Lecturer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Lecturer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His lecture had been one of the most dynamic and useful lectures that we had during those two days.
He is outspoken during lectures, when necessary, he would ask questions to the lecturer.
He gets along with almost everyone and he was well liked among his peers and lecturers.
John is by far his best lecturer and knows how to get the best out of his students.
John, and have found him to be quite an extraordinary lecturer.
His lectures were not complicated, he made all his lectures very understandable and effective.
John is one of those students, who lecturers look forward to have in their class.
John is one of the lecturers who went above and beyond helping his students.
A lecturer that always comes into class early and prepares for his lecture.
John's lectures have always been thoroughly prepared and well structured.
Seats were often hard to come by if you were late to one of his lectures.
John is also well-like by his classmates, friends and even lecturers.
And thus, he has been repeated praise for this, even by him lecturers.
John provided him the opportunity to partake in one of his lectures.
John is also one of the best evaluated lecturers by our students.
John structured the lecture very well and he always well prepared.
He is adept at showing you what you need to do, without lecturing.
John's strength is getting the message across without lecturing.
He is the one who used to ask lots of questions during lectures.
His lectures were probably the one we always looked forward to.
John is very knowledgeable and his lectures are very engaging.
His favorite part of the course was that it's not all lectures.
All while the professor was well into his lecture for the day.
It gives him the most pleasure to recommend his former lecturer.
Brainstorming session' has been just another term for his lectures.
Unfortunately, he had a lecture with us only for one semester.
He has always been amongst the most popular/appreciated lecturers of our company.