Knowledge Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Knowledge Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is very knowledgeable and very well known in the industry.
He is very thorough and knowledgeable in the industry.
I can say he is thorough with the industry knowledge.
Knowledgeable in all aspects of our industry with in-depth knowledge of his industry.
John's passion and knowledge in our industry has made him one of our industry's best.
An industry professional with outstanding knowledge of our industry.
John is knowledgeable about the industry and will do what he can to help promote knowledge as well.
Not only is he very easy to get on with, he is also very knowledgeable of the industry.
He was also very knowledgeable about his industry and willing to help with his inputs.
John knows the industry inside and out and is always forthcoming with his knowledge.
John's knowledge of our industry will always help him get the best for his clients.
He has the know how and is very knowledgeable in almost every sector / industry.
John is not only very knowledgeable about the industry, but also about people.
He is exposed to various industries, which makes him to be knowledgeable.
He knows the industry very well and uses this knowledge to his advantage.
I believe there to be no more knowledgeable professional in the industry.
He's always on top of things and very knowledgeable about the industry.
He proved himself to be very knowledgeable with regards to the industry.
Additionally, he is knowledgeable and passionate about his industry.
I love that he is so knowledgeable about our particular industry.
Furthermore, his knowledge of the industry is without comparison.
He is very well-connected and in the industry and knowledgeable.
Very knowledgeable in the industry and the needs of his clients.
I believe there are few in the industry to match his knowledge.
I have found his knowledge of the industry is second to none.
I found him to be knowledgeable, industrious and adventurous.
He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the industry.
He is knowledgeable about his industry and very trustworthy.
His knowledge of his craft is among the best in our industry.
His knowledge is not to be surpassed by many in the industry.
He is very knowledgeable about his companies his industries.
His knowledge in the industry needs no further endorsement.
Providing value through his vision and industry knowledge.
His knowledge of the industry has always been exceptional.
His knowledge of both industries, is beyond reproach.
He is willing to share his knowledge of the industry.
Working with him has improved my industry knowledge.
I appreciate his knowledge and industry experience.
I could tell you all about John's industry knowledge.
I have never come across someone so knowledgeable and so generous with that knowledge.
He is very knowledgeable and is always looking to expand that knowledge.
He's always willing to help, and is very knowledgeable in what he does.
He shared much of his knowledge and is very knowledgeable.
I couldn't have done it without his help and knowledge.
He is knowledgeable about knowledge and an innovator.
In depth knowledge about his product but also knowledge of all things within the industry.
His product knowledge and knowledge of this industry is superior.
His product knowledge and industry knowledge are amazing.
His industry knowledge is second to none and is reflective of the many years he has dedicated to our industry.
John's professionalism, industry knowledge and customer focus are some of the best in the industry.
John's understanding of the industry is unparalleled as his knowledge of industry leaders.
His vast industry expertise and knowledge in the him industry is unmatched.
He is a wealth of knowledge for the photo industry, or any industry.
As someone new to our industry, John picked up our industry knowledge very fast.
John is very knowledgeable in the SEO industry and has extensive knowledge in the tech industry as well.
He's knowledgeable about his industry and thorough in the application of that knowledge to him function within the organization.
He comes across as someone who is extremely knowledgeable, confident and with immense knowledge of various industries.
He is knowledgeable about many industries and will go above and beyond to help you find what you're looking for.
He is known as someone who gets things done, and is well respected for both his industry and technical knowledge.
John's knowledge and enthusiasm for everything he does in life makes him one of the best in the industry.
John is far and above the most knowledgeable of all of his colleagues within the printing industry.
Every conversation with him gives him some knowledge about the industry or its people.
His knowledge and ability is far above that of most people in the industry.
Depth of knowledge is superlative and in him industry, it's ever changing.
John's knowledge of the industry of virtualization is very unique.
He is his first mentor in the industry, his knowledge of the industry was/is quite impressive and he has taught him so much over the years.
In addition, his deep knowledge of the payment industry and global experience make him one of the best in the industry.
His knowledge of the industry and the respect he has garnered from those working within the industry are unmatched.
John's vast knowledge of the payments industry and technology/business acumen is unsurpassed in the industry.
John's knowledge of the scholarly publishing industry is deep and his reputation in the industry is stellar.
John is one of the hardest working individuals in their industry and his knowledge of the industry is amazing.
He has deep knowledge of industry insight and strong relationships with industry experts.
He is very passionate about the our company, industry and his knowledge of the industry shines through in his work.
He also came across as an extremely helpful colleague who is willing to impart his knowledge, industry knowledge selflessly.
John's knowledge of the vitamin and supplement industry and his ability to convey that knowledge are second to none.
His knowledge base is broad of which very few have the level of knowledge and expertise that remains in this industry.
John's industry knowledge reflects his knowledge in cybersecurity and privacy, plus his passion for identity.
John is thirsty for knowledge and yet knowledgeable about his industry and a broad range of subjects.
His industry knowledge helped him to have more in depth knowledge in digital/e-commerce domain.
