Knowledge Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Knowledge Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

To say he is knowledgeable is an understatement, but many people are knowledgeable.
John's depth and breadth of knowledge in the knowledge management and portal space is astounding.
He is very knowledgeable and always willing to help, but more importantly he always took the time to explain things to him and help further his knowledge.
John is very knowledgeable whatever he does and is eager to gain the knowledge if it is not available at the time
His knowledge is both broad and comprehensive and he knows how to use his knowledge to get results.
His knowledge of what we do is excellent only surpassed by the knowledge of his own vocation.
He very knowledgeable and where is is not he is honest and finds the knowledge required.
John not only has the knowledge, but also the behavior to make this knowledge useful.
He is also very good at sharing knowledge when it comes to his attention that you are in need of knowledge in some area where he has relevant knowledge.
John also has knowledge in asset management, which is critical to ongoing success.
His knowledge of the area, he managed was first class and he always trove to keep this knowledge base up to date.
Also, he is thorough in the things he does which make him knowledgeable and very reliable.
He gives you the knowledge, you do what he says and you will see results.
He always uses that knowledge to help you make the best decision.
John and always found him very entertaining and knowledgeable.
Sharing his knowledge and taking others along, is his strength.
The more knowledgeable he made us, the better the end result.
Apart from having knowledge of his own domain, he came across to have sound knowledge of other domains.
John is knowledgeable, willing to help and share his knowledge with patience and competency.
John's knowledge in contingent workforce management and vendor outsourced management is outstanding.
A lot of knowledge, and explains his knowledge the way that others understand and learn.
He's so knowledgeable that there's nothing he doesn't know - across all departments.
And of course, he's very knowledgeable about all things camping.
His comprehensive knowledge sets him apart from others, however it is not just his knowledge that has earned him plaudits.
Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable, but he applied his knowledge in the most relevant way for our organization.
John's depth of knowledge, experience and a way of delivering the knowledge made all the difference.
He is very inspiring and knowledgeable and shares his knowledge and experience with others.
John shared his experiences and knowledge freely, never once did he hold back his knowledge.
His greed for new knowledge & attitude to grab the knowledge, was liked by him.
He is both professional and knowledgeable managing our group.
He's deeply knowledgeable about all things time-management related and was really committed to sharing this knowledge with our group.
John's knowledge of talent management and assessment is truly remarkable.
Clients benefit from his management approach, knowledge and expertise.
The organisation is definitely one of his strengths and he is very knowledgeable and always willing to help.
John also went above and beyond what was required of him when it came to providing knowledge.
John reaches out not just when he needs help but also when he has knowledge to provide.
His experience and his knowledge is something that you don't come across so easily.
The more you would stay with him the more knowledge you will have in reliability.
The knowledge he has given him on how to get the best of his website is priceless.
This allows him to make more knowledgeable decisions than most in his position.
He won't sell you anything you don't need by blinding you with his knowledge.
Not only is he knowledgeable, he has an ability to get things done on time.
He will always make time to help and advise you to the best of his knowledge.
John went above and beyond, and everyone left the call more knowledgeable.
Working with him is like you are getting knowledge and experience everyday.
Actually, his knowledge and experience were exactly what it says on the tin.
He is always there for you whatever time and gives him time and knowledge.
John is reliable, knowledgeable and always there to help in any way he can.
He knows what he is doing and can transform this knowledge to the results.
His knowledge of his subject is also very obviously one of his strengths.
Delivering and sharing that knowledge is just two of his many strengths.
Without his knowledge and experience, we could not have been successful.
He's knowledgeable and is always looking to innovate and try new things.
Sharing his knowledge made is easier for him to make the right decisions.
He has an interesting history himself and is clearly very knowledgeable
He has the knowledge and he also has championships from his experience.
He provided guidance and past with his knowledge and his can do attitude.
His knowledge is second to none but he will always listen attentively.
His knowledge and experience can help you get to where you want to be.
All his knowledge about closing are an example for his and many others.
His knowledge goes beyond one or two categories, even beyond cultures.
To him, there is no one more knowledgeable in the entertainment space.
He could do that as he has complete knowledge of what he is doing.
Undoubtedly, this comes from his extensive knowledge and experience.
This makes him very flexible and knowledgeable across all channels.
He keeps this group together with him organization and knowledge.
We've always found him knowledgeable, courteous and very reliable.
He is confident in what he does & his knowledge is exceptional.
His knowledge has been priceless for himself and his organization.
John is an extraordinary example of organization and knowledge.
Really appreciate his sharing of his knowledge and experiences.
Because of his experience and knowledge, he made it look easy.
He also became the go to guy for troubleshooting and knowledge.
However, it goes beyond just his knowledge base and experience.
Shows up on time, does what he says and highly knowledgeable.
The knowledge and experience he goes way beyond his years.
He shares his knowledges with others and is very cooperative.
John is very knowledgeable and provided lots of useful advice.
