Learning Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Learning Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

I learned so much from him and would hire him to consult me on future scripts.

He is truly one colleague that every growing consultant will be learning from.

John was a dedicated consultant, always willing to learn and stretch.

John's consulting advice on learning platforms was invaluable.

He took the time to help me learn from difficult situations with consultants.

He was always available for a consult, but also guided us so that we would learn to stand on our own.

John has demonstrated to be a very successful consultant, who learned fast.

John has always demonstrated that he is willing to learn and he learns quickly too.

John has an excellent, consultative style that allows people to learn from him.

I have learned a lot through his experience and consultations.

He also "consults" as he is teaching to make the learning real.

I have learned so much from him in the last few months and have no doubt in recommending his name for any consulting assignment anywhere in the world.

John's determination to learn and understand everything he is involved in is a very refreshing for us as consultants.

John led my example and always had him door open for me to consult with, learn, and ask my endless questions.

I strongly recommend a consult, and am appreciative of learning from and with him.

His ability to learn and adapt is what one would expect of a top consultant.

He also uses a consultative approach which most organizations look for when learning about something new.

John was always there providing consultative learning solutions to enable them.

It was great learning to work with him on various government consulting assignments.

Best of all, he applies what he has learned, again for the benefit of his consultants and clients.

John always found ways to learn and then teach others his pragmatic approach to consultative selling.

I learned much from him about being a pro and plying my trade as a consultant.

His consultative style empowers people to action while learning and growing.

I have learned and continue to learn from him as we work together.

He is very serious about learning from any opportunities and people.

He has very good consulting calibre and has a "never-ending" appetite for learning.

He was instrumental in helping me learn the ropes in a consulting environment.

He is an amazing techno-functional consultant with the great learning ability.

He also willing to share his thoughts and enforcing my learning.

John is a highly experienced learning consultant who taught me all about performance consulting, asking high gain questions, and accelerated learning.

John is one of those consultants who is truly able to bring deep experience to the learning table.

He is bright, self motivated, and eager to learn and share him learnings with others.

John did and still does surprise me with how fast he learns, adapts and improves things he learned.

He is always open to learn and find ways to improve what he has learned.