It Recruiter Performance Review Phrases Examples

It Recruiter Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Not only did he help recruit staff for him, but he also recruited him to the company.
John is an excellent recruiter, he recruited him for his current post and could not have been more helpful.
We will continue to put all our recruitment searches through our company recruitment.
There is a lot of difference between a recruiter and passionate recruiter which maker him to stand out from average recruiters.
He not only recruited him, but helped him recruit many members of his team.
His professionalism, diligence and results make him the "recruiter's recruiter".
Unlike most of the recruiters, he always gets back to you with any questions, concerns.
John knows enough about the roles he is recruiting for to ask the right questions.
His excellent on-going follow through is unlike that of most recruiters.
His understanding of recruitment policies enables him to fulfill recruiter's requirement.
He is truly motivated by the success of any one he has ever recruited.
Though not the only recruiter we engaged, he was the most successful.
He also always treated recruiting seriously and that made him, there recruiter, feel respected and made his job easy.
He knows recruitment well, but knows digital and advertising recruitment at another level.
This mainly has been our company, related recruitment and typically in difficult areas to recruit.
His recruitment approach is different, it's social, and it's friendly and not transactional like you will find in many other recruiters.
He brings years of recruiting experience and knows how to find, recruit and close the best candidates.
John will always follow up on questions and concerns, which cannot be said of all recruiters.
He knows how to ask the appropriate questions up front so he can recruit more effectively.
Consistent in his approach, knows what questions to ask both candidates and recruiters.
John knows the questions to ask and in doing so is an extremely effective recruiter.
He knows every new recruit, remembers their name and their topics of conversation.
He is not one of those recruiters that just looks for certain words on a resume.
This was his first recruiting experience and he explained all his questions.
John is resolute and indomitable, when he has started to help recruiting.
Most importantly, unlike other recruiters, he is not a "salesperson".
His passion for recruiting reflects in each and every conversation.
John contacted him during his search for his first recruiting role.
That's really what being a recruiter is about, and he nails it.
John handled many of our key recruitment needs of the agency.
He introduced him into the topic of outsourcing and recruitment.
He will guide you till you onboard to any company he recruits.
He has an excellent understanding of recruiting strategy and the recruiting process.
Probably that he is not just trying to recruit, he finds out whether someone is a match for the company he is recruiting for, but also vice versa.
He also provides a no non-sense type of recruiting, he can adapt to the ever changing recruiting needs of an organization.
He is a natural being a mentor plus he never got impatient with the new recruiters and the tenured recruiters.
He is a gifted and seasoned recruiter, because he comes with many hands-on years of recruitment experience.
John takes a far more integrated approach to recruiting than your average recruiter.
He really goes above and beyond to make sure his recruiting team is successful.
John is an excellent recruiter who is always willing to help out his team.
John is definitely better than the other recruiters because he can understand what people want and need better than anyone else.
Personally, he has taken him aside and mentored him with more recruiting tasks, that will help him in the future.
One of the few people in the recruitment world, who does what he says and when he said he would do it.
Technically, he is very much sound and he is well versed with end to end cycle of recruitment.
He's really trying hard to help us out on the recruitment front, and that's much appreciated.
He knows not only where, how and when to recruit the right people, but also to retain them.
He can really gel well with everyone and get the chemistry out of recruitment with ease.
John's ability to recruit people and get the most out of them is remarkable.
John went above and beyond to provide recruitment related help when needed.
John is his mentor, he has taught him the fundamentals of recruitment.
He doesn't deviate from this brief when engaging with potential recruits.
Within his first year there, he attracted and recruited the best people.
He got him started in recruiting and he's been his mentor for many years.
He reported directly to him and was one of the best recruiters we had.
John's nothing like people's impression of the archetypal recruiter.
John is an effective recruiter in an ever changing environment.
John is his recruiter and he provided sound advice and guidance.
He can see the potential of people and was an amazing recruiter.
