Job Knowledge Performance Review Phrases Examples

Job Knowledge Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a visionary with a passion for improving the software industry.
Beside this it is important that he has not only improved the work within our team, but also made a big contribution to the work of the whole company, a lot of which were brought to life.
John defines expectations clearly and provides support both in the field and in the office to meet those expectations.
John always conducts himself in a very professional manner and works well across every business function.
John is a great specialist.
As a person & professional you couldn't get any better than John.
John is a very reliable person and an excellent professional in the IT field.
He is the type of person you want to work that's passionate, hardworking and knowledgeable.
He is knowledgeable in his field, forthcoming with information and strategies to best suit your current position and needs.
Thanks John for his hard work and expertise.
John was very professional and responsive to all of our needs.
I have always found John to be a very knowledgeable professional person.
John is an ideal colleague and always willing to work with others across the organization to get the job done.
John is a great professional and a person.
Anyone would be lucky to work with a professional like John: he is a fun person to be around, he is ridiculously efficient and you really have a lot to learn from him.
He is excellent at his job.
His wealth of knowledge about the industry is exemplary.
He was proactive, very professional and added a significant amount of value at every step of the business.
John is a hard working, dedicated professional.
John is a fountain of knowledge in his field.
John is an engaging speaker with a deep knowledge of his field of expertise.
He is very knowledgeable, hardworking and dedicated to finding ways to improve current processes in order to make more efficient.
He has the knowledge and know how to find the right employee for the right company using skill, empathy and wisdom.
He is a professional of highest level with a deep knowledge of technologies and architectures.
From the first days in the company he showed a readiness to be involved in the process of plant organization and various parts of production in order to get a deep basis of knowledge to his position.
Him willingness to help people avoid making the same mistakes is remarkable.
John is eager to learn, works hard, and is willing to take on a variety of different assignments to help get the job done.
We have worked together on and off in multiple industries and companies.
He's always been willing to give, give and give.
I wish I would have a person like that in my job.
He is really open to give some good advices.
He's giving away so much value for free.
He always comes forward to help persons in need of his help and gives good advice.
That is an attribute that is truly hard to find.
The return on investment if you are looking for a job is well worth it.
I'm almost sure that he can be a good bet.
He is a good multitasker and can be a good value creator to venture he become a part of.
He certainly has a way of getting the job done.
He is really a good person.
I pray to find someone as good as him in my own firm.
He's in the category of hard to find.
He is also just an all around good person.
He is a person you can rely on and he will always support and give an advice.
He prepared me to find my next job.
You will not get a better return on your investment.
John will always give his best to make others look good.
You can't find a more giving and knowledgeable person than this guy.
He can always find a way to crack you up no matter what the situation.
I'd wish him good fortune in his next adventure, but he is quite obviously a man who makes his own luck.
You will not find a better person than John.
I could not give anyone a better endorsement.
John value and potential, he also gives me a lot of good advice and the encouragement.
I'm sure he made it a matter of seconds.
He was very generous to give out his books free to all attendees of the event.
I'd recommend him to every job seeker I know.
Yes, it is a good news story and I got the job.
He was always willing to help and give advice when asked.
He is also fun and a good overall personality.
It's seems like nothing is outside his job description.
I can't say enough good things about him.
He is extremely dedicated to his job and has extensive knowledge of his job.
John is very knowledgeable and can always be depended on the use that knowledge to help others.
He is very knowledgable and uses him knowledge for the best interests of him cleints.
He has knowledge of almost everything and he really enjoys sharing this knowledge.
John's knowledge and the way he delivers that knowledge is exceptional.
He has got good knowledge and moreover he keeps his knowledge updated.
Him knowledge and acumen for further knowledge is commendation.
He has an excellent knowledge of the job and always got the job done well.
John can tell him about things that he could have no possible knowledge.
He'll never let you down when you ask for him help and knowledge.
We look forward to having him again and appreciate his knowledge and contribution to job seekers.
John came across to him as someone who is extremely passionate and knowledgeable in him job.
He is passionate, knowledgeable, and determined to be the best he can be in him job.
He made sure that we increased our knowledge while getting the job complete.
His knowledge of the job was always omniscient and right at his fingertips.
His knowledge was quite amazing and made the job much more efficiency.
John's knowledge is surpassed only by his enthusiasm for the job.
His knowledge and experience have driven him to be better at his job.
John's knowledge extends well beyond the principles of the job.
John came to the job fully knowledgeable about the marketplace.
Helpful in times of need and knowledgeable beyond his job role.
