Interpersonal Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Interpersonal Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

At a personal level, he is friendly and diplomatic in his way of communicating and welcomes everyone to make them feel at ease.
His charisma, leadership, and great sense of humor convinced me to take a full time position on his all-star team.
I enjoyed working for John and definitely look forward to opportunities to work with him in the future.
I was very lucky to have been able to work for him, and I hope our paths will cross again in the future.
I really appreciate John for bringing me to the company and giving the opportunity to work with the best of the best people and the team.
He is extremely nice to work with and have a very good sense of humor, I have the tremendous pleasure working with his team.
He was a person that was always available for his team members and an excellent in analysing and resolving issues.
I have worked with John for many years and I am happy to have him on my team as a coworker and friend.
He has a position that requires good personal skills and the ability to communicate well together with the team members and other managers.
I can feel the emotion and power within his words.
He is very approachable, patient, has very good problem solving skills and most of all he is really good with people.
I also rate him highly at a personal level.
I was greatly impressed by his negotiation and management skills, by his always positive and helpful attitude to the project team and by his ability to manage customer expectations effectively and efficiently.
It was a pleasure working with John, he was patient, understanding and helpful.
He is a people person who is indeed a great person to work with.
His opinion is very highly regarded.
He loves people and knows how to maximize relationships that are mutually beneficial.
John is a visionary who connects people and ideas with the overarching goal of making an impactful difference.
He has such an influence on the people he comes in contact with.
I have found John to be pleasant, positive, and energetic.
I view John as a highly motivated individual who enjoys taking himself out of his professional comfort zone.
In addition to his excellent professional skills I should state his interpersonal skills – cheerfulness, friendliness and helpfulness.
He has fantastic communication and interpersonal skills.
John´s distinctive communication as well as interpersonal skills enables him to be a mediator in the team.
John also has advanced interpersonal communication skills which makes him a nice person to work with.
He created an atmosphere of openness and trust where we could work autonomously for optimal results.
He really enjoys his work and has earned a lot of respect from his colleagues.
John is a very hard working individual.
John is a wonderfully calm and measured individual.
John manages to maintain a positive attitude even in the toughest of situations and works towards a win-win solution.
He has very solid technical skills and great interpersonal skills that would make him an asset to any company.
This is the way you want to make other people feel during any conversation in any context.
John is one of the most positive, hard working, empathetic and enduring people I know.
Him as a person is so comfortable to work with.
He is very strong in building relationships.
He is the perfect person to talk to when it comes down to the aspect of inspirations and motivations.
He exudes a strong sense of professionalism while maintaining a very personable and pleasant attitude with colleagues and associates.
He was at the same time extremely professional and very personable, contributing to a very positive work environment.
He is a person you will enjoy working.
John is a warm person with excellent social skills.
In my view, this approach gives me a huge advantage as it helps me look at issues through many different lenses and effectively think through problems and possible solutions.
John's ability to connect with customers, prospect and build relationships is second to none.
I have found a loving relationship with my new partner that works wonders, and make me so happy, I have been taught the best way of expressing our love and communication between us.
I definitely have found a great partner and crime.
That's because I am fond of intelligent, insightful and direct people as both co-workers and friends.
John is a great communicator and inspires everyone to do their best and with the utmost integrity.
This is a complicated solution, and developers must have the ability to think for themselves and take responsibility, and John was a great contributor.
I truly enjoyed our time working together and hope we have the opportunity to do so again.
An excellent colleague who I would be very happy to work with again.
Great, professional, team player, hard worker.
You have been an excellent friend, teacher, mentor and a great inspiration for me.
Writing about what you are doing is good for you and good for your company.
I can highly recommend John as a versatile and dynamic team player, who is able to work with members from a variety of backgrounds.
John is an inspiring professional and a great communicator.
I am writing this reference because I feel outstanding people should be publicly acknowledged.
John is a natural at selling and able to convey an idea and convince any audience.
I could not be more grateful for such an opportunity as it has assisted in my development on both a professional and personal level.
I had an amazing time, and I sincerely hope to be able to be given the opportunity to work with everyone again in the future.
There were too many highlights to mention but I was really impressed with how you can create a company feel through individual employee profiles.
John is a gifted connector of the people behind a brand and the people able to strengthen a brand connection.
Professionals around him, like him, enjoyed his interpersonal skills.
His interpersonal skills are something that cannot go unnoticed.
Though his skills would certainly qualify him for "nerd" status his interpersonal skills make him anything but.
His interpersonal skills are just as impeccable as the substantive skills he brings to the table.
John consistently displayed his exceptional interpersonal skills, and organisational skills.
One of him many positive skills is his strong interpersonal skills and leadership abilities.
His ability to pick up new skills quickly was only surpassed by his interpersonal skills.
His interpersonal skills along with his leadership skills exceed the norm in every way.
His skills and experience is deep and in addition he has strong interpersonal skills.
He has strong problem solving skills and excellent interpersonal skills.
John certainly had those skills, but it was his calm interpersonal skills and focus that set him apart.
He is very well organized, thorough and has the best interpersonal skills you'll ever encounter.
Sales comes naturally to him through these interpersonal skills; he can get anyone to laugh.
