Junior Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Junior Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I was rather junior at the time, and he came in to manage me.
He is an excellent guide and mentor for his juniors and able to manage any kind of project.
He was one of those key people on the project, who mentored the juniors and carried the project forward.
He was very straight forward with his peers, juniors and managers.
He effectively communicated the distinction between project management and project leadership.
His impact was magnified by his coaching approach for the junior project managers.
John did very well in managing the project team and reporting to the many different project stakeholders.
Even though very junior, he managed and delivered some very large and strategic projects which still exist today.
John is a sharp mind, down-to earth project manager who can be trusted with the most critical projects.
John is a strong, knowledgeable project manager who is dedicated to getting the project in on time.
He is very talented at project management and is capable of managing several projects simultaneously, with limited resources.
Also, he is extremely meticulous in managing things - be it recruitment or be it managing projects.
John was my direct manager in one of my very junior positions.
John is a perfectionist and his managing style has given me the ability to now manage employees my junior.
As project manager, he can easily create a vision with concrete goals for his projects.
John is an excellent manager of people, project manager and overall leader.
I would love to work with him on future projects and will recommend him to anybody for copywriting and project management.
John is an effective project manager that is dedicated to his job and will always work his projects to complete.
He, as internal project manager, provided an excellent contribution to the achievement of the project goals.
His collaborative approach made project management much easier and meant that projects and tasks were completed more efficiently.
He has shown to be a great leader, project manager, and manager.
John is a detailed, organized project manager that always keeps his eye on the project goal.
During the hairiest project times, he could step in as the key project manager as well.
I was impressed with his ability to skillfully manage the project while maintaining excellent relationships with everyone on the project.
This capability increases his project success rates and makes him a very knowledgeable project manager.
Although relatively junior at the time, his recommendations had a tremendous impact on the project.
His unmatched talent in project management and ability to mentor his juniors makes him very different then others.
He is regarded as a friendly and helpful manager among his juniors.
His project management capabilities are second to none and he helped us steer through during difficult project negotiations with difficult stakeholders.
He has managed large projects always keeping the budget in mind and the goals that were set forth in the project.
His project management experience, allows him to value the views of all stakeholders not only in projects, but in his everyday work.
His project management is very efficient and lean, with his natural authority he keeps project participants engaged very easily.
I always tried to get him on my project because he was a role model for junior people.
He was frequently required to manage his own projects and liaise directly with clients, both of which he managed conscientiously.
Him work load was always greater than most other project managers, with some of the most complicated projects in the unit.
John is an excellent project manager with the ability to make decisions and clearly communicate project priorities.
A multidimensional manager who always showed new and innovative ways to his juniors.
He started as a junior and really grew into his role, he was always willing to take on additional responsibilities and projects.
He skillfully managed multiple projects simultaneously while always providing his undivided attention to the project at hand.
As project manager, he understands the project life cycle and always deliver good outcomes before deadline.
He was excellent at managing his time, projects, and clients.
Unlike many project managers, he will teach junior staff and share best practices.
I would trust him with any project, large or small and have complete confidence that he would manage and complete the project in the time allowed.
John is a hands on project manager that asks the right questions and pushes the right buttons to see a project through to its completion.
He is also an experienced leader, including personnel management to large project management.
During this period, he combined work on his own projects with managing other projects and stuff, and managed to ensure that these projects matched the high standards of him own.
As a project manager, he always had a clear focus on the goals and strict timelines of the project.
John has "can do" attitude and is keen to guide colleagues who are junior to him or new on the project.
He picks project management approaches that fit the project's and the team's needs.
The selfless manager that he is, promoting his juniors, comes very naturally to him.
He is also a wonderful manager and an incredible mentor to him juniors.
John is a powerhouse, managing almost twice as many projects as him peers in the same given time.
He is managing several projects at the same time with tight schedules.
He is deeply committed to his projects and project teams and is unafraid to stand up for them at the management level.
He is a creative and innovative manager who is also best in guiding him juniors.
I relied on him to manage our key projects, and he mentored junior staff regularly.
With his out of the box approach towards problem solving and project management the final result of a project is always better than initially expected.
Him congeniality makes him an easy project manager to work with and he never creates unnecessary stress in any of the projects that he runs.
John's abilities in managing recruiting projects are unsurpassed.
He is also a good project manager who managed cross functional projects & teams very well and was always there to share his knowledge of subject with peers and juniors.