It Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

It Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He always has the latest information on what is going on in not only our industry, but in our customer's industries as well.
He needs no recommendation, but like everyone, he should be recognized for his excellence in the technology industry.
He seems to know, or know of, everyone in the industry and is familiar with all the key technologies and trends.
John also has the "vision" of where the industry and technology are today, and where it will be in the future.
He knows the industry and technology inside out, and his clear talking allows others to understand.
John understands that new technologies and innovations are increasing in value in this industry.
It did not take him long to become familiar with the technology of the company or the industry.
His continuous update on the industry and technology will always keep him ahead of others.
He's also keeping himself aware of new technologies and methodologies in our industry.
He understands the industry, the technology and how to bring them together seamlessly.
John keeps abreast of industry trends and new technologies as they become available.
John's expertise in the industry and command of the technologies cannot be matched.
He keeps himself up-to-date with the upcoming technologies and industry trends.
John an asset to our country and to the technology & cybersecurity industries.
He keeps himself in front of the industry and technology trends by the minute.
His insights into the technology industry and his grasp of things were unique.
He really understands internetworking technology and the industry at large.
His concepts for the use of technology were a decade ahead of the industry.
He is well versed in technology, consumer needs and trends in the industry.
He helped us to keep on the cutting edge of technology within our industry.
He has deep experience in the technology and industry and is no one's fool.
He knows the technology industry; he is authentic and delivers on his word.
John adapts well to new industries and quickly grasps new technologies.
His enthusiasm for technology and industry insights was remarkable.
His ideas have created industries and technological breakthroughs.
John is an industry expert in mapping and location technology.
He really knows the needs of the our company, industry from a technology viewpoint.
John not only knows, expertly, distribution and the technology of the industry, but also how to clearly present this useful information to his peers.
He understands the industry and will make sure to provide the information you need to be on track.
Which does not discount that he is incredibly well informed about the industry across the world.
We have kept in touch with him since, and he keeps us informed of the latest industry trends.
His desire to share this information to help others in the industry is truly impressive.
One of the best explorers of information and had set his own benchmark in the industry.
In addition, he is inquisitive about industry trends and keeps himself well-informed.
John is an informative and energetic speaker, he really is an expert in his industry.
John also provides informative industry updates and is very responsive to questions.
Whenever we talk about industry changes he always informs him about obscure updates.
He consistently and enthusiastically seeks out new information about his industry.
His generosity with his time and his information is unparalleled in any industry.
John is always quick to help with information and good insight on the industry.
He and his colleagues keep the industry informed with unique comment.
John's extremely informed about the telecommunications industry.
His efforts focus on the information technology discipline.
His visions of technology and how to implement cutting edge technologies has put this company ahead of many others in our industry from a technology perspective.
He possesses a vast information technology background that he has built over many years in the industry.
In a fast paced industry, he remains well-informed and moves easily around new technology.
John is one of those rarities in the industry, not only is he great with people but also with the technology.
John has tremendous experience in industry changing technologies.
He understands the technology industry and would be an asset to any technology company in their high growth stages.
He keeps up with the latest technology and industry standards and ensures his group is well informed as well.
He opened his eyes to new technologies / techniques within the industry and was an advocate for making him proactive within the industry.
He stays well-informed in an industry that is constantly changing.
John keeps his finger on the pulse when it comes to industry movements within the information technology and telecommunications areas.
He always provides new guidance and direction on both technological and industry changes.
He submerges himself in whatever he is doing and has the ability to pick up new industries and technologies very quickly.
He tackles understanding new technologies very well- no matter how far removed they are from his past industries.
John makes sure that he is up to date on all of the latest technology as well as industry trends and issues.
John's breadth of experience across both technologies and industries makes him an invaluable colleague.
John is always one step ahead of the latest advancements in technology as well as his chosen industry.
His technological and entrepreneurship, excellence is well recognized and respected in the industry.
His passion for the technology industry and all that it entails, is nothing short of infectious.
John's technology savvy is unprecedented, and he is always staying ahead of industry trends.
He knows the industry inside out and is an avid user of the kind of technologies we champion.
He does not use the "high pressure" tactics that are so prevalent in the technology industry.
His expertise around our technology stack and industry requirements/trends are exceptional.
In this fast-paced new industry, he keeps up with progress, new trends and technologies.
His expertise and leadership translates across many industries within the technology sector
John's influence spreads throughout the consumer technology and Tradeshow industries.
He quickly analyzes new technologies and understands their impact upon his industry.
John's experience across industries, verticals and technologies sets him apart.
John would be a great asset to any organization in the technology industry.
Humble in his approach he in a maven in the emerging technology industry.
John seemed to grasp the technology and industry jargon from day one.
Technically, our company is indeed poised to be the most successful technology provider in this industry.
Our company one conversation with John and you can feel his passion for technology and the industry.
John understands the information technology industry, always remembering the customer and partners come first.
John's well-informed insights were both well received and anticipated by the industry.
He provides others with industry information through different multimedia tools.
He became a hub of information important to those of us in the industry.