He's very organised in what he does, and excels when it comes to his interpersonal skills.
Thanks to the interpersonal skills that he has, made him very easy to get along with anybody.
He has proven himself over and over with his interpersonal and organizational skills.
What sets him apart for him however is his leadership and interpersonal skills.
He combines know-what and know-how with exemplary interpersonal skills.
His strengths are, among others his interpersonal and leadership skills.
He can definitely impress others with his good interpersonal skills.
John's acumen and interpersonal skills were what made that happen.
Really appreciate his interpersonal skills, sincerity and diligence.
His interpersonal intelligence/communication skills are noteworthy.
However, what made him hire him was his strong interpersonal skills.
His interpersonal skills made him very comfortable from the start.
At the same time, his interpersonal skills are beyond compare.
John not only has the organizational skills, but he also displays impressive interpersonal skills that bring out the best in others.
Firstly, he is well equipped with the necessary interpersonal skills.
Another area where he stands out is regarding his interpersonal skills.
John also has superior interpersonal skills and was sought out by all throughout the organization for his skills and knowledge.
His interpersonal skills are next to none and he is an expert at bringing out the very best from those around him.
He has very good interpersonal skills and, most importantly, gets things done and gets them done effectively.
He has strong interpersonal skills and often went well above & beyond what was expected from him a role
He is passionate about what he does, and that shines through in his excellent interpersonal skills.
These traits made him invaluable, but were further strengthened by his interpersonal skills.
John impressed him from the beginning because of his incredible interpersonal skills.
John's interpersonal skills and his dedication to his responsibilities are exemplary.
John is different because he also brings very strong interpersonal skills to the mix.
He does so while using his interpersonal skills to brighten any room he enters.
All should welcome his interpersonal skills and appreciate a great sense of humor.
John has interpersonal skills, but followed it up with a real can do attitude.
Business acumen and interpersonal skills in our company and remarkably polyglot.
He has been always confident in his approach, and has very good interpersonal skills.
He has great interpersonal skills, is very approachable and follows up keenly.
Him interpersonal skills and the ability to think on his feet is quite commendable.
Some of him most notable gifts are him organizational and interpersonal skills.
With him interpersonal skills and leadership potential, he is sure to go far.
He has exceptional interpersonal skills and is an effective teacher/trainer.
In addition, his strong interpersonal skills make him well-liked by everyone.
Moreover, he adds his impeccable interpersonal skills to whatever he does.
Additionally, he is empathetic and possesses excellent interpersonal skills.
His interpersonal skills and conduct in each situation was second to none.
His strong interpersonal skills are obvious when you are in his presence.
He has an intellectual skill and interpersonal depth second to none.
His interpersonal skills are exemplary and his enthusiasm infectious.
He put his interpersonal skills to good use during all assignments.
John would be an asset in any role involving interpersonal skills.
His clarity of thoughts and interpersonal skills were commendable.
John's interpersonal characteristics enhance his core skills.
John's interpersonal and problem solving skills are fantastic.
His organisational skill, as well as his interpersonal skills, sets him apart from the competition (and he's great at doing the moonwalk).
Him superior interpersonal skills and a warm persona augment his skill set.
With all of that being said, those talents do not compare to his interpersonal skills.
But his interpersonal skills are what keep customers asking for him by name.
Him communication skills, both verbal and written, and interpersonal skills are excellent.
He is well known for his excellent interpersonal skill among students and colleagues.
His interpersonal skills allow him to press for progress without being overbearing.
His interpersonal skills are one of his strongest and most established skills along with his sector knowledge and intuition.
He brought a number of skills with him to the team, such as strong interpersonal skills, exceptional communication skills, and impressive organizational skills.
John has great organizational and interpersonal skills that really become apparent when you see him in action.
His interpersonal skills are yet another differentiated, and allow him to succeed in any role he has accepted.
John has also very good interpersonal skills, he navigates well across different cultures and organizations.
While at the same time showcasing his excellent interpersonal skills to all who would ever come across him.
He is friendly and possesses excellent interpersonal skills, therefore he is well-liked by all in class.
His interpersonal skills are superb and he is able to get on at all levels with everyone he encounters.
John has great interpersonal skills and uses his experience and expertise to get through the roadblocks
This is made possible through him superior interpersonal skills and deep understanding of the channel.
Having good interpersonal skills he made sure that everything goes smoothly and is finished on time.
His interpersonal skills and teamwork were one of the assets that made each and every one a success.
Besides his technical/business abilities, is his interpersonal skills that really made a difference.
He is very dynamic and has some great interpersonal skills and capabilities to get the things done.
His past experience and contacts have served us well and him interpersonal skills are exceptional.
He'll take ownership of any problem until resolution and has fantastic interpersonal skills.
Besides strong interpersonal and organizational skills he is very well respected and liked.
His interpersonal skill is exceptional and that makes him edges out and shine among others.
John's assertiveness and interpersonal skills have endeared him to colleagues and friends.
His way of handling the problems is quite unique through his fabulous interpersonal skills.
Thoroughly recommend anyone in the future utilise him interpersonal and managerial skills.
He's got awesome interpersonal skills, is great at collaboration and getting things done.
Thanks to him outstanding interpersonal skills, he created the linkage between all of us.