John proved himself to be an excellent recruiter in his branch.
He always offered sound advice on how, when and where to recruit.
John continues to be one of his mentors in the recruiting world.
He is also great mentor who took new recruits under his wings.
John's advice regarding our recruitment campaign was invaluable.
John hired more people for us than any other recruiter by far.
John went on to recruit for various workforces with our company and succeeded.
Our company, we had more people like John in the recruiting space.
He gave him an opportunity that no one else seemed to be willing to, which was to learn recruiting.
He is so positive, helpful and willing to learn all he can about recruiting.
All recruiters would do well to make his acquaintance and learn from him.
John should be the model with which all recruiters should adhere to.
John for employment opportunities and recruiting opportunities.
Most of his staff has been placed by recruiters over the years.
He is determined to learn and be the best recruiter possible.
He is very suitable for positions in learning or recruitment.
In the first instance, he recruited him for his current position & his experience with him was leaps and bounds above other conversations with recruiters.
John is a recruiting expert and he translates the recruiter experience to others well so they can position themselves to become the successful hire.
John is one of those rare characters in recruitment who seamlessly marries candidates with the role(s) he is recruiting for.
With a background in recruiting himself, he understands the challenges a recruiter encounters each day.
John truly understands recruiting and the value of networking.
John stands out amongst recruiters through his passion for the people on both sides of the recruitment process.
John supported him through his most recent move in recruitment.
He has always been very supportive of our recruiting efforts.
John recruited him to our company's and was always very supportive.
Although we were close to getting a deal, nevertheless he is one of the better recruiters out there.
The way he handles the recruitments and after then follow up with the candidate is one of the best.
He really understood the questions and concerns that one might have during the recruitment journey.
John proved to be one of the best recruiters for one of our strongest divisions in the company.
John went out of his way to answer his questions regarding the position he recruited him for.
Additionally, he has recruited several key individuals that have been extremely successful.
His belief, however, is that he can hold his own against any top, specialized recruiter.
His close follow up is one thing that makes him stand out compared with other recruiters
He gets right in there and hunts down the candidates, recruits them, and closes them.
He has helped with the recruitment of several key positions within our organization.
He'll quickly take any enterprise that recruits him to the next level of success.
John broke the mould entirely and possessed everything you need in a recruiter.
John gets his highest recommendation for all things recruiting & sourcing.
We can always rely on his keen observations and recruitment suggestions.
He can recruit and more importantly close candidates on the opportunities
He removes the fluff around recruitment and gets to the key points.
He 'gets' recruiting from the tactical and subjective perspectives.
He makes recruiting for him a rewarding experience on all fronts.
His recruiting initiatives were both well planned and innovative.
John took ownership of closing the entire cycle of recruitment.
This is him key for being successful recruiter and a good friend
Him the ability to recruit and assess candidates is second to none.
Needless to say he is a good recruiter and judge of character.
That placed him well above the standard recruiting search firm.
His capability in sourcing and recruiting was unquestionable.
He regularly led the organization in recruits and placements.
He's the best recruiter on the planet, that's the bottom line.
Our company recruiters had been difficult to follow up with, but John was always available.
John got in touch with him via our company and was very approachable in his first recruiting message.
John's our company profile optimization really got him in front of many recruiters.
John has been key to the success of our company's approach to recruitment.
John is his recruiter and one of his reasons for being hired by our company.
He is one of his go to recruiters and always produces results.
A recent recruiting initiative of his recruiting team was to utilize social recruiting in a more effective way.
John is a self driven and smart recruiter who always goes above and beyond for both teams he recruits for as well as the candidates themselves.
He encouraged and offered him opportunities for joining the recruiting team as a recruiter.
His insight during recruitment rounds was invaluable for hiring new recruits for our our company team.
John makes standout relationships in the world of recruiting.
As a recruiter, he always understood the need both of the client and the person he is recruiting.