Junior Software Developer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Junior Software Developer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a mature software developer with methodical, pragmatic and balanced approach to software design and development.
One example of this is that he has been a great mentor for junior developers.
He takes mentoring well and looks to help develop those junior to him.
John came across as a very detailed oriented software development.
His experience in software development life cycle helped the developers immensely.
John is very dedicated to software development, and it shows in his work.
John is one of the smartest and most creative software developers out there.
He's easy to work with and always willing to help out the more junior developers around him.
Furthermore, after just one year he was entrusted with the responsibility of training and mentoring junior software developers.
John is an inspiration to have developed the software for property inspections.
In software development, he factors in "look and feel" along with usability to develop the best application possible.
John is experienced in the technicalities of software development.
John company with junior developers would be lucky to have him to mentor them.
He is always keen to use and learn the latest standards/methods of software development.
He was an enthusiastic software developer with an eagerness to learn new things.
He learns quickly and understands all aspects of software development.
He was the critical force in shaping the software development organization.
He has mentored several junior developers and is always available to provide guidance.
He has very good grasp of software development technologies, and valuable experiences in software development life cycle.
While we worked together primarily in the area of software metrics there isn't a software development topic that he can't discuss.
John came to us as a junior developer, but quickly became one of our most capable and dependable colleague.
He had been very motivating to all his colleagues and juniors.
John software development experience with him was one of the most enriching of my career.
He was also more than willing to pass on his knowledge to the junior developers whenever they needed help.
He has taken on junior developers and have grown them to be very capable working self sufficiently.
John worked directly for me, starting out as a software developer, and eventually as a software development team leader.
John's personable character and extensive knowledge in software development makes him a great mentor to our junior developers.
John worked for me on an extremely challenging software development engagement.
He worked hard, and at no time, let us, software developers, become complacent.
He is diligent and takes the initiatives in the development of software architecture and components.
He was able to very effectively mentor more junior developers, and this in turn made everyone better around him.
He is very meticulous, conscientious and detail oriented in his approach to software development.
John is an excellent software developer and a very detail oriented individual.
John brings an exceptional eye for detail to the software development table.
He asked the right questions at the right time and was very flexible in the dynamic software development environment.
His real strength, however, is in his understanding of the other areas of software development.
He is willing to mentor junior developers and other team members.
Not only is it clear that he has expertise developed over years of developing software, but he also makes sure to share his knowledge and is an excellent mentor.
He is an excellent communicator who has mentored many junior developers.
John is responsible and high professional software developer.
I would definitely recommend him for another leadership position on a software development team.
I am confident that he will be a great addition to any software development team.
John is very knowledgeable about software development and the various approaches to running development projects effectively.
He is innovative and can think out-of-the-box providing neat software development solutions.
John started at the company as an intern with very little software development experience.
I have been consistently impressed with his work in many areas and believe he makes an exemplary software developer.
He is very talented, exceptional, hard-working software developer.
John never shies away from the opportunity to help and teach more junior developers, and he's constantly improving his own development knowledge.
Furthermore, he is able to develop junior staff around him autonomously and to great effect.
John was responsible for all aspects of our software development and technology deployment.
John is a smart, detail oriented developer with a terrific grasp of the issues involved in developing software.
He always keeps up with the latest trends in the software development, and has a very good eye on the details.
I asked him why the change and he said he wanted to learn about the other side of software development.
John is interested in modern software development practices and willing to try and promote new methods.