International Sales Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

International Sales Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He can contribute to every sales driven international company.
He would be an asset to any international sales organisation.
John is a very capable sales manager with a great deal of experience including international sales.
John is by far one of the best sales reps, and managers that you will find.
John is highly qualified and very experienced in international sales and international relations.
John embodies the excellence in international sales management that every organization would love to acquire.
He was quite effective in some of the sales opportunities that he was asked to manage.
He is now really proving himself as an equally successful sales manager.
I highly recommend him for any sales or management opportunities.
John came on board as sales manager, but he delivered much more.
His knowledge of sales and sales management goes deep and well beyond the normal sales consultants.
John is an accomplished sales professional who is adept at spotting and managing sales opportunities over the entire sales cycle.
He proved himself, though his sales ability and was promoted internally.
He is wonderful at managing international sales teams to ensure that they are meeting their sales budgets and quotas.
He managed the stakeholders well, both internal and external.
Excellent in managing his internal and external stakeholders.
John has much to offer an organization in both the sales and management domains.
His drive and passion have made him one of our most successful sales managers.
John's sales manager was never limited by organizational boundaries.
John is the kind of sales rep most managers which they had more of.
John was an excellent manager and sales rep on his own behalf.
John is self-driven and an outstanding sales rep and manager.
He can get more done in an hour than most sales managers get done in a day.
John did a great job and was appreciated both from internal sales and management as well as from our partners.
John is important in a sales management role, both for internal as well as external situations.
John is an energetic international sales manager who can be one of your best friends ever made in business.
John is a fine manager, champion of sales internally, and strategic thinker.
I have had the pleasure of watching him excel and manage his sales opportunities.
He manages the vast majority of our ad sales for two magazines.
He also knows how to manage expectations - be it for the client, or internally.
John is a very thorough, analytical and capable sales manager.
His honesty helps identify and close gaps in sales managers and sales reps alike.
His ability to manage internally and externally was very impressive.
John would be a considerable acquisition for any organization looking for sales management.
He understands that each sales rep needs to be managed based off of their strengths.
He has all the abilities needed to manage any sales organization to success.
John is the exact type of sales rep that every manager loves.
John is also very effective at managing internal partnerships within a firm.
John certainly made an impact, improving our internal sales management systems.
He proved to be a very successful negotiator and sales manager.
He is excellent in managing an international team of professionals, both within the sales as in proposal management.
John is a strong and focused international manager who understands the needs of an international team.
John with such profound knowledge of the sales world as well as the international cultures.
I have learned so much from him as one of his former interns.
He is one of those individuals, that as a sales manager, you want on your most significant and challenging opportunities.
John clearly understands the difference between "sales forecasting" and true opportunity management.
He is able to manage expectations both in the pre and post sales phases.
John was very timely and responsive with both internal and external parties across the sale.
He was really sales- orientated, using his huge international network.
He is always client-focused while managing internal constraints.
John is an internal mentor and the backbone of the pre-sales department.
He was one of the best people around for managing escalations both internal as well as external.
Beyond that, he is an impressive manager of people both internally and externally.
He managed international projects and found always internal and external acceptance.
John was instrumental in the hiring and management of our internal sales team, he was always a go to for escalations.
I really appreciated his knowledge about international management issues.
John is remarkably talented in the area of international sales.
From a rainmaker sales associate, to a sales manager he was always there to help me succeed.
John is a detailed oriented manager who is always at or above his sales numbers.
He also worked with well with other groups internally, especially the sales organization.