Interviewing Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Interviewing Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John knows what you need to say, when best to say it, and how you should come across in an interview.
John got me my interview and made sure everything went smoothly before and after my interview.
Him interviewing skills are second to none.
After every interview, we all decided that everyone who interviewed had something to offer.
John not only got me an interview, but also very effectively prepared me for the interview.
He can interview with the best of them, because he is among the best of them.
What they would be looking for on my resume and in me during the interview.
He followed up with me and provided me the feedback from the interviewers.
I can not say enough about their professionalism during the interview.
I would definitely recommend him to anyone going for an interview.
He came on one of the interviews, as well, which was very helpful.
He followed up with me via phone after each one of my interviews.
Whenever possible, he also provides feedback from the interviews.
Advice that helped me through both first and second interviews.
John promoted me before, during, and after my interview.
He is passionate at what he does and who he interviews.
He really went out of his way to secure me the interview.
John is always welcome to interview me in the future.
He also was thorough in preparing me for interviews.
The interviews went well and they made me an offer.
I got second interviews because of him coaching.
He also prepares you well for your interviews.
You made it so easy for me to be interviewed.
John then went on to train me for interviews.
I was skeptical but went on the interview.
He was also quick to get me an interview.
Excited to see the interview come to life.
John also is an awesome interview.
He brings out the best in his interviews.
Before the interview, John prepared me for the interviews.
John was one of the realtors that we interviewed.
I've also been interviewed on his show and was impressed by him ease and skill as an interviewer.
John was there for me with in regards to interview prep and skill clarification.
John is an amazing host and very skilled at interviewing.
His prescreening and interviewing skills are very strong.
John gave me the foundation for my interviewing skills.
Him interviewing and podcasting skills are brilliant.
He has very good interviewing skill and technique.
I went from someone who was truly terrified of interviewing with someone who now actually enjoys the interviewing process.
John helped me prepare for the interviews, and even helped me get to and from back to back interviews.
John was able to get me an interview here and followed up with me to make sure things were going well.
I look forward to another interview with him because my company has come so far since we last talked.
John thoroughly prepped me for each interview and debriefed me after each interview was completed.
After getting to know him better and interviewing him about presentations, it became much clearer.
He followed up after interviews to better understand what went well and what didn't - and why.
In every interview and after the interview he makes sure he guides and get feedback in detail.
Your resume will get you to an interview, but your interview technique will get you the job.
John is the type of employee that you look for when you go through all the interviewing.
I just watched both of the interviews that we did together and they are really terrific.
John was always responding to my questions, following up after and before interviews.
If you have a position available, this is definitely someone you need to interview.
One of the best experiences when it comes to how an interview should be conducted.
John was very thorough in his interview and very insightful about my situation.
He always followed up with me during the various steps of the interview process.
He is definitely a good interviewer and follows up well after the interview.
John interviewed me for his radio show and was an excellent interviewer.
He did everything possible to position me for an interview with him a client.
It was not difficult for him to get through his very first campus interview.
He was very thorough and clinical during our meetup before the interview.
His briefing sessions have been always useful before and after interviews.