Lead Auditor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Lead Auditor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He leads by example, often mentoring both up and down leading an organization regardless of his position.
Instead of leading by direction, he believes in leading by examples.
He leads by example in all aspects of his life, which shows through in the groups he leads.
Listening to what he has to say and following his lead is following the right direction.
He also knows when to drive and when to let others take the lead.
He leads without hesitation and gives complete support to those he is leading.
Johns thought provoking concepts around taking ownership and leading yourself being led others is second to none.
He has successfully identified companies and trends that have lead and would lead the way
John leads from the front - he takes initiative, is decisive, and leads by example.
John leads from the front and would never ask you to do something that he would not do himself.
He does not just lead by example, he lives by example, which is what makes him so very special.
John leads by example and always does what is in the best interest of the company.
He leads from the front and will always make himself available to his colleagues.
He would lead from the front and by example rather than from behind and by decree.
He leads by example and always makes time for anyone that needs help or guidance.
He leads the charge when it came to doing the right thing in all instances.
He leads by example and nothing looks impossible if he is in charge.
He leads by example and is definitely an asset for any organisation.
He always sets an example for everyone by leading from the front.
John salesperson would say they want more leads and opportunities.
He leads by example and inspires us to do our best every day.
Not having the right position for him to lead in our company.
John leads by example and can lead him clients to their highest peaks in achievement.
He's always the one who will lead the way when it feels like there's no direction.
They know that he will lead their company/project in the right direction.
John knows how to lead an organization and get the best out of his people.
John followed through the leads and also helped with the negotiation.
John lead you in the right direction if he can't help you directly.
John is someone you want in your organization leading people.
John is excellent at following directions as well as leading.
He leads by example at the same time simplifying the process that, when followed, leads to success.
John doesn't lead, but he helps the people he works with to lead better by example.
When he leads sometimes you couldn't tell he was leading until you realized what a great experience you just had or until after the results of that experience.
John would make an excellent choice for leading or helping to lead a company to the next level.
He is smart and leads by example, he is organized and foster planning that leads to success.
He leads with a detailed attention to clarity and empowers those whom he leads.
John leads by example and does not ask others to do things he himself would not be willing to support.
Not only does he lead by example and from the front, he also empowers others to be the best they can be.
For those around him, he leads by example - with trust - to deliver so far above and beyond his charge.
John definitely falls into the former category here as he leads by example and not just by his words.
He leads you from the front and is so amazing in whatever he does that you want to be like him.
He also humble and he knows exactly when he should stay in the background or take the lead.
If you are looking for someone that knows their stuff, him company is on the leading edge.
Not only could he see what we needed to do, but he understood how to lead the transition.
He is always leading from the front and he is always very helpful with his professionalism
John leads by example and is always willing to help others achieve great things in life.
He leads not only by example, but also in providing mentorship to any and all that ask.
And if you ever need someone to organize a conference, he's the one to take the lead.
He knows his subject very well and perhaps that is the reason he leads from the front.
John knows what innovation is and leads those who have new ideas to make them real.
More so, he leads by example when it comes to nurturing a culture within the company.
Lead but please, also listen (you may lead better - at least in the right universe).
He is not afraid of taking the lead, and he is always prepared to help and listen.
He never asks you to do anything he wouldn't do himself and leads from the front.
The best thing about him - 'lead from example' which makes him special and unique.
He knows when to lead or follow and would be invaluable to any organization.
Always leading by example and making sure he is in the front taking the heat.
He can lead his reps well and challenges them to make our company at all times.
John should be the first - and last - targeting lead any company considers.
He leads by example, from his own experience, and the experience of others.
For him nothing is impossible and that actually leads to a lot of innovation.
Moreover, he knows when to lead from the back of the line versus the front.
John leads by example, and a wonderful example it is that he provides.
John will certainly continue leading and innovating as he has always done.
He always tries to lead his deliverables and finish them well before time.
Him ability to help others and lead by example is his most valuable asset.
John leads by example, challenging himself to excel each and every day.
He really knows what it takes to sell as well as to lead an organization.
He's great leading or following, and can switch between both on the fly.
It was our experience with him there that lead us to hire him on his own.
