Key Account Executive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Key Account Executive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has provided executive coaching expertise to several key executives in my organization.
John delivers and executes in very challenging environments while being very inclusive & accountable.
John brings both commitment and warmth to his role as an account executive.
I would highly recommend him to a company looking for an account executive.
He then remotely conducted follow up sessions with the account executives.
He went out and executed key deals that were transformational to the company.
John was the key to the successful execution of our feature film.
In a couple of months he has become one of the key executives.
John is without question one of the best account delivery executives going around.
John was key in setting and executing the vision for the enterprise.
He graduated first in his class and has hit the ground running as an account executive.
He is responsible for creating a culture of accountability, execution and success.
As an account executive he delivers value for both sides of a selling situation.
John was a breath of fresh air for me from an account executive standpoint.
Strategy is key to his success and certainly key to my endeavours.
John and I worked together as account executives and he is an excellent salesperson.
John has worked with me on some key accounts and has always come through.
It's really great to see the lasting impact of his end-to-end drive from vision to execution to accountability.
John is a natural account executive, helpful, organised and reliable.
Not only is he a good account executive he's a marathon runner.
John has been a key stakeholder when it comes to vision, modifications and execution.
He focuses on the key points of each phase and executes on those requirements.
He has also been a key executive sponsor on some of our largest deals.
John directly, but did speak with several of his key accounts that had dealings with him.
His direction and execution were key elements of our success.
John is a sterling example of an effective and dedicated account executive in the federal marketplace.
John brought me on board as a new account executive and was able to ramp me up rapidly.
John is one of our top account executives with half a dozen large deals under his belt.
He effectively built relationships with other key executives.
He is always willing to not only identify key issues, but to offer and execute solutions.
I worked on several key accounts with him, whereby we had always successful results.
I was impressed by how close his relationships were with key accounts.
John's ability to successfully break into new accounts and drive growth in key accounts is already well proven within the organization.
John is one of those rare account executive who actually takes the time to listen and understand your needs.
During his tenure, he brought in some key best practices and also helped us establish ourselves in some key accounts.
He has many new ideas with some common concept to execute in a different way that's the key point of his success.
His willingness to accept new challenges and execute them exceptionally well is one of his keys to success.
He was well respected, a key executive and an outstanding example of solid leadership.
He can comfortably deliver messages to key executive stakeholders of an organisation.
His ability to gain the trust and confidence of the key executives is second to none.
His ability to execute and collaborate with others is a key factor to his success.
Open mind and great capability to execute has been him key success factors.
John has grown into his role to become a key adviser to company executives.
His focus on keeping us accountable for our commitments is key to success.
John also gives his key people the authority and autonomy to grow as executives.
He has been key in identifying influencers and key resellers.
John is a highly professional and reliable account executive.
He is astute to the situation and provides great input towards the execution of key objectives.
His ability to drive strategy through to execution is one of his key strengths.
John is a key addition to any organization at the executive level.
John's key talents are in the areas of account planning and strategy, as well as execution.
He helped me to re-focus on my key referral points; particularly accountants.
John is perhaps at his best - and this is one of his key strengths - when he is under pressure.
I don't know how we would have done it as successfully without his key involvement.
But it's really how he does it that is the key to his past and future success.
He is low key, but when you get to know him, he is insightful and fun.
I'm sure it's one of the keys to how he's made his firm so successful.
John will always be a key contributor in everything that he does.
It has certainly been key to the many successes that he has achieved.
The focus is another, as he knows how to get to the key issues quickly.