Labor Relations Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Labor Relations Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He knows how to manage his vendor relations as well as client relations too.
I would recommend him as an acupuncturist to reduce labor related pain.
His ability to be fair, but stern when needed, is exactly what a labor relations manager should be.
John labor experience under its management was very enriching.
John also has a great knack for employee and labor relations.
Through his efforts, and the reforms and changes he implemented, both management and labor were better off and good relations restored.
He'll be the first to ask you if you need any help, whether it be javascript related or just something new to you.
He always went out of his way to make sure that relations between his company and mine were flawless.
He was found to be very interpersonal, and related well with all whom he encountered.
Alwyas willing to help others, even if it does not relate to his specific duties.
I found him to be ethical in his relations with everyone involved.
I was also impressed on how he related to everyone in the company.
John is always available to answer any value related question.
He is also consistent in his actions which is very important from the labor relations standpoint.
He is the one who will probably have all the answers related to statistics.
He is able to get the best out of you in relation to your objectives.
Him leadership, management and physician relations are stellar.
He manages the work and the relation with colleagues very efficiently.
He relates well to all groups - those he manages, peers, and superiors.
He had a great attitude, even in the most challenging labor relations issues.
He's friendly and always happy to help, even if it's not directly related to his role.
What makes him unique is his relatability, someone you can really open up to.
He is confident and relates well to others irrespective of their background.
John is the gold standard when it comes to communications/public relations.
He knows how the two interests and is comfortable in any environment.
Gopi is very friendly, and he has the ability to relate to you very fast.
He taught us about our styles and how to relate to each other better.
He makes the participants comfortable and also gives related examples.
John is one of the rare few who remember how to entertain and relate.
I would not hesitate to recommend him for any related opportunity.
He does this by making him stories and his characters relatable.
He is having great relations with almost everyone at the workplace.
He captivates the audience with him transparency and relatability.
He is very adaptable and flexible in his relations with stuff.
He is friendly, outgoing, and relates well to and with others.
John is an enthusiastic manager and relates well with his co-workers.
He is highly skilled in the areas of change management, labor relations, and employee relations.
I was on most occasions the first one he saw & interacted with as it related to whatever his visit.
John definitely be using them again for everything 'kids party' related in the future.
I have always found him to be consistent and fair in his vendor relations.
John was one of my first clients in analyst/consultant relations.
John is just enormously interested in all things payment related.
John is utterly relatable and likeable - both on and off the stage.
He has good relations with both his colleagues and the vendors.
He knows how to relate his topics to the needs of his clients.
We have been in related organizations within our company for many years.
John was our primary contact for anything related to our company.
He is my go to man for any solution related, competition related or process related queries.
He was very well respected by other colleagues that worked for him, no less because of the way he managed and related to one and all.
I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a labor relations professional.
He is a go to guy when it comes to anything relating to tickets.
He made us laugh, cry and relate throughout his presentation.