Learning Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Learning Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Every company and every team would be lucky to have him and to learn from him.
He knows and loves his job, constantly improves skills and contributes in learning process of the organisation he is a part of.
He is dedicated, he does have a good knowledge and he is never afraid of learning something new.
I want to mention that he has profound professional knowledge and always aims to learn and acquire more skills.
Another of his key attributes is his thirst for knowledge and desire to impart what he learned to others.
John's passion toward learning is infectious.
There is so much to learn from him.
John is always extremely helpful in getting the job done, and is a very quick learner.
He is a quick learner, works well under pressure, and he is great at building relationships.
I'm looking forward to learning more from him in the future.
John learns fast and, more importantly, shares what he learns.
John is open to new challenges and keen to learn new things.
He's an extremely fast learner, picking up what is normally difficult concepts seemingly with ease.
He has the unique ability to enhance the capabilities of those around him and I learned a great deal while working with him.
Everytime when I listen to him, I learn new things and acquire new knowledge.
He is a quick learner and always looks for opportunities to improve work processes and quality.
He is so giving of his knowledge, time, ideas and advice and I feel privileged to be able to learn from him.
He is a quick learner, innovative team player, sincere with is responsibilities, willing to share his experience and help his colleagues.
He learns very quickly, does what he commits to, and comes back with data, insights, and recommendations for next steps, and then asks for more.
And he is a quick learner, so I am sure he could be just as successful in other spheres.
I feel like I could write a book just based on what I learned from him in a few years.
John is a fast learner and efficient communicator.
He shows an interest in learning.
I cannot thank him enough for all he's taught me so far and look forward to all I am still to learn from him.
I value what I have learned and continue to learn from him.
I look forward to learning more with John.
I admire his way of life.
So much to learn from and I wish him great success.
I wish him success in life.
I truly appreciate and value everything I have learned from you.
I look forward to implement what I have learned.
I wish him every success for all his endeavors.
I learned way more from him than what was taught in class.
Not only did I learn about my subjects, but also about life and people.
I have learned a lot from him and look forward to learning more.
The thing I admire the most about John is the way he knows people.
Thank you for all you do, I appreciate everything I learned from you.
I learned so much for him.
I definitely learned so much from him.
I look forward to getting to know more about you and to learn more from you.
I always learn so much from him.
I wish him every success.
I wish him success in all walks of life.
I learned to search for things whenever I couldn't find anything and how to do that on the internet in new ways.
I wish him all the very best in his future endeavors and success in every stage of life.
I wish I can learn some more from him in the future as well.
I will look forward to learning more from him in the future.
I look forward to learning more from John.
John is one of those people that delves into whatever it is he wants to learn.
I wish him all the best in his endeavors.
Always one to consistently learn, teach and grow, I am proud to know John.
I learned so much from John that has been useful in my own career.
I wish him success in his endeavors.
I wish him all of the success in his next endeavor.
I wish him every success in career and life.
I pray for him every success in life.
I learned so much from him.
John is someone who I admire because he has empowered me to learn and grow as an individual.
I actually learned something I can use right now.
I have learned lots of things from him and very keen to learn more.
John is always looking to better himself as well as his own skills.
He made sure that each week new skills were introduced and past skills were reinforced.
It is refreshing to see someone as skilled as he is, apply those skills so gracefully.
The skills he employed to do this are skills used by his benefactors today.
His compositional skills as well as his use of skills always impress him.
It's not just skill (though he is very skilled), he actually loves this.
John goes beyond just matching the candidate skills to the skills required.
His skills and habit of improving his skill is truly an inspiration.
Beside tech skills he has, that all shows his leadership skills.
He also has got good leadership skills & articulation skills.
He is easy to get along with and is willing to help others and share new skills that he learns.
He is always looking for a new assignment / challenge and was not afraid to learn new skills
Always willing to learn and improve his skills and best of all help others be successful.
John shares his skills, are excited about what he does and wants to help others learn.
If he doesn't know how to do something, he'll figure out a way to learn new skills.
Check out his site to learn more about what he can do for your organization skills.
Working with him was always an opportunity to learn and sharpen his own skills.
He constantly is trying to learn and better his already considerable skills.
He took on self-learning new skills and found new ways to get things done.
Above all, he proved to be someone who could continuously learn new skills.
