Investigative Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Investigative Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He exhibited solid investigative skills throughout as well as strong conflict resolution skills.
His investigation and interviewing skills allow him to be successful.
His interviewing skills and investigative instincts are amazing.
Him stakeholder engagement skills are second to none and paired with his investigative skills he negotiates effective results.
John's investigative skills and ability to think through complex situations is excellent.
His skills in investigating hidden and misleading issues was his strength.
His knowledge and skills were instrumental in several of his investigations.
We have also utilized his investigative skills to ensure an independent investigation into workplace allegations.
And he's always willing to investigate new channels for us to consider.
His decisions were well thought out and investigation skills on delicate issues were thorough
Johns investigative skills are sharp and he doesn't stop until he uncovers the truth.
He guided him through useful exercises and helped him investigate his skills, strengths and next steps.
He also demonstrated himself to be a skilled investigator and educator.
If he didn't know anything, he was always willing to investigate thoroughly and learn with you.
He investigates, reads and practices his skills every day, always trying to improve.
He has excellent problem-solving skills and if he doesn't know the answer, he will investigate until he discovers the answer.
His investigative skills are second to none and he is a highly effective and unshakable courtroom witness.
Not only is his attention to detail perfect, but his investigation skills are top notch.
His understanding and investigation skills were a real asset to the successful outcome.
He has excellent analytical and problem solving skills, and very complete in his investigations.
Efficient investigation skills on employment related cases handled by him.