International Student Advisor Performance Review Phrases Examples

International Student Advisor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is the perfect example of how international student should be.
John never hires interns solely for the sake of having interns.
John always made himself available to his clients, interns, and him students.
He is considered as a trusted advisor by internal stakeholders.
He interacts extremely well with students, advisors, and faculty.
He wants all of his interns and students to prosper after they complete him course and internship.
He was amazing to intern for, he's so compassionate about him interns, and he literally wants the best for us.
He is very dedicated in everything that he does and he always made himself available for students.
He has so much patience and would do anything for his students.
He not only keeps in touch with current student, but also with students who have graduated.
His dedication to him students is reflected in his popularity among the students.
He engaged very well with students as a good listener and advisor.
He was able to do both and went above and beyond my expectations for an intern.
He is really an entrepreneur, and very international entrepreneur.
Him internal gauge does not allow him to do less than his best.
I've had the privilege of being him intern for the last month.
John was always friendly and accommodating, and went out of his way to make the international students such as myself feel welcome.
He is particularly attuned to the needs of international students who are in an unfamiliar geography and culture.
Having excelled as a student, he was invited back to be an intern for the following class.
He helped me to cope with a new country as an international student.
I first knew him as a dedicated and conscientious student intern.
John is a great advisor to any organization seeking international expansion.
He is always willing to go to bat for students as well as the advisors that report to him.
John has also been a great help to me and many other former students as a mentor and advisor.
He knows how to get the attention of his students, he sees to it that his students are really absorbing what he teaches.
Overall, his commitment went above and beyond and he did this while being an exceptional student.
This just goes to show that he wants other students to become better at what they do.
Besides, he also helps other student to finish this course with the best results.
He is committed to his students and will go above and beyond when necessary.
He was very respected amongst all his colleagues and especially the students.
He consistently got more out of his students than would have been expected.
This helps his students, colleagues get the most out of their potential.
He is really dedicated to his students and wants to see them succeed.
John was always positive and attentive and well-liked by the students.
He is very well liked and respected by both students and colleagues.
He always goes out of his ways to help his colleagues and students.
I am so proud to say he was my student and now he is my colleague.
I do not need many words to say that he is an excellent student.
I couldn't have been more pleased with the results as his student.
It is no wonder that he is popular with students and colleagues.
He has inspired not only his students, but also his colleagues.
John was one of my best and most insightful graduate students.
John wants his students to see the results; we do so immediately.
His students thoroughly enjoyed his courses, which was reflected in student evaluations.
I was his advisor a lot of years - when he was a student and after he studding.
He is valuable as an internal advisor and also as a direct negotiator.
He has become a trusted advisor to many he's worked with, both internally and externally.
He understands their wants and needs, then internalizes them without you ever having to repeat them again.
He also understands well that the international has particular needs that need to be met and accommodated.
He provided help for all the interns and never hesitated to ask for our inputs and ideas.
He is always willing to help him interns grow and ensures they are being challenged.
John is brilliant at what he does and we know him internally as the "link king".
In his first week with us, he was trying to help me fill an internal position.
At him intern, he pushed me to try new things and get out of my comfort zone.
John interned under me several years ago, and he exceeded all expectations.
John has an impressive international and multicultural background.
Furthermore, he represented the division on various internal committees.
John surpassed every expectation we had of what an intern could do.
John was an excellent intern serving above and beyond expectations.
He came to us as an intern and we quickly recognized him capabilities.