Intercultural Competence Performance Review Phrases Examples

Intercultural Competence Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He knows what he wants, always willing to help and cooperate.
He is very competent on his professional duties and very competent.
He was always willing to help out and did so competently and professionally.
He is very competent and he will try to do his best to look after you.
I never found him to be anything other than pleasant and competent.
He is always willing to help, he is technically very competent.
John is thorough, competent, and someone you want on your team.
Even when things took longer than they should have to compete.
He always shows to be competent, cooperative and well-sensed.
I would like to say thank you for what you have done for us during those months of cooperation.
John, thank you for cooperation and looking forward any other in the future.
John is cooperative and always willing to help others when needed.
He knows everybody and knows how to cooperate with other areas.
He is very cooperative and always available to help the team.
We will be looking forward for further cooperation with John.
He is not only competent, he defines competence when it comes to learning and instruction.
John always went beyond what he was asked to do, and everything he did was done with great competence.
He is not those who make themselves forward, but leave others to do and raise competences.
John is both very competent technically and very good at marketing his competencies.
Within the company, he was well liked and came across as professional and competent.
John is well-liked, but that is because he is competent, personable and trustworthy.
I truly believe we couldn't have succeeded without his competence and enthusiasm.
We have competed against each other and have worked together at the same company.
This is someone you always want on your team, and never want to compete against.
This is someone you always want on your team, and never want to compete against.
When it comes to his position and his specialty there are few that can compete.
John is very competent and knows what he wants to achieve and what he can offer.
He was always more than competent, even if he didn't always realise it himself.
This was possible because of him competencies in all aspects of the department.
John is very competent at what he does and was eager to help me in any way.
John is very diligent and competent and always willing to help his colleagues.
John is self-motivated and competes against himself with everything he does.
I found him very professional and competent, and we were sorry to see him go.
John is competent at what he does and is confident in his own capacities.
He is not only easy to get along with but also competent and conscientious.
He is very intelligent, competent and very thorough in all that he does.
He is competent, intelligent and always follows through on what he says.
John can always be counted on for being competent, thorough and passionate.
He accomplished this not only through competency, but through compassion.
He is an extremely competent, thorough and forward looking professional.
He was available every step of the way and always patient and competent.
John has the expertise and competencies found in very few individuals.
John was always fair and professional, but most of all very competent.
John is an achiever and professionally came across as very competent.
John was the person that you would look up to and try to compete with.
If you're looking for average or competent, go with another candidate.
John is not only knowledgeable, but very organized and very competent.
His competencies go far beyond his immediate area of responsibilities.
John is very competent and takes everything he does very seriously.
John is an extraordinary professional, very thorough and competent.
I worked very well with him, for his competence and for his approach.
His competence in so many different disciplines is truly impressive.
He wants to contribute where he is needed, and he is very competent.
He is highly competent in all that he provides and follows through.
John provides such competence and expertise in whatever he does.
I found him to be extremely competent in everything he undertakes.
Intelligent, thorough, competent, patient and above all, nurturing.
John is without peer in both his commitment and his competence.
John is very organized and always competent in everything he does.
I have found him to be very competent, professional and responsive.
He is definitely someone with which you want to compete with and not against.
At the end of the day, he knows what he's doing and is very competent.
Always competent, and goes out of his way to get things done.
If there is something he cannot do competently, he is upfront.
John comes across as someone committed, competent, and cooperative - the three, best our company.
However, he is someone who has been very understanding and cooperative.
He's competent, capable and if he can't help you he will do his best to get you the help you need.
John stands out not because he competes, but because he successfully merges and cooperates.
This is because everything he does, he does with great competence and confidence.
This allows him to be competent and effective in his role/responsibilities.
Not because he is more competent or intelligent than any other employee.
His confidence and competence made us all better and became infectious.
Professionals often look forward to competent colleagues, which he is.
John is extremely cooperative, highly competent and very punctual.
Technically, he is very competent and always did what he committed to.
Communicative and competent, he is very successful in his position.
John is very competent, always ask for the maximum at himself.
He is where he is today because of this capability and competency.
John help you if you ever find yourself competing against him.
What is more, he is thoroughly competent and deeply experienced.
Technically competent, he is always ready to take up any task.
However, it is no indication of shortcomings in his competence.
His determination to please is only exceeded by his competence.
He challenges, competes and makes everyone around him better.
He is always available to help, even if it is not directly related to his competences, because that's just who he is.
John has always been cooperative with other and is very driven in anything he attempts.
John is always very friendly, cooperative and willing to do whatever is necessary to help.
John's willingness to help and cooperate with others is one of his best attributes.
John is highly responsible in everything he has been doing while our cooperation.
He does not always give us what we ask for, but he is always fair and cooperative.
John is precise in what he wants and that made our cooperation very smooth.
Not only is he always reminds him of the deadline, but he's also cooperative.
He provided us with his expertise and availability during our cooperation.
Moreover, during our cooperation he was very prompt and always available.
He is thorough, competent, organized and well liked by all his peers.
John truly understands the value of collaboration and cooperation.
He works seriously and with competence and he is highly cooperative.
He showed himself really competent about what he was presenting.
John provides our cooperatives with a temporary help periodical
Highly recommend and would like to cooperate with him for ever.
He is always very positive and most cooperative in all efforts.
He is very cooperative and diligent with all his assignments.
It was really pleasure for him to cooperate with our company.