Leadership Performance Review Phrases Examples

Leadership Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

Since day one, I was impressed by him unparalleled leadership and influencing skills, as well as him determination to get things done.

I look up to John with a high level of professional respect and watch his career and leadership prosper.

His dedicated approach, strong leadership and problem-solving skills lead to successful task completion he works on.

He demonstrated him leadership by getting the right people in the right places on the team and helping them be successful.

Beside that John always demonstrates strong leadership skills and knowingly manages his team.

John was a fantastic leader to work for and a lot of the leadership characteristics that I have taken on-board have been the result of working for John.

He has a visionary attitude and a commanding presence in leadership.

He owns good leadership skills.

John is a great leader and visionary.

John has been and will always be a good leader.

John is a great leader that thinks outside the box to solve solutions and provided great support.

As a leader himself, he's sensitive to our needs and frustrations, and really listens to his clients needs and finds solutions.

John is a professional, natural born leader who inspired people around with his positive and proactive attitude.

He demonstrated him leadership by getting the right people in the right places on the team and helping them be successful.

John is a true leader in all forms of the word.

John is just an epitome of a true leader.

John demonstrates strong leadership skills and manages his team to achieve best possible and stable result.

John is a natural leader, dedicated and fiercely intelligent.

John's drive, passion and enthusiasm for what he does truly makes him a natural charasmatic leader.

I feel his leadership abilities will become even more effective in any company he chooses to work with.

John is a very strategic thought leader and at the same time a very capable analytical thinker.

While being very results oriented and an excellent communicator I think what sets him apart is his pragmatism and leadership skills.

John is highly professional and has proven himself to be a leader among him peers.

John has continuous developed him leadership skills, problem solving abilities and excellent customer care knowledge.

He has the unique ability of recognizing people's strengths, encouraging them to give their best and does not hesitate to appreciate frequently, which are all qualities of a great fearless leader.

He is also a great leader and helps every person he is over to become better.

When he gets involved, things get done, and done well at that.

There seems to be no limits to him abilities.

The team has come far under his leadership.

There aren't many people out there like him, if any.

There are few people like him.

There are a handful of people like him in the industry.

John is without a doubt one of the finest leadership consultants out there.

John was hired by my employer to do our leadership training.

The leadership training John provided our organization was excellent.

None of this would have been possible without John's leadership.

John has been an effective partner in several capacities.

John is generous, thorough and accessible.