Junior Recruiter Performance Review Phrases Examples

Junior Recruiter Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He was a great example to others and went out of his way to mentor junior recruiters.
John recruited me to my current position and is established as one of our recruitment partners.
He does this by using out-of-the-box methods of recruitment that your average recruiter would not or could not utilize.
I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for the right recruiter to trust.
John did not recruit just to fill positions, he recruited to hire and retain employees.
John recruited me for a job opportunity before any other recruiter contacted me.
He always makes himself available, for not only him recruits, but also his fellow employees.
John is the sort of recruiter that recruiters are supposed to be: he is diligent, thorough, and extremely responsive.
John was understanding about recruitment budget restraints and the need to recruit for the role directly.
John has a keen sense of urgency and keeps up the recruiting momentum like only a few recruiters can.
John has a true passion for recruitment and is an asset to any recruitment company.
John is one of those rare recruiters that works for both the client and the recruit.
He mentored more junior recruiters and always found the right candidates no matter how difficult the requirements.
I will look forward to partnering with him on our recruiting needs in the future.
He follows through with them to make sure they are comfortable in the role he recruited them for, far after they start.
John will always follow up on questions and concerns, which cannot be said of all recruiters.
John is very dedicated and puts everything he has into his recruiting efforts.
Guess that's what makes him been such a persuasive and "regulative" recruiter.
He took over after my previous recruiter and was very punctual and responsive.
He was also helpful in working with our junior recruiters to give them some tools and techniques so that they started their recruiter careers off with good recruiting habits.
I worked for him in my first recruiting position, and he molded me into a successful recruiter.
He can really gel well with everyone and get the chemistry out of recruitment with ease.
I knew next to nothing about him, and was trying to recruit him for another client.
He knows recruiting and is an ambassador that you want on your company's side.
He's been around for a while now, but has more hunger and drive than most juniors.
John is the best recruiter and is very eager to share his recruiting knowledge and sourcing techniques with other recruiters in our organization.
He has many full cycle recruitment techniques, which, when applied can make recruiting easy and successful.
John is definitely your man for all things online and recruitment, and surprisingly enough therefore; online recruitment.
His knowledge of recruitment and healthcare recruitment in particular has grown steadily.
John is one of the most accessible recruiters who is always willing to go the extra mile.
I have no reservations in recommending him whatever your recruitment requirements.
Technically, he is very much sound and he is well versed with end to end cycle of recruitment.
John is always diligent in his efforts and has always brought only the best and the brightest to me for recruitment.
His candidates trust him implicitly and for the recruiter you can always be sure of one thing.
John was very attentive to my recruiting needs and provided excellent follow up and closure.
It's his belief and trust in him candidates that differentiates him from other recruiters.
John was an asset to the company and always willing to help out his fellow recruiters.
Throughout our acquaintance he has always impressed me with his open recruiting style.
His close follow up is one thing that makes him stand out compared with other recruiters.
John has many tools in his repertoire, and can recruit for many different verticals.
His whole approach throughout the recruitment from start to finish was second to none.
Through those efforts, he has become very well connected and respected as a recruiter.
If you are a company in search of an outstanding recruiter, he is the best of the best.
He was the only recruiter who convinced me to look for openings in a certain town.
He interviewed me and used that for feedback with him recruiters and candidates.
As a recruiter, he knows what companies are looking for so he advises on that.
He is always open to a conversation about is going on in the recruiting world.
I would trust him for any keystone recruitment (the other as well, of course).
He was the recruiter that interviewed me and recommended me for the position.
I am very grateful for his efforts which landed me my first recruitment role.
His confidence and persistence exude in every position that he has recruited.
John is passionate and extremely knowledgeable about recruitment and how recruiters think and approach their jobs.
The way he grooms freshers and the way he conducts himself with his juniors is particularly praiseworthy.
He knows very well how to handle their juniors and he always tries to give justice to their efforts.
He was highly disciplined and of particular note was his respect for his juniors.
John is a very effective recruiter and he is able to understand what a client is looking for and recruit accordingly.
He brings top talent to whatever role he is recruiting for and has an unmatched passion for recruiting.
John is a strong recruiter, particularly in the areas of search, diversity and e-recruiting.
I learned how to recruit not just by listening to him, but also by following his example.
He is so positive, helpful and willing to learn all he can about recruiting.
As a recruiter, he used to fulfill recruiting needs on time with great quality.