Knowledge Management Performance Review Phrases Examples

Knowledge Management Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an authority in the field of executive education.
His knowledge and expertise really impresses me, but more so the effective utilization of his knowledge and expertise.
He is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise and manages to pass this knowledge across very easily.
His knowledge of management training, knowledge management and innovation is outstanding.
He is very knowledgeable in both business finance and in overall executive management.
His knowledge and expertise in project management, in all the knowledge areas is excellent.
Really looking forward to learn from his other expertise.
I have learned much from observing as well as being under his management style.
I learned from him much more than from any other manager.
John's expertise spans many areas including the following: business knowledge, technical knowledge, human resource management knowledge and portfolios/program/project management knowledge.
He is very knowledgeable in his areas of expertise and is able to work well with managers and non-managers in transferring that knowledge.
His knowledge and expertise in process management is second to none.
He has educated me with his knowledge and expertise in an industry that is relatively new for us.
John is one of the experts with knowledge and learning management.
I was impressed with his knowledge of organizational design, change management and knowledge management.
Highly knowledgeable, well prepared and well executed.
He was knowledgeable, dedicated and thorough in execution.
Very professional, knowledgeable, executive who always gets it done.
Aggregate knowledge in quality management of suppliers, through its management.
John has provided executive coaching expertise to several key executives in my organization.
A very organized project manager with knowledge.
His knowledge of learning management systems and intellectual capital management is second to none.
He was very knowledgeable in his field of expertise.
He is generous with his knowledge and expertise.
His knowledge and expertise is exceptional.
He is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise.
His knowledge and expertise was exceptional.
His knowledge and expertise is exceptional.
John is very knowledgeable in his field of expertise.
John is knowledgeable in his area of expertise.
His knowledge and expertise is second only to his integrity.
His expertise and knowledge is unprecedented.
His expertise and knowledge was very useful and much appreciated.
I have never come across someone so knowledgeable and so generous with that knowledge.
I would definitely recommend him for the knowledge and expertise.
Someone who's willing to always offer his expertise and knowledge.
His knowledge and expertise went far beyond my expectations.
Extremely knowledgeable, yet he uses that knowledge to help others.
He has the knowledge and expertise to take you to the next level.
Their knowledge and expertise is second to none.
John has considerable knowledge and expertise.
John is always willing to share his knowledge and expertise.
He was always willing to impart his knowledge and expertise.
His expertise and knowledge were going well beyond the basics.
John is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise.
His expertise and knowledge have gone unmatched.
Thank you John for your knowledge and expertise.
John was very knowledgeable in his area of expertise.
John's knowledge and expertise are superb.
John is very generous with his knowledge and expertise.
He is knowledgeable in his area of expertise.
John is well known for his expertise.
His knowledge and expertise is invaluable.
John is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise.
He is very knowledgeable in his expertise area.
Your knowledge and expertise are very impressing.
Customers respected his knowledge and expertise.
I am sure by now, he has expanded his expertise and knowledge.
He has expertise and knows how to transfer knowledge.
Beyond that he is also knowledgeable in his field of expertise.
He always makes himself available, and all of the managers find him to be knowledgeable and approachable.
The knowledge and the expertise that he possesses is far better than any other manager.
There are not many out there with him range of knowledge and management abilities.
He is his manager, but the knowledge he had extended to him was more than that.
His thorough knowledge and time management was exactly what we needed.
Also, he isn't an inclusive manager when it comes to his knowledge base.
He has the patience and knowledge far beyond any manager of his age.
Both his knowledge of search and his managing were outstanding.
John always managed to amaze him with his breadth of knowledge.
John managed this with seeming ease, knowledge and flexibility.
Our company and extremely knowledgeable in Project management.
He also initiated knowledge sustaining management, which formed a foundation for today's organization's knowledge management.
John knows very well all management techniques and he is knowledgeable in his area.
He manages change very well and is always looking to expand his knowledge.
John has proven to have all necessary knowledge on the areas he manages.
He is an excellent manager who provides knowledge and motivation.
He really is knowledgeable, motivated, self-managed, and loyal.
Knowledge: strong knowledge of management (management tools, experience, etc.).
John managed to keep in-depth knowledge of consumer behaviour high on the management agenda.
Prior to this, his management abilities had been limited to his own knowledge and experience.
He is very knowledgeable in a self-managed way while still being very open to improvement.
John not only is very knowledgeable about the subject matter, but also an effective manager.
