It Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

It Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

His teaching skills are very fun, yet informative and understandable.

He is an experienced and skilled technology evangelist / visionary with a penchant for new and cutting edge technologies.

John skills in technology and leadership make him see solutions instead of problems.

His ability to take on new skills and soak up new information always impresses me.

He has an effective listening skills in the way he conveys information properly.

John has the listening and interviewing skills necessary to extract information.

He has an amazing skill of distilling information with clarity and simplicity.

John has excellent natural leadership skills while staying very informal.

The amount of skills and sheer information at his disposal is staggering.

His passion for technology, enthusiasm, leadership skills are commendable.

His approach to technology and problem analyzing skills are unexampled.

His skills as organization, clarity of information, meticulously and with great capacity for teamwork make him an extremely skillful.

He knows how to sell (skill), has the passion to succeed (will) and knows the information technology (knowledge) inside & out.

His trust in my capabilities allowed me to broaden the depth of my knowledge and skills in information technology.

He is very skilled at pulling out all the information with all the right questions, and him clarity and communication skills are second to none.

He has an exceptional troubleshooting and analytical skill in different technologies.

His excellent communication skills, succinct, directed and informative, provide all the necessary information to allow me to make well informed decisions.

He is always current on technology and technology trends and has a large breadth of technology knowledge.

He tirelessly works to understand the technology skills needed and more importantly, how the new role will be using the technology.

Though looking at the same information, he can see what others cannot, which gives him great skill in innovative thinking.

His skill to extract the necessary information and input from your employees is matchless.

He is always well prepared and informed while exhibiting excellent leadership skills.

He is an excellent problem solver and is very skilled at organizing information.

He has excellent skills across the entire breadth of technology and technology services.

John is known for his technology skills and his abundant bundle of energy.

He is that rare information technology professional who combines expert computing skills with people skills.

John is a highly skilled, highly reliable information technology professional.

Without his information and skill the process would have been very much more difficult.

John has good interpersonal skills and is compassionate about new technologies and innovations.

He is able to take these new technologies and skills and implement them with ease.

John continues to expand his skills and keep up with ever changing technology.

Instead of being reactive to the technology, he did the technology work for him.

His listening skills are complemented by his talking skills, because he hears exactly what it is you're asking, and communicates back exactly that information.

John has very strong technical skills and his ability to pick up information and technologies is second to none.

Simultaneously, he has excellent negotiating skills and he grasps information very quickly.

John is always willing to share his skills, mentor others and provide information.

Him skills went beyond synthesizing and editing the information presented to him.

John's qualifications and skills are obvious when you read the information above.

John is skillful in presenting complex information in an understandable way.

He provides updated information and keeps me informed on a timely basis.

John's skills and leadership qualities made him an invaluable addition to our information technology in the company.

He not only has excellent skills in determining the true worth of a technology, but he has often made significant contributions to extending the technology.

He has the skill of verifying the integrity of information using his super communication skills.

Other than the 'human skills' he also possesses the 'technical skills' which are absolutely required for the information technology vertical.

He is skilled, open minded and he is always looking for new and technologically advanced solutions.

He is known for his infinite grasp on technologies, exemplary presentation skills.

His technology skills are paramount to his peers and remarkable to say the least.

If it's a new skill or technology, he'll search out answers and solutions.

His presentation skills are well appreciated among the technology group.

His organizational skills are just awesome and can dig out any information within no time.

John's speaking skills inform participant understanding and engagement with the complex technologies he has mastered.

He has such an advanced understanding of technology yet can relay the information in the most simplistic terms.

John has the empathic and listening skills necessary to get the effective information from the clientele and their trust.

John has always been very responsive when additional information was needed and his interpersonal skills are excellent.

He has very impressive interview skills and really draws out the appropriate information about the candidates.

His contact skills are excellent and always keeps me in the loop with essential candidate information.

Highly skilled at his profession, he maintains an openness to insights and information from others.

John has superb interpersonal skills and can quickly sift through inconsequential information.

He is very skilled at explaining complex information clearly; especially its relevance to me.

John is focused and brings a wealth of information and skills to everything he does.