Lead Developer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Lead Developer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John knows how to lead a great team, develop those under him and lead them to do great things.
John served as tech lead, leading a team of developers, both on- and offshore.
He can lead any large development group with his integrity and leading power.
He leads and develops him teams the same way - with thoughtful opportunities for growth and individual development.
He can take an idea, quickly develop a proof of concept and lead the company to final development.
His enthusiasm and passion for helping them develop while leading by example are contagious.
This leads to developing trust very easily and he has indeed been trustworthy at every step.
John has a gift for leading and developing others and is always respected by others.
John was recognized repeatedly by the company for the strong leads he would develop.
John ably lead a development team of six throughout the development cycle throughout this role.
During this time he was a development team lead, but not your typical developer type.
John is a strong developer and development lead, with a good balance of pragmatism and innovation.
John was responsible for leading the application development for the new environment.
I was the lead developer on some of them and have had the pleasure of working with him.
John leads by example and does many of the platform and complex development work.
He has strong abilities to lead other developers and teach them how to get the things right under the different circumstances.
He understands the magic of people and developing them and leads by example.
His insight on requirements development always leads to an optimal solution.
John not only leads by example, but is willing to help everyone to develop skills.
John helped to organize and lead the development of the organization's messaging.
He helped develop the department and that development lead to high expectations of the department.
Looking back, however the single biggest contribution he made in my development would lead to me having fun while being the best.
He will take the long view to be developed leads and establishing credibility in the marketplace.
He was an excellent lead and developed both leadership and diversity in the justice sector.
John has invested in his development so he can lead himself and others to extreme success.
His ability to lead and develop his colleagues is an asset which is not very common.
He was excellent at developing cold leads and was very focused on tangible results.
John was the lead developer and subject matter expert for our shared features.
John is a first class developer who is proving himself very effective as a lead.
He simultaneously held responsibilities for development and his role as a leader.
As a leader, he took it upon himself to protect the developers from the disturbance of outside influences.
He also helped us understand how to farm our own leads and develop them over time.
John leads by example, and allows his employees to grow and develop without getting over their heads.
He is known for his ability to effectively develop leads and converting them into contracts.
John's trajectory will lead him to greater opportunities and it is exciting to see how he continues to develop.
He's one of those employees that leads fight to get and would be an asset to any development environment.
I know he can lead and develop talent far beyond what they knew existed within their own capabilities.
John leads by example and by setting up development opportunities that require his employees to grow.
John is someone that will help lead your organization and develop strategy for achieving success.
He develops strong fellowship and loyalty amongst his employees by leading through example.
This passion is evident in his focused approach to developing and leading organizations.
John leads in a way that inspires growth and the development of best practices.
John knows how to establish and develop these relationships in ways that lead to success.
He was the lead developer for various websites and apps we worked on together.
He was always up-to-date on newest developments and one of the leading personalities.
He's able to discuss effectively with developers and lead them towards alternative solutions.
Aside being an excellent developer, he is also able to lead and provide mentoring.
He is excellent at leading by example and immerses himself in the progressive development of his team.
He leads his team well, and gives us the opportunity to develop our potential as best as we can.
John is that kind of developer who not only leads the others, but indeed forms a team.
The John company would be lucky to have him leading their marketing/sales development team.
John and his team have found some great leads for us to exploit, develop and obtain.
He leads by example, always shows a great desire to develop himself and his team.
He has also succeeded in leading and developing very dynamic and diverse team.
He will develop the plan and lead the effort until it's successfully completed.
John is also cognizant of the need to continually develop the abilities and careers of those whom he leads.
His vision leads him to develop various digital programs and develop them with success.
He has shown me what it is like to lead by example and develop my strengths which has also taught me the value of having a growth mindset.
He has the ability to lead others and place value on allowing each individual to truly develop their own strengths in their roles.
John stays on the leading edge, he would often introduce to the whole group new developments in the space.