It Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

It Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has expertise in the areas of configuration management, project management, build management, environmental management and much, much more.
He is able to not only manage projects well, but also manages his and his teammates time effectively to drive projects to success in the most efficient manner.
He manages expectations well and always makes himself available to his project and clients.
John was my best project manager - always done on time and under budget.
His projects are always well managed and effective for his clients.
He knows how to keep the clients happy and manage their projects.
He is very talented at managing several projects simultaneously.
Eventually, other project managers were vying for his talents.
He manages the project and clients very well, very receptive to ideas, but clearly knows how to manage expectations.
John is very keen on both project management activity, and client management.
His abilities to manage a project and manage the clients are really remarkable.
John is an experienced project manager who can be trusted with significant size projects and will deliver to the specifications he has been given.
John is an exceptional project manager with the ability to balance priorities and deliver on multiple projects simultaneously.
John's contribution to project management was invaluable and he always had a workaround whenever the project hit a roadblock.
He's a very strong project manager and can handle multiple projects with multiple layers simultaneously.
Him communications and project management work on this project were essential.
He is highly passionate about project management and always thinks out of the box to make most of the projects very exciting and live.
His work in project management was particularly impressive, delivering large projects in short timeframes.
John works for me as a project manager, managing multi million dollar game projects.
He is an expert in running projects and has always managed projects with a positive outlook on the ultimate goal.
He is an excellent project manager with a keen eye for detail, and he is able to manage several complex projects at the same time.
He was one of the most experienced project managers and planned and deployed some of the most complicated projects my company had.
He has a keen ability to plan and manage projects irrespective of the nature of the project.
The feedback from the clients that, he is the best project manager that they were ever seen before.
John has exceeded our expectations on each and every project he has managed for our clients.
All of the projects that he has managed have been delivered on time and within budget.
John is as savvy as it gets when comes to managing projects and client expectations.
Various projects were delivered successfully to the client under his management.
John has managed projects from the most laid back clients, to the most unruly.
He managed the project very well, within budget and on time with no excuses.
He was my project manager and he was very transparent with clients and us.
He successfully managed several projects for one of our largest clients.
John has the right combination of talents for big project management.
John is an extraordinarily hardworking and talented project manager.
John is a talented manager who knows how to get projects done.
John has handled all aspects of managing our client projects.
John managed client expectations and delivered on his projects.
In addition, he excelled at managing the project and the client.
He has managed client projects successfully with the same zest.
I found him a good project manager with multifaceted talents.
He manages multiple, complex projects with ease and is excellent with client management.
John managed many projects to a successful conclusion, including client management.
He is also a very highly regarded project manager able to handle the most complex projects and renowned for always doing what he said he is going to do.
John is a dynamic, energetic project manager capable of staying on top of, and ahead of, very large and complex projects.
John is a top notch project manager, would highly recommend him for any highly visible project.
He's managing several high profile projects and he's an important asset to any project management team.
His experience with managing projects and people was a great help to me on the projects he helped me with.
I look forward to working many more projects with him and tapping into his vast knowledge repository of project management.
John provided program/project management functions for some projects within this area.
He can easily transition to multiple test projects, along with managing multiple projects simultaneously.
During the project he managed to become leader of overall activities.
When we were doing a project, his intelligence on problem solving and project management significantly helped with it.
He has constantly managed multiple projects and he had the respect of his managers, peers and clients.
John is an exceptional project manager who is respected by his peers, management, and clients.
As a result, he is able to manage his projects well to ensure that project's goal are met, and does not over-promise on deliverables.
He is passionate about the projects he manages and puts all his energy into everything he does.
John manages projects with extraordinary energy and surprising vision.
His energy and passion shine brightly in every project he manages.
His energy is contagious and makes managing projects a breeze.
He is also someone who can take on complex programmes, and be an effective project manager.