With every new challenge, his knowledge and management experience becomes more evident.
It was common knowledge that he was one of the most respected managers at the company.
He is very knowledgeable, well respected by his teammates and an exemplary manager.
Him objectivity and knowledge in the management of several issues have been crucial.
John's knowledge, experience, and dependability make him an exceptional manager.
He shares his knowledge with you that can be very helpful in managing your company.
Somehow he manages to pass this knowledge on, without actually directly telling you.
Yev can not just be terribly good at managing, he can also transfer his knowledge.
Extremely knowledgeable and the whole group bought into his style of management.
His knowledge is limitless and he manages to explain everything very clearly.
Extensive knowledge in his domain and management capabilities is his forte.
He also has great knowledge of and enthusiasm for management of innovation.
His knowledge and opinions were sought by management across the enterprise.
John's knowledge and passion for project/portfolio management is unmatched.
John is the consummate knowledge manager and practises what he preaches.
His knowledge on the subject of vulnerability management is outstanding.
He has immense knowledge on all subjects not just on managing intranets.
He's got considerable knowledge of offshoring and supplier management.
Experienced and proactive manager, his knowledge is vast and thorough.
John's management style is confident, knowledgeable and approachable.
He is committed to knowledge management in every sense of the word.
His approach and knowledge of complaints management is exemplary.
John's knowledge was highly respected in every management level.
As a manager he was very approachable, knowledgeable and helpful.
He has a very strong knowledge about the topic he is managing.
John is not only a stellar manager, his knowledge is paramount.
He is self managed, knowledgeable and a can-do problem solver.
Raghu an excellent manager, in terms of our company knowledge and team management.
His knowledge about the marketplace is second to none, as is his knowledge of his candidate pool.
A true manager's manager with the knowledge and concern for his people, can define him.
John gets things done and is a manager who makes people around him better by his enthusiasm and knowledge.
John also has great knowledge on how to manage different people from different background/culture.
John is knowledgeable and thorough, and he managed some delicate negotiations with aplomb.
He has got in-depth knowledge of workforce management and knows how to use it effectively.
John is knowledgeable about all things to do with credit and cash flow management.
Specifically, he contributed directions for institutional knowledge management.
He comes across as a very knowledgeable and visionary manager - mentor.
His depth of knowledge and competency make him a pleasure to manage.
Since then, his knowledge of information management has truly taken off.
John managed the set up and upgrade of one of our key regional knowledge management platforms.
Amazed by his knowledge on subject matters and always search for knowledge and improvement.
He's very detailed-oriented, knowledgeable, always willing to help and share his knowledge.
This management style, is only one of his many assets, the most important of which is his knowledge.
Above all, his knowledge of various management and licensing strategies is exceptional.
Not only is his job knowledge outstanding, but so is him time management.
His knowledge about requirements management and modelling is immense.
He is very knowledgeable of managing people and what motivates them.
He is not only knowledgeable on communication, but also willing to share knowledge.
His technical knowledge and vision in the knowledge management space was unparalleled.
He is also very knowledgeable, efficient, and organised, so everything he was managing for him, went really smoothly and reliably.
Beside of the value of the knowledge he knows and can advise what technics/frameworks can be used to manage specific issues.
Though much more knowledgeable than most, he is always humble and welcomes new innovative ideas from those he manages.
He is liked by all that he interfaced with and had the knowledge to complete tasks without management intervention.
He easily could have been in a management role since he had all of the knowledge necessary to be successful.
He always brings great value and knowledge and would always be the one who can manage the toughest objectives.
Johns knowledge of the lifecycle management marketplace is comprehensive and he is always willing to share.
These achievements absolutely wouldn't have been possible without his knowledge base or management savvy.
He especially shined when asked to do things that are beyond the scope of his knowledge base management.
And he did all of this while still performing his normal responsibilities in knowledge management.
His vast knowledge and experience of management has been invaluable in our past collaborations.
As his manager, his abilities to be self-sufficient, trustworthy, knowledgeable were invaluable.
His knowledge is remarkable, but it is also his approach to management that makes him stand out.
It's not often that a manager wants to share his knowledge and expertise with those around him.
His knowledge and expertise is well appreciated by his colleagues and managers, at all levels.
His knowledges are always very huge, and he is always able to manage what is assigned to him.
John's knowledge of the space as well as his management approach was vital to his success.
His knowledge of management techniques is exceptional and he knows how to put it into use.
Add that to his vast knowledge and you have one of the key players of modern management.