Language Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Language Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has also gained much employment with his language skills.
He is always upbeat and positive which is conveyed through his language skills.
Him language and soft skills become example for the participants to emulate.
John is extremely gifted and also has excellent language skills.
Him writing skills and command over language are above the mark.
His unique skill in talking multiple languages, some languages which you have not even heard the name, makes him stand out in the crowd.
I do recommend him if you want to seriously improve your language skills.
Especially his negotiation skills in different countries with different backgrounds and languages.
John's language skills made it possible that his expertise could be published globally.
John language, presentation and evangelization skills are truly exceptional.
One of his unique skills is his ability to speak many languages.
His language skills are impeccable and his email responses were well-worded.
He is good-humoured and has enviably exceptional skills in many languages.
Not only does he have the skill to deliver his craft at an impressive standard, he can also do it in several languages.
He has excellent language skills and this has helped him to be liked by everyone who he has contact with.
John handled all three languages and cultures with amazing skill and accuracy.
He has excellent cross-cultural, language and interpersonal skills.
He is blessed with impeccable language skills and is a go getter.
Everyone wants to be like him when it is about language ability.
Lastly, he's fluent in multiple languages that contributes to his influencing skills.
His language skills and interpersonal skills are outstanding which is why he achieves great results and ensures his target is reached.
John's language skills are unique and have helped in many difficult negotiations.
His language is crisp and concise and his presentation skills are fantastic.
He is competent in a lot of languages and his skills are outstanding.
His language skill is by no doubt a great help but more ever his personality make the difference.
His proficiency in a number of languages together with his interpersonal skills is invaluable.
He is responsible, adaptative and proficient about his skills, mastering in various languages.
His interpersonal skills and mastering of multiple languages are also very, very impressive.
His leadership ability and skill with language will make him a success wherever he goes.
John adapts to challenging situations readily and his language skills are impressive.
John's inventiveness, initiative and language skills are among his greatest assets.
With his skillful language and smile he makes complicated strategies seem very easy.
Him language skills, presence, and quick mind make it easy for him to succeed.
He easily adapted to my language skill level and expectations.
His command over the languages that he knows is something exceptional.
I appreciate him follow up, even with our language particularities.
He explains what you need to know in language you will understand.
Every new language we have slipped before he has been no barrier.
His language skills are well polished and he carries energy with him.
His energy level is legendary along with his language skills.
He is the recognized expert in body language and presentation skills.
Not only is he trilingual, but his communication skills are quite well evolved in all three languages.
He has strategic approach and is blessed with strong language skills.
His language speaking is perfect, also he is an easy-way language learner.
He loves language - and the people who love language the way he does.
His language skills were particularly appreciated in the international environment of the company.
John has excellent language skills and connects easily with people from different cultures.
John paid close attention to my language skills and requirements/set of goals.
He showed his highly analytical & thorough approach, enthusiasm, great interpersonal skills as well as his foreign language skills.
More appreciated than him terrific language skills, though is his willingness to embrace challenges, and get things done.
His multicultural background and language skills, loyalty, as well as open-mindedness, are to be highlighted.
All this, in combination with his incredible language skills, he is a clear added value to any company.
His language skills also contribute to a sensitivity to students, which is unparalleled.
When combined with his exceptional language skills, he is truly a master at his craft.
In addition, his language skills are first class, which proved a distinct advantage.
His language skills are a major asset to bring the right message.
His intercultural knowledge and language skills compliment his resourcefulness.
He not only knows his audience, he knows how to speak their language.
He speaks their language and they see him as one of their own.
John speaks your language and knows how to get you to the top.
Always willing to help in any circumstance, him language skills are amazing.
This again confirmed his impression of his strongest language skill and culture navigation skill.
The positions he has filled are unique skills with a language skill that is not common.
John's troubleshooting skills for customer issues are great along with language skills.
You may not hire him for his formidable language skills, but you will come to appreciate them.
His language skills are exceptional too, and really proved useful.
Our company accomplished John language and organisational skills.
He's got sense of language skills, his interpretation always has been outstanding.
Excellent presentation skills and enthusiasm for his subject - languages.
Also, he stands out in the presentation skills in multiple languages.
John's language skills are also something to seriously consider as an important and valuable asset.
His interpersonal skills, enthusiasm, language skills, and determination enable him to reach his goals.
He also skillful at taking very complex problems and putting them into language that anyone can understand.
Finally, he would be a great asset to any organization whom would appreciate his language skills.
His skillful use of language has more than once has been the key enabler in the flow of ideas.
His multicultural background gives him strong skills in several foreign languages.
His language skills also came in very handy when our guests were checking in.
John's organizational skills, fluency in many languages always amazed him.
Furthermore, he has impeccable language skills and a truly global flair.
He balanced his research and language skills with passion and tenacity.
He handled all with a high degree of skill, in several languages.
John has a great core skill set that he can take to any language.
Especially his language skills helped him performing his duties.
Six our company skills - he walks and talks the language fluently.
Thanks to his language skills he can communicate like no other.
His language skills are amazing as well - he is proficient in at least three languages and is an asset to any international organization.
John is very skilled in foreign languages and international relations.
Him language skills, people skills, and attention to detail have served him well in both life and the workplace.
His language skills were very helpful in the localization process.
What is more, he is able to do this in the language appropriate to the audience.
His language is never about the forecast or what we could have done.
Accounts explained in his language and always there when needed.
Undoubtedly, he is what every language learner ought to become.
It still amazes him how many different languages he can handle.
He is known for his leadership and command over his language.
For a global newspaper like ours those were invaluable skills, especially when he can apply them in several languages.
His skills for using the html language and dedication to getting his daily tasks done are to be commended.
John's knack for languages is one of his strongest skills as it enables him to connect with all cultures.
His language skills are excellent and he demands perfection of himself in any task he undertakes.
Besides his unique skill with words and language, he is reliable, responsive and conscientious.
His language skills are remarkable, and are coupled with outstanding mathematical aptitude.
He really impressed us with his outstanding international experience and language skills.
He picks up new skills and adds to list of scripting languages he already knows.
His sense of humor and skill with language never ceases to amaze him.
His multi-cultural and multi-language skills are an additional plus.
His ability to express persuasively in the clients' own language had been always skillful.
His communication skills, and his language, articulation were praiseworthy.
Important to know his very good communication skills in John language.
Our company he matured also him a language skill; good in Italian as well.
Though his language skills aren't perfect, he's always able to make himself understood, in writing or by talking.
Him skills combined with his knowledge of different languages are genuinely an asset.
His our company skills are top notch, and he can throw down some serious code language.
Besides his leadership skills and talent for languages he has the right mentality and attitude.