John is a visionary when it comes to technology and competitive analysis-he always has his pulse on the industry and on the technology landscape.
His knowledge of our industry and of technology, combine to make him an extraordinary information resource.
His grasp of the of industry and technology trends enables him to demonstrate business value rather than engage with technology for technology's sake.
He made what could have been an otherwise uninteresting topic for someone outside of the industry very informative, fun, and exciting.
He keeps us informed on transaction progress (critical in our industry) and is always available whenever we need him.
John provides great behind the scenes information and really gives you a better understanding of the industry.
His knowledge of him industry as well as the information he shared was relevant and useful to the attendees.
He is well informed and able to make decisions, he is his go-to-guy when it comes to the fastener industry.
John is the go to guy for the defense industry's informational needs because he consistently gets it right.
If he doesn't know the answer, he'll be in touch with an industry expert to get the information needed.
The information he shared with us at Mamapedia was both relevant and pertinent to our industry.
He comes across with holistic industry information when sells the idea of new opportunity.
The information he delivers is timely, to the point, and very current in our industry.
John's capacity to gather and understand information from our industry was remarkable.
Skills which deeply inform his understanding of coffee and the coffee industry.
John is a walking, talking encyclopedia of information int he industry.
He continually kept him updated on industry news and information.
Him industry profiles of our company are insightful and informative.
He always provides in-depth information on available positions, companies and their applied technologies.
He is also comfortable with technology, instilling confidence in the information he provides.
He is constantly keeping up to date with industry trends and changes and never slacked in studying this information - he truly knows and loves the industry.
John knew more about the industry, technology and our competitors than most people within our organization.
He is passionate about what he does and influences people with him broad industry technologies.
John is one of the rare combinations of people in the technology industry - he gets it all.
He cracks the code, breaks through new technologies, and then shares it with the industry.
John consistently demonstrated how in sync with the technology industry he was.
John kept him informed throughout the process with just the right amount of information.
The level of information that he gathers and gives to the clients is second to none in the industry.
He keeps abreast of changes in him industry and filters the information to his clients.
He keeps him informed of talent that is in his industry, whether we are looking or not.
He not only understands information technology, but he genuinely wants to help his customers.
He knows the technology and learns very quickly information as it changes.
He continually learns about new trends, technologies and finds the best ways to use the technologies to present information.
His energy is infectious and he is always grabbing at information & technology.
He is a very valuable employee to any employer, especially in the technology industry.
John's dedication to and promotion of the home technology industry is commendable.
Across many different technologies and languages, this is due to his understanding of many technology approaches.
In the technology industry, he's figured out the information sales people need.
John is an unbelievable wealth of information for authors and those in the publishing industry.
He arranged for speakers and seminars to keep them informed of industry changes.
Always up to date with the needed information concerning his work & concerning technology.
John has knowledge that spans many different disciplines within information technology.
He knows his information-technology inside and out, and readily shares his knowledge.
John's knowledge of all aspects of information technology is impressive.
He knows the industry well and is always up-to-date with the latest information on technology (not an easy accomplishment with the speed of change).
His contributions to our weekly meetings are invaluable and reflect the current trends of the information technology industry.
A seasoned recruiter with an eye for the most eligible candidates, he is well informed about the industry and technologies.
He creates entirely new, industry-changing technologies that change the rules.
He will offer advice when it is needed or asked for and is always one step ahead of the industry when it comes to new technology or methodologies.
He can clearly see the forest from the trees and that helps separate him from his colleagues across the technology industry.
John is a veteran of the technology industry and knows the right levers to pull to get the most out of his organization.
John also understands the industry, the technology, the candidate, and most importantly, his company and what we do.
He stays abreast of technology and industry trends, and if he doesn't know about something, he's going to find out.
He always struck him as extremely smart and understood the dynamics of technology like few others in the industry.
John is fast to pickup technologies he has not used before along with keeping pace with the current industry.
John's experience is unsurpassed; he really knows the industry, and he stays on top of current technologies.
He easily understands and can convey the value/benefits of technology as an enabler to this industry.
Staying current with new and updated technology highlights his dedication and passion for the industry.
He understands technology and the industry in ways that allow him to zoom in on messages that resonate.
This attests to his commitment to be at the forefront of the industry's latest trends and technologies.
He understands what it takes to be successful in the technology industry and settles for nothing less.
John is an outstanding individual with incredible expertise and experience in the technology industry.
He took on the arduous task of bringing technology and innovation in an industry not known for it.
He has an uncanny ability to spot interesting new technologies and find use for it in the industry.
He draws from his deep industry and technology understanding and makes insightful recommendations.
His quick ability to keep up on the industry and technology shows his passion for what he enjoys.
Sudip is a quick learner of latest technologies and also keeps himself updated with the industry.
John studies the industry and understands the trends and how to position technology to get there.
His understanding of the industry and technology result in noticeably more effective outcomes.
He understands technology and stays abreast of the incredible advancements in our industry.
Always with a keen eye towards technology, he has his finger on the pulse of the industry.