It was apparent that he was very knowledgeable and organized.
There is a lot more he is doing which is beyond his knowledge.
John is extremely knowledgeable of the results of all his partnerships and he used this knowledge during negotiations.
He is knowledgeable; and if there was not an area that he was knowledgeable in, he would discover it in a heartbeat.
But regardless of his knowledge, he also has the ability and desire to share that knowledge with everyone he meets.
He not only picked up an abundance of knowledge, but also shared with us some of his knowledge of printing.
He is knowledge driven and strives to understand those areas in which he not already knowledgeable.
He believes in sharing knowledge and every interaction with him has enhanced his knowledge.
John's knowledge is extensive, as is his expertise and knowledge over an array of areas.
His knowledge of our company is really good, and with that knowledge he knows exactly how to meet our requirements.
His knowledge of change management principles and stakeholder management practices are fantastic.
John is always willing to share his knowledge and investigate further if he required more knowledge.
His experience in the workforce has given him invaluable knowledge in managing both himself and others effectively.
He manages detail well and is very knowledgeable of every position within his department.
His knowledge and innovation in the people management space is particularly impressive.
When accomplished, he does not keep his knowledge to himself, he is also very conscious of sharing this knowledge with everyone who wants to learn.
He loves to share his knowledge with others so they too can learn to become knowledgeable investors.
John has so much knowledge of e-commerce and more important, he is willing to share the knowledge.
He is amazing in his breath of knowledge and insightful in the application of that knowledge.
John is very knowledgeable and really got to know our needs and how to best help us and our relocating employees.
We certainly could not of done this without his knowledge and expertise within this area.
Furthermore, he is one of those people that is always hungry for new knowledge.
He knows how they think, and he uses that knowledge to drive everything we do.
Hafihz's generosity with his knowledge makes him look up to him as his mentor.
It has been his pleasure to be associated with him and exchange knowledge.
When it comes to domain knowledge he is always well ahead of his peers.
John is quite knowledgeable about everything, really guru in his area.
Every interaction with him has been very insightful and knowledgeable
His knowledge of our profession is second to none amongst his peers.
He always keeps his knowledge up to date, and uses it in many areas.
He is knowledgeable about the area and is always on an even keel.
John goes above and beyond to share his knowledge with his peers.
His knowledge was very useful in engagements that were complex.
He goes out of his way to help people and share his knowledge.
His knowledge is thorough and his advice has been very sound.
John is thorough and exceptionally knowledgeable in his area.
The students found him to be very knowledge and very helpful.
Our company one was as knowledgeable in as many areas as John.
His knowledge of the search space is second to none, but what makes him special is his willingness to share that knowledge.
He has a vast knowledge that he makes use on in all his decisions - both overall and domain specific knowledge.
He is incredibly knowledgeable and does not hesitate to share his knowledge, taking time out to help others.
He has vast knowledge of study procedures and the best thing is he didn't mind sharing that knowledge.
His knowledge and experience is vast; better still, he continues to grow and leverage of that knowledge.
Every time you think catching up with him with knowledge, he amazes you how deep his knowledge goes.
John's knowledge of disaster recovery has greatly increased the knowledge of those around him.
John is an incessant knowledge hunter, always thrives to update his knowledge all the times.
Clear with his concepts, eager to share knowledge and practice the knowledge.
A dedicated and knowledgeable professional with knowledge beyond his years.
He helped him in understanding theoretical and practical aspects of knowledge management and innovation management.
He's not only knowledgeable, but he makes sure that knowledge is applied in a way that truly helps him clients.
His knowledge of not just what to do with commerce, but why you should or shouldn't do it is exceptional.
John is knowledgeable about what he needs to do and how to best accomplish his goals.
John is very knowledgeable and what little he doesn't know, he learns very quickly.
Importantly, he's still got the knowledge there is more to learn from all of us.
John is always willing to learn and even more willing to share his knowledge.
Finally, he is someone you can learn from for both inspiration and knowledge.
And on top of that he always gives his knowledge away for others to learn.
He learns new things very quickly and makes the best use of his knowledge.
Addicted to learning, he is also always available to share his knowledge.
Great human being, above all, he is very knowledgeable of what he does.
He is always on the look out for new knowledge and online adventures.
He is willing to pass on his knowledge for anyone willing to learn.
John's knowledge of almost anything online is more than impressive.
John knows his stuff and he is willing to teach you his knowledge.
He's very knowledgeable with our company and many other applications.
John is an exceptional colleague - he's very intelligent, knowledgeable and he's also an excellent manager.
Whatever the load is given, he manages it with his knowledge, experience and professionalism.
John's understanding and knowledge of nutrition in disease management is exceptional.
His knowledge, intelligence and ability to manage complexity is superb.
John is a knowledgeable, approachable and helpful sourcing manager.
John's very professional manager who has a wide span of knowledge.
John came into an our company culture where site specific tribal knowledge was the norm as it related to knowledge management.