He takes it upon himself to go out, learn new things and improve his skills.
You can learn much from him, how to have an excellent interpersonal skill.
He wanted to learn new skills so that he could help others do the same.
When he needs to learn a new skill, he does so thoroughly and quickly.
He would learn the skills he needed to take on whatever was required.
Always curious and would always want to learn and enhance his skills.
His skills are vast and what he doesn't know, he learns very quickly.
He also learns quickly from others and is always keen to up-skill.
His skill to keep going under pressure is the best to learn from.
His skills and his thirst for learning are truly off the charts.
He is skilled at many things and is always eager to learn more.
He is proactive, energetic, always willing to learn new skills.
He has many skills and retains all of what he sees and learns.
He's always looking to learn and add skills to his repertoire.
The same goes for his desire to learn and improve his skills.
He is continually willing to learn and improve his skills, and he could bring skills to any organization that would be transformative.
While his skills are extensive, skills can be learned, but traits of character and outlook are more inherent.
He brings a wide variety of skills and is always willing to learn new skills and take on new challenges.
He quickly learned new skills and was able to apply those skills to him assignments with confidence.
He's been able to learn new skills quickly and has broadened his skill set tremendously.
He is willing to learn new things all of the time, which made you want to learn.
John always had the will to always keep learning, and he learned fast.
Anything he doesn't know, he is willing to learn and learns quickly.
He listens well and learns as he goes and is open to learning new things all the time to go with the skills he already has.
For example, he would take all kinds of e-learning classes on his own to learn new skills that he could apply.
If he needs to learn a new skill or technique, he devotes himself to learning it to the best that he can.
His skills in identifying needs and learning styles in the learning environment are second to none.
John showed the skills of both being eager to learn and ready to share that which he has learned.
John jumps at the opportunity to learn new skills and learns fast and flawless.
First, he has the knowledge and skills and knows how to keep his skills current.
John also allows one to learn and provides opportunities for one to demonstrate their new skills.
John is also one of those people who is not only willing, but eager to learn new skills.
He also mentors well, especially for someone learning a new skill.
He's self motivated with an eagerness to learn new skills that would be added to his already impressive array of skills.
He demonstrated the ability to learn new skills and to adapt existing skills for new purposes.
John is always willing to offer a helping hand and learn new skills beyond his skill set.
His skill at learning new skills quickly, then passing on the knowledge helped improve the skills of employees at all levels.
He learned fast, applied those learnings and used those skills to mentor others.
He would make sure things get done with the right skills in the right way and he has his recommendations.
He first gets to really know you and your skills and what you are looking for.
We could not have made it through the last year without his help and skill.
When you need someone with his skills, you couldn't ask for anyone better.
Thank you so much for going above and beyond to help him advance his skills.
He's got the skills you need to get you through and out the other side.
If you want someone that is skilled at what he does, this is your guy.
He will always try to help other if it is in the range of his skills.
Let him be the first to say, that is just one of his many skill-sets.
And, if that's not enough, he has the skills to make things happen.
John makes everyone around him better with his skill and attitude.
John is more experienced than him know to use the better skills.
Thank you for using those skills for him and with him in his search.
If he doesn't have all the skills you need, that is even better.
He knows what he's doing and is not afraid of using his skills.
John is one of the few who does have this skill in abundance.
Customers like him and appreciate his technical/product skills.
He can do this because he has the right skills and experience.
John knows his stuff and that's why we keep using his skills.
John is willing to learn and teach new skills and techniques.
He learns new skills quickly and instructs others in new concepts at least as well as he learns.
John made him want to continually improve his skills, not only because he was so skilled, but because he encouraged him in his strengths.
Nevertheless, his leadership skill is the one impressing him the most amongst mangy skills he possesses.
He always had the hunger of attaining new skills or to outshine in the skills he already holds.
Him, follow through skills are probably his most defining attribute and skill he displays.
John has a wide set of skills and he doesn't have any weakness in any of those skills.
He likes to dabble in many skills, rather than focusing and being expert on one skill.
His skills are also legit, but really, you can see someone's skill set on their resume.
These skills came together in helping him align his skills, interests and objectives.
John's skill set is vast - in particular, his computer skills are second to none.
His organisational skills are in his opinion the basis of his leadership skills.
His ability to pick up new skills was astounding along with his level of skill.