible usability and interaction design experience that he uses to make every decision.
Anyone who takes interaction design seriously should consider working with him.
He excels and interactive design as well as content creation.
Every one of his interactions with him ended up with him learning a thing or two from a design standpoint
John enthusiastic to learn and understand a better way to design an interaction.
He takes his designs and brings them to life and they become very exciting interactive pieces.
From the beginning he was very thorough in getting information about his designs.
John also personally contributed many of the most difficult interactions and designs.
In all our interactions he was always taking on new responsibilities and willing to go above and beyond what was required.
John interacted from the very first second - not only with him, but with every other planner/student in the session.
He interacts well with anyone he comes into contact with and is always willing to help those around him.
John comes across as someone you can confide and believe right from the first moment of an interaction.
From the very first second you interact with him you can definitely tell he is passionate and driven.
With our company you first interact with him, you know that he is going to get where he wants to go.
He doesn't take himself too seriously, and always empathizes with whomever he is interacting with.
The next interaction with him was notably different and each one after that was improved.
His ability to think of others before himself shines through in all of his interactions.
You only need to see who he interacts with on twitter to see that he is one of the best.
If you have an opportunity to interact with him, you will be better for the experience.
He is not only great at what he did, but also at how he interacted with the world.
John made the course very interactive, to help us to better understand all concepts.
Though his interaction with him has been limited, but he always has been an inspiration.
His interaction with him was quite enough which gives him the right to recommend him.
John also interacts very well with everyone and at all levels of the hierarchy.
We have kept in touch all thru and his every interaction has been very gratifying.
His desire to do the right thing in each and every interaction is second to none.
Not because of his position, but because of the way he interacted with everyone.
It is an absolute pleasure to know him and look forward to his next interaction.
Whatever your interaction with him, there is no doubt that it will be amazing.
John's first interaction makes you feel as if you have known him for years.
John treats everyone that he interacts with as if they are his best friends.
It is an absolute please interacting with him and makes you want to come back.
Anyone who interacts with him knows how influential he is in every situation.
He is very down to earth and gets along well with everyone that he interacts.
Specifically, the following stood out for him during his interaction with him.
Though our interaction was brief but it was nice to know someone like him.
John from last one year or so, but in the recent past, we interacted closely.
He also has the smiley assertiveness which he uses during his interactions.
His every interaction, though limited never the less were very enlightening.
He follows up with passion and really adds value in all our interactions.
Simply said, he brings out the best in everyone that interacts with him.
Him friendliness makes interaction with him something to look forward to.
His expectations were well and truly exceeded from the first interaction.
It is reflected in everything he does, and how he interacts with others.
There are many who start following him in very less time of interaction.
John impressed him from our first interaction and every one thereafter
His first interaction with him was his call that went to him unintended.
The course was highly interactive and really made him think on his feet.
He makes them interactive so that he can keep everyone's attention.
Each interaction with him is not only interesting but also enriching.
He makes anyone comfortable even in his first interaction with them.
From his interactions with him, he is truly excellent at what he does.
He always had his best interests at the forefront of our interactions.
You are not alone and it is very interactive (if you want it to be).
His generosity towards others made our interactions always pleasant.
He can interact with anyone even colleagues from far away countries.
His most recent interaction was with him in regards to bidding responses.
This has only been cemented in his interactions with him since then.
His passion for what he does comes out in every single interaction.
John knows his stuff and is an authority on all things interactive.
Besides this he is very honest and transparent in his interaction.
Moreover, he is always pleasant and graceful in his interactions.
Especially given his recent interactions with his previous provider.
He kept the session so much interactive and useful for all along.
Therefore, we interacted quite heavily even after his transition.
They continuously interacted with him as well as with one another.
He interacts well with all levels and is very well liked by all.
John keeps his commitments and makes every interaction positive.
It's quite easy to interact with him and to get the things done.
At the same time he interacted very well with all the coworkers.
He is enthusiastic, thorough, and friendly in his interactions.
He made it interactive as well and got the employees involved.
John and some home, we have interacted with different companies
One can only know what he is worth after interacting with him.
Anyhow, it's not just his length of experience in interactive.
He's very accessible and so much fun during our interactions.
He makes every interaction with him simple and comprehensive.
John provides exceptional value to everyone he interacts with.
It was very good to know him and our interactions were smooth.
Suave in his interactions, you want to be talking more to him.
All of his interactions with him were valuable uses of his time.
All of his interactions have been very positive and fulfilling.
He is very interactive and inclusive of everyone in the room.
His subsequent interactions have followed along the same path.
He is hardworking also he is always interactive and friendly.
Though he was not in his group, we had frequent interactions.
Our company just interacting with John one on one is entirely enjoyable.