Junior Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Junior Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He understands the value of mentorship, and is always helpful to the more junior designers around him.
He always guided the more junior designers, never solving problems for them.
John takes opportunities whenever he can to mentor and advise more junior designers.
John also was key in teaching design, design patterns to the junior developers.
He knows exactly what he wants from his juniors and how to guide them to get those deliverables.
Let him assure you - there was nothing junior about him at that time.
From directing junior designers, guiding them through the maze of design, to explaining his vision to a client.
He's worked in several domains and has also helped to teach/mentor more junior designers.
His enthusiasm, pragmatism and level of design knowledge are what makes him stand out from other designers.
Without his knowledge and expertise we may still be looking for just the right design.
John is extremely dedicated to his craft, thanks to him, all his designs were able to ship in the way it was designed, he really goes out of his way to make sure everything was pixel perfect when we do design sign-offs.
He respects knowledge of any designation and humble to learn thing which he doesn't know from the junior's.
The amount of value he provides for his colleagues and his juniors is indescribable.
He brings about vast experience with him and always willing to help his juniors.
He always guides his juniors to take things forward towards a closure.
John supervised when necessary, but always allowed juniors to thrive.
He allows his juniors to grow and guide them whenever necessary.
He knows when to be discreet and when to escalate issues, and he's been a good mentor to the junior designers.
He's one of the best and most knowledgeable designers you'll meet.
He's a caring colleague, taking time to gently mentor more junior designers and educate others outside the design about the design process.
He always demonstrates fairness and equality with his juniors.
He is one of the brightest junior students, we had in college.
Despite his years of experience in design, he still accepts all feedback, even from those who are less experienced or knowledgeable about design.
John would often go above and beyond to ensure we are shipping the best design possible.
He also mentored the junior designers and engaged our remote staff effectively to build the designs.