Internal Audit Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Internal Audit Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I still remember how he managed the conflict between our interns.
One of him earliest assignments was to manage the next batch of interns.
His ability to get buy in and management of internal stakeholders.
He has undoubtedly great potential as an international manager.
I had to pleasure of managing him at our company and then being him internal stakeholder.
John was the professor for my international management class.
I believe he would be an asset to any internal audit department.
John managers always benefitted from the audits as did the company.
He guided me like mentor to many internal audits and management reporting.
He organized and managed teams of well-qualified internal audit staffers.
He expertly managed internal expectations so that the deliverables were right on point.
Personally, he is a good boss and the above applies as well when managing internally.
His international expertise allows him to manage activities all around the world.
He also has a strong international background, used to manage different cultures.
He successfully built and managed an international tour company.
He is an excellent internal audit and risk management, with the ability to take on broader roles.
John's knowledge and commitment to internal auditing are impressive.
He is an expert at managing relationships both internally and with vendors/partners.
He is the type of manager that every intern wants to work with.
Him internal audit background enhances him oversight and investigatory capabilities.
He is very effective at creating and managing internal and external partnerships.
He's a calm manager of people on the outside, but very driven internally.
John was a highly respected manager, internally and externally.
I have always admired his easy navigation through internal processes and managing internal stakeholders.
John could easily distinguish if an issue was worth escalation vs something that could be managed internally.
John effectively managed internal priorities both upward and downward within our organization.
He manages to maintain an international presence with the machinations from his own bit of paradise.
John's ability to bring out the best in the student-interns he manages is amazing.
He is a tenacious competitor and very savvy manager of internal metrics.
John as a manager serves as an inspiring mentor for all the interns.
He is very comfortable with international work and intercultural management.
He was always professional and accommodating to any requests from internal audit.
John was the first one to give me the opportunity to understand and to work with internal audit.
It was a pleasure working with him in every aspect of internal auditing.
John is a great manager with tremendous international experience.
He was hired to professionals and run the internal audit department, which he did admirably.
John strength during our internal audits were clearly shown when he kept two managers in line and in focus when they would rather argue and bang on their chests.
John came into our organization as an intern with enthusiasm and determination.
John also has the unique ability to manage through difficult internal politics and get things done.
He effortlessly manages internal and vendor blockers passionately and meticulously.
He managers, internal stakeholders and third party suppliers with equal aplomb.
John is something of an international expert in managing fleet risk.
John was great at managing partners (both external and internal).
He is good at stakeholder management and forging relationships, especially internally.