John know how to get the job done and is a wealth of knowledge.
Not only is he pleasant but knowledgable with him job duties.
Having this knowledge helped him do his job more efficiently.
It's not good enough to him to be very knowledgeable; he does everything he can to pass that knowledge on to help others.
A very enthusiastic and knowledgeable colleague, always available to help and to share his knowledge.
Him enthusiasm and knowledge is impressive and he is very knowledgeable in him approach.
He is definitely an asset with his knowledge and experince in applying the knowledge.
He always enjoyed sharing the knowledge as well - not just acquiring the knowledge.
In terms of the knowledge he has and gaining new knowledge, he did his homework.
Extremely knowledgeable and keep the thirst for knowledge alive in himself.
His breadth of knowledge is only eclipsed by his depth of knowledge.
John is respected for his knowledge of law enforcement and the way he applied his knowledge to his job.
He is definitely someone you can always trust to not only get the job done but get the job done right.
He knew his job and did it very well, and trusted him to do his job.
John earned several job-related certifications and always applied his knowledge to the job.
He also seems to know everybody, and perhaps that's where all his knowledge comes from.
Additionally, he is very knowledgeable and more than willing to help however he can.
John is knowledgeable in many things, and if he doesn't he know it he will soon.
He knows what he wants and has the knowledge to back up what he's asking for.
He knows what he is doing and is willing to empower others with him knowledge.
Also, he was always willing to go out of way-if need be-to share his knowledge.
He's always there when you need him, highly available and very knowledgable.
He is knowledgeable and knows exactly what he wants and needs to get done.
Highly knowledgeable, he was one whom anyone can look up to for guidance.
Him knowledge is never ending and he always follows up with enthusiasm.
Clients like him because he is knowledgeable and yet very approachable.
He is very knowledgeable and not only follows up but follows through.
John you are going out there with the knowledge that you are amazing.
John is very knowledgeable and thorough, as well as quite honest.
He makes those around him more knowledgeable on almost any topic.
This would not have been possible without his wealth of knowledge.
But he is doing the right thing, he should pass on his knowledge.
He either has that knowledge himself or he knows where to get it.
He have always taken every opportunity to further his knowledge.
His knowledge and know-how can only be described as outstanding.
He most certainly is very thorough, sincere, and knowledgeable.
But it was not only this knowledge that made him so successful.
The knowledge he has about each and every thing thats amazing.
Also the way he is always helpful, available and knowledgeable.
He always comes through as very knowledgeable and trustworthy.
He is very strong in his knowledge of the tools he uses for his job.
Not only is he highly knowledgeable when it comes to anything user experience but he does anything and everything to make sure you have what you need to do your job.
John is always his go to guy as he was reliable, knowledgable and willing to do what it took to get the job done.
He is knowledgeable, well organized and always strives to do the best job possible on anything he undertakes.
He goes above and beyond what is required for any job description and is very willing to share his knowledge.
Working with him has provided him with more confidence and in depth knowledge in regards to job hunting.
Combined with his breadth of knowledge, he's very effective at getting the job done, and done right.
John is very knowledgeable as well as extremely helpful when it came to getting the job done.
His experience and knowledge helped everyone around him do their jobs to our company's ability.
People are attracted to his enthusiasm and appreciate the knowledge he brings to the job.
He is knowledgeable, courteous and goes beyond him responsibilities to get the job done.
John is brilliant at his job, widely knowledgeable and always provides the best advice.
He is incredibly knowledgeable, and dedicated to doing the job right each and every day.
In each one, he was extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of the job and the company.
Overall, he made his job a little easier since he was understanding and knowledgeable.
His knowledge and leadership on the job are outstanding and are certainly admirable.
Not only is Shaz thorough at his job, he is highly knowledgeable about his subject.
He helps others, he shares his knowledge, and he always does his job diligently.
His knowledge and passion for his job is unbeatable and always sure to get results.
He has always been very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful in his job pursuit.
His knowledge and expertise is always welcome, whether the job is large or small.
He possesses not only the knowledge and experience, but also passion for his job.
He will surprise you with the extent of his knowledge and commitment to his job.
John does what he says and has the knowledge and sensibility to get a job done.
He has in depth knowledge regarding his job duties and is always up to them.
He has a thorough knowledge of the needs of companies and of job candidates.
Moreover, he has learnt and gained much knowledge from his job experiences.
He is very knowledgeable and extremely capable in every aspect of his job.
John did an exceptional job, you can rely on his expertise and knowledge.