Internal Auditor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Internal Auditor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is his intern and he was the best intern anyone could ever have.
At the same time he can talk the talk with internal auditors who are on the ground.
He really is dedicated to what he does and he knows how to get the best from him interns.
He always had his back and knew how to get things done internally.
That's how he made it possible to take international assignments
John never hires interns solely for the sake of having interns.
As an intern at our company, he shouldered more responsibility than any other intern.
Although he is an internal auditor, he is very positive and constructive.
As an internal auditor, he looked to add value at every site recommending improvements.
John's approach makes you look internally into what you can do to better yourself and your organization.
John always went out of his way to get feedback from the interns and made sure everyone was happy.
Because of this, he stood out amongst the other interns we'd had before and after him.
The other interns would go to him for help and looked up to him in many situations.
John is simply the best at what he does within this international organization.
There is nothing he cannot, and will not, tackle - even international challenges.
His instincts were great, and he was much more thorough than many interns.
John knows which international paths to take and which ones to avoid.
John excelled in all of his classes, and was one of his best interns.
As an intern, he has gone far beyond his duties and responsibilities.
John delegated tasks very well to both himself and the other intern.
He took him and the other interns out for lunch on several occasions.
John stood out amongst other interns as being particularly driven.
John did not try to mold him into what he wanted out of an intern.
This is something that wasn't unique to him as an intern, however.
He's very pragmatic and knows very well the international laws.
Him internal gauge does not allow him to do less than his best.
During that time he has proven to be far more than an intern.
He is also the interface with the international shareholders.
He is very well respected internally within our organization.
Our company John has definitely internalized this characteristic.
He has come to our company as an intern, where he stood out from all the other interns we had at the time and previously.
He is amazing to intern for, he's so compassionate about him interns, and he literally wants the best for us.
John is an internal auditor and by the very nature of his work he had to be detailed.
His new internal auditors can't stop talking about the knowledge they have gained.
Additionally, he has provided him with interns who are well-suited for his department.
John is internally motivated to do the best he can at whatever he tries.
He knows his way around the international and intercultural world.
Two of the six students, we took on as interns were from him campus.
John is well-liked by all partners and internal stakeholders.
He also took over the international college intern hiring process.
He goes out of his way to help his colleagues, both internally and externally.
We will be using him far more moving forward both internally and externally.
Again, this happens both internally to our company and externally.