John steps up, takes the lead, and always goes beyond what's required.
He listened to what our needs were and lead us straight to our new home.
Impossible feats were suddenly possible when he was leading the charge.
John leads from the front and brings out the best in those around him.
He leads by example at the front and knows what it takes to get results.
He always focused on being the best and leading our company to success.
John is inspirational and is leading his own life where he wants to be.
A cooperation with him can lead to new opportunities for both parties.
John would truly lead any company he would join, to the next level.
He leads by example, is very meticulous & does not miss the details.
And, of course, his passion for life and always leading to smile.
He leads by example in how he lives his life on and off the court.
John not only leads the company to success but also his employees.
He provides the calm and confidence to the company he is leading.
John is an individual that leads by example and who takes charge.
John would be an asset wherever him paths will lead him in the future.
He always offers to help, take the lead or take charge if needed.
He took the lead where required and was extremely well organised.
He leads by example and steps in whenever extra help is required.
In addition, he's impressed him with how he leads from the front.
John organization should be happy to have him leading the charge.
He leads with experience and wisdom and is always approachable.
John will greatly improve any company which allows him to lead.
John is leading our company through some enormous challenges.
He helps others become bigger and gives them the power to lead.
If he was in charge of an army, he would lead them to victory.
This makes him only approachable, but easy to follow his lead.
The next company that he leads will be very lucky to have him.
People follow his lead because they trust him unconditionally.
He will definitely enforce any company and lead it to success.
He leads, follows, and collaborates as the situation requires.
Needless to say, we have invited him to lead the charge again.
He has significantly improved every organization he has led
John leads the company of one of his most dedicated providers.
He leads the broader communications program within the company.
He could lead the charge or convince others to do it for him.
John is right in the middle of the fight, leading the charge.
As his our company lead, he always fulfilled his requirements.
He often found himself leading these organizations; not because he was looking for places to lead, but because people followed his natural leadership abilities.
John leads by example, he leads through mentorship, and he truly values and respects those that work for and around him.
He drives for what is right, he leads by example, he pushes all around him to do the right thing.
He leads by example and will always have your back in any situation, in & outside of work.
If you needed help, you could always count on him to lead you towards the right direction.
John is as impressive as him credentials would lead you to believe he would be.
He's constantly driving to get the best out of those around him and leads by example.
He leads by example, is very knowledgeable and is willing to help whenever needed.
John also is still, to this day, leading him in the right direction toward success.
He knew how to let others take the lead when they were stronger in those areas.
He gives them responsibility and allows them to lead in their respective areas.
John is one of those guys who can really lead an organization through change.
Anyone that has worked with him or for him knows that he leads by example.
He is passionate about his career and even more so for those that he leads.
John took the lead and ensured we were well prepared for our meetings.
John leads by example and makes everyone around him want to work harder.
He is an asset to any organization and more so to the people he leads.
His example of no excuses, do your best and do the work is how he leads.
John leads by example and his is one of exceptional drive and humility.
John leads with integrity and will do the right thing for the company.
He has the vision and drive to lead and he really makes things happen.
He leads those around him through his vision and purposeful direction.
Suffice it to say he lead with succinct directions without prejudice.
In a presentation he knows when to take the lead and when to observe.
John takes direction very well and can lead as well as he follows.
As a leader, he was always available to help those less knowledgeable.
John leads and ensures everyone is pulling in the same direction.
John leads with his heart and with equity always at the forefront.
He works well with others and knows how to lead and to participate.
It has now become his career and one that he leads in every month.
He can lead the group in the right direction, where ever he goes.
He has a clear direction that he wants to take those he leads.
He knows how to lead through consensus, influence and direction.
He leads out to others in roles outside of his direct influence.
People like working with him and are willing to follow his lead.
It was such responsibility for him as the leading man at the center.
John's work is for those who want to take the lead not follow.
John knows what he does and working with him leads to success.
When the moral is draining away, he leads everyone to the bar.
John, you have been an excellent partner lead for our company.
John doesn't just lead by example, he leads with motivation, inspiration and a ferocious energy.
He always knew exactly what to say and how to lead him to come to the best solution for his situation.