Interesting Performance Review Phrases Examples

Interesting Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He will treat you right and look for your best interest even if it is not in his best interest.
John is always looking out for our interests, as well as the interests of his organization.
His interest is in him client first, by only doing what is in our company interest.
He is one of these people that wants to be interested in you, not interesting.
He does it in a very interesting way that keeps everyone interested all the our company.
Clients appreciate how he is always looking out for our company interest.
He is always willing to help and he looks out for your best interest.
John looks out for the clients' interest before his own interest.
John is someone who will take an interest in your specific situation and will look out for your best interests.
John always had the best interests of his clients and employees ahead of his own interests.
John knows when to push and when not to, and will always do what is in your best interest.
He always knows what he is talking about and it usually is something very interesting.
He looks out for our interests and goes out of his way to make sure we are well served.
Delivers what he says he will and looks after his interests as though they were his own.
He's interested in the well-being of others, and gives of himself in that capacity.
In doing so has put his own interests behind the interests of the ministry/business.
John has been always interested in getting better and trying new technologies/techniques.
He doesn't look out for himself, but rather looks out for the interests of others.
He is interested in doing the right thing rather than just getting something done.
John went above and beyond for us looking out for our businesses best interest.
He looks out for your best interests, even though it's not what you want to hear.
John treats everyone fairly and will do everything that is in our company interest.
He made it more interesting and something to look forward to rather than dread.
Best of all, he is great for our company with - he's both interested and interesting.
He's very interested in what he's doing and projects that interest to others.
He is someone who is always looking out for the best interest of his company.
However, there was something different in the approach that got him interested.
John is probably more interesting than the most interesting man in the world.
This is not done for his own interests, rather for those with whom he works.
John has provided him with several opportunities which were all of interest.
Above all else, he always does what is in the best interest of his client.
His interests are varied which always makes for interesting conversations.
He is always growing and creating, ever interested and always interesting.
John will go out of his way to make sure your interests and needs are met.
If you can get him interested in whatever you're doing, keep him around.
He's always interested in their well being, and what he can do for them.
Always looking out for more than just his own interests in our dealings.
He always keeps the company's interest ahead of his own personal interests.
Independent from his own interests, he was always available for support.
He is interesting because he is interested in the welfare of others.
Thabojan has been looking after his best interests now for many years.
He is very interested in everyone who follows him and who he follows.
If he's interested in your company, you need to be interested in him.
John took the our company to get to know each one of us and our interests.
He operates in the best interest of the business, not self interest.
John is brilliant, interesting, and interested in almost everything.
John will always do the right thing and our company in your best interest.
He is interested and interesting, well beyond the scope of his role.
John always is willing to take on new and interesting challenges.
He didn't try to push something if it wasn't in our best interest.
John that has been interested in or given such responsibility.
The our company he has sent our way is always different and interesting.
He is normally at the centre of something new and interesting.
It's going to be interesting to see what he does for an encore.
Conversations with him were always interesting and informative.
Of all his colleagues there he was one of the most interesting.
He always keeps everybody around him interested and motivated.
He is always interested in the best to come out for his team.
Looked out for his best interest throughout the whole process.
It would be in your best interest to have him in your corner.