His knowledge of the industry was second to none and he had a unique ability to convey this knowledge in an effective manner to industry veterans as well to newcomers.
His industry knowledge is broad & he shares this knowledge generously.
There isn't much to teach him because his industry knowledge is up there with the best of them.
John is always very knowledgeable not only about our solutions, but about industry trends.
It goes beyond saying that his insights and knowledge of the industry and the economy make him an exceptional spokesman for the franchising industry.
He knows the industry back to front now, but is constantly looking for new products / industry knowledge.
John runs everything across him company in the same way, and must by now be one of the most respected and knowledgeable in his industry.
He will spend the time necessary to get to know you and then use his knowledge of the industry to help you make the right choice.
His input was invaluable, his knowledge of the industry, second to none and he would always go out of his way to help.
John is always willing to help others expand their knowledge of his expertise of the industry and his position.
His knowledge of the industry and the contacts he has made along the way make him an asset to any situation.
He has been an excellent colleague; always willing to help out with his extensive knowledge of our industry.
All of this has been invaluable to his own industry knowledge and has always been an enjoyable experience.
John's knowledge and expertise of the industry - and across many different platforms - is truly special.
When it comes to the entertainment industry, the only thing that trumps his knowledge is his passion.
Combine this with his knowledge of the industry and you have the making of an excellent salesperson.
His industry knowledge is unsurpassed with an emphasis on getting things done right the first time.
His knowledge within the industry is remarkable as he seems to have an answer to almost everything.
John's passion for the internet and his thirst for knowledge will take him far in this industry.
It has been an asset to our company to have someone as knowledgeable in the industry as he is.
His knowledge and experience in different industries makes him an asset for any organization.
He has a wealth of industry knowledge and made himself available to help us at all times.
He then went on and got a several certifications that taught him with industry knowledge.
John makes us all better with his positive attitude and extensive industry knowledge.
His knowledge of the industry and the patience in which to deal with it, is remarkable.
His belief in himself & overall industry knowledge makes him an asset for the company.
Most impressive of all his attributes is his knowledge of the industry and its trends.
His industry knowledge was extensive and you can tell that he prides himself on this.
His depth of knowledge in many industries exceeds that of most of his contemporaries.
His contacts in the industry and overall knowledge of the marketplace are unparalleled
His knowledge of so many industries and sectors has been built up through the years.
John follows industry closely and has always good knowledge of what is happening.
His knowledge and expertise in the industry is certain to exceed your expectations.
He's truly energetic, passionate, knowledgeable in the industry and its dynamics.
John not only inspired him with him exceptional industry experience and knowledge.
His industry experience and knowledge make his contribution all the more valuable.
His knowledge of the pharma industry is formidable as is his overall capabilities.
John's overall breadth of knowledge of industries and sectors was most impressive.
John stood out in his class because of his maturity and knowledge of the industry.
Him industry knowledge, along with organizational understanding is unparalleled.
John's industry knowledge and expertise is obvious from his accomplishments.
John's knowledge and industry experience that he brings has been fantastic.
John's passion for and knowledge of the aesthetic industry are unparalleled.
His knowledge of industries and roles is extensive and very much an asset.
He is very knowledgeable, has key industry contacts, and is well respected.
The knowledge he holds of our organization and our industry are astounding.
It was very clear that he has extensive industry knowledge and expertise.
His knowledge of industry and prospects is surpassed only by his modesty
He arms himself with good knowledge in different sectors and industries.
John's employees are dependable and knowledgeable about industry standards.
His organization, industry-knowledge, and can-do attitude is admirable.
He has incredible industry knowledge, he provided excellent guidance.
He is very intelligent, industrious, knowledgeable and hardworking.
He uses that knowledge to improve government-industry partnerships.
He's filled with knowledge, wisdom, and expertise in his industry.
His in-depth knowledge about the industry just left him awestruck.
Particularly, him wealth and knowledge about the our company industry is particularly impressive.
His knowledge in all things our company is vast and well-respected throughout the industry.
Our company knowledge in the Fashion industry and always willing to go the extra mile.
Our company strengths: Broad industry knowledge and background.
We've come to rely on him for not only our company knowledge, but his overall industry perspective.
His knowledge of industries and verticals, our company in particular, is awesome.
His industry knowledge and an ability to translate that knowledge effectively always stood out amongst his peers.
He's been in the fertility industry, in different roles, for many years, so he knows the industry, and uses his knowledge to give excellent advice.
As an industry mogul his knowledge is immense, his passion insatiable and is evident to all as to why he is well esteemed within the industry.
His industry knowledge and attention to detail have made him a formidable force in the industry.
John would be an asset in the grocery industry or any industry with his knowledge and personality.
There is nothing he wouldn't do for his clients, and he is extremely knowledgeable regarding his industry.
John is knowledgeable about both his clients as individuals and about their industries.
In doing so, his clients are the beneficiary of his industry knowledge.
Utilizing his industry knowledge allows his customers to grow.