Judgment Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Judgment Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He was always approachable, always had time for a word, and was always able to cut to the core of what mattered.
Whether it been solved an architecture problem or a customer business problem he has been unique in his solutions.
He is also passionate, quietly determined and never one to choose the easy path, if he feels that it is not in the best interests of the business.
He has the ability to keep calm under pressure and to analyse different situations in an objective manner.
He has the ability to always remain composed and to make clear, logical decisions that are in the best interest of the product and his team.
John looks for those solutions, presents and balances the options, then delivers the project.
John is an excellent business strategist with cutting edge answers for solving business problems.
He is a talented deal maker and consistent, level-headed business consultant.
I wish him the very best in whatever path he chooses in life.
There were times when John would never hesitate to steer us back when he was very confident we were on the wrong track.
His judgment never failed me or anyone for that matter.
John is a calm, cool and a person who leads by example.
He is always there in case of doubt or difficulty.
He is a very rational and reasonable person and whenever there is an argument between two parties he settles the argument in a very calm and unbiased manner, laying down pros and cons of either side.
His analytical skills ensure all processes are thoroughly vetted and implemented correctly.
He is generous with his information and his time, and understands the importance of relationships in business.
He is a disciplined personality with a dynamic approach in solving issues.
He is approachable and calm, but also firm when a decision needs to be made.
His work ethic and measured composure has enabled him not only to demonstrate cool decision making when facing adversity, but also as a source of motivation for the team he leads.
I was able to assess the opportunity effectively, which made me feel very confident in my decisions.
His subject knowledge was outstanding and of most importance it was tailored and relevant to the audience.
He never hesitated to diffuse situations and find a compromise.
John consulted with us to identify process improvement opportunities with our company.
His approach to life, business and building relationships is among the most eloquent and thoughtful I've seen.
John is both the ideal leader and ideal employee.
He does not have to take the lead in every situation, although he is constantly influencing the outcome of any situation.
He was able to not only provide a powerful cost benefit, but he could also "connect" with each and every personality he faced.
His determination and persistence, eager and willing to help attitude will go along way.
Foremost is his ability to create strong relationships with his clients based upon his effective needs assessment skills and his commitment to delivering impactful solutions.
John has his clients best interest at heart and is always personally involved in solving problems.
Always on time, always calm and reasonable, always the best.
His skills, experience, and multidisciplinary knowledge enable him to find and implement the most elegant, yet very cost effective solutions.
He has an excellent ability in breaking down and simplifying the most complex situations.
John is a very good presenter who knows his subject well.
In a problematic situation his response time and crisis-management skills are superb and unique.
John's ability to frame business issues with easily understood data and demonstrate the costs and benefits of multiple choices was invaluable.
Respected as a man of his word, John listens before speaking and is well respected for excellent decision making.
He can pick out the unique influences that may make his decisions even more wise with the lease overall risk.
He is known to build teams from the ground up that are aligned towards an organization's objectives and provides them with effective leadership.
He is clear in his requirements and displays a sound understanding of the holistic business situation.
John is very analytical and data-driven, on the rare situation when data indicate something differently from his intuition, he is always willing to listen and make the right decisions based on what the data suggests.
John is responsive and focused, clearly used to utilising data to create behaviour change and to make business decisions.
He overturned the analytics from being data in a database, to knowledgeable insight and learnings from which the teams could utilise the data to make data-driven decisions.
His sensitivity to others and his love of life suit him well in his consulting career.
He is always cool, calm and collected and someone who instils confidence.
He is a calm person, but based on his seniority and knowledge he definitely has an influence on teams.
He is always enthusiastic and hunts out new opportunities with relish, always applying a clear and thoughtful analytical approach to business.
I trust his judgment and he is always on the up and up.
He has a passion for life and it shows with everyone he encounters.
John is quick to identify and clarify a team's issues and then specify the most effective solution.
He speaks realistic facts which will directly influence the thoughts of job seekers.
He is always creating opportunities of this team to implement their ideas through ideas that are out of the box.
No matter how complex the problem is, he will always come up with a brilliant, elegant, and cost-effective solution.
He has the ability to ask the hard questions that help you create breakthroughs in your business.
He is a very good teammate, always trying to help and consult on finding the best solution.
He knows the sales cycle and how to get to decision makers.
He is able to simplify a message, no matter how complex, into effective copy that will deliver results.
I always found John to be nonjudgmental and diplomatic in his approach to the management of staff, rare qualities.
His relationship-building skills provided a much needed revenue impact for the team as he was able to close business with some very complex organizations.
His approach has always been to provide information and educate us on our options, even if our best option didn't include something he offered.
He has incredible interpersonal skills, judgment and insight.
He handled himself with skill, confidence, and good judgment.
John's photographic judgments were always sound, as were his storytelling skills.
John's sound judgment skills make him an asset to organisations.
He displays good judgment and leadership skills, and is always available for help and guidance.
Importantly, he inspires confidence and one can rely on his judgment and skills with ease.
John will offer any company skill and judgment beyond his years of experience.
John has extremely solid decision making skills and judgment.
He uses great judgment and we would not be where we are now without him.
John is there with his compassionate yet non-judgmental heart.