Inventive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Inventive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is inventive and follows through to make the inventions become a reality.
He is very inventive and seems to know what you want even before you do.
He's always in curiosity, inventing and re-inventing best practices.
John is inventive and is always looking for the best solution.
Simply the best in his business - which he very nearly invented.
If there's something he can't do, it hasn't been invented yet.
Most of his inventions are among the recent top inventions for our company.
Supplementing all of this is his resourcefulness and his inventiveness which makes all things possible.
John has been always one to come up with inventive ideas for doing things outside the box.
He invented his niche and then made everyone around him better through his experience.
What he doesn't know has either not been invented yet or he's already working it out.
He has the passion of doing new things and reinventing the inventions.
John is an inventive, never-take-no-for-a-answer entrepreneur.
He is there when everything was to invent in the video business.
John has the ability to re-invent himself each and every day.
John always can invent something new, sudden, and nontrivial.
He is intelligent and inventive when it comes to doing his job.
He's smart, inventive, and he's all there to help the students.
He is truly inventive with all of his out-of-the-box thinking.
John does more than think outside the box, he invents the box.
He inspired him to invent along with many others in our company.