Legal Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Legal Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has provided excellent legal advice on several subjects and legal matters.
In addition, he has consulted for me on several transactions for my legal clients.
I highly recommend him for any leadership and consulting role within the legal arena.
Retaining him for your legal needs would be an excellent choice.
John was available, at all times, for consulting on important company legal matters.
I recommend him for any legal questions and he is approachable, which can be hard to find in legal.
He is well versed in the legal aspects given his previous role in the legal sector.
Also, his legal background made complex legal arrangements easy to navigate.
Throw any (legal) task his way and he will come through for you.
As a legal consultant, his hands-on approach to consulting and dedication towards work won him my respect.
He provides great consultation, and explains legal matters in an easy to understand manner.
I have no doubt that whatever he does in the legal profession - and beyond - will shine.
I have taken him help in non - legal matters and have been astounded by the views.
John has handled various legal matters for me over the past several years.
His approach is entirely unconventional, particularly for the legal crowd.
John knows when to seek legal advice and how to ask the right questions.
You should certainly talk to him about all of your startup legal needs.
He has been readily available when immediate legal advice was needed.
John has always provided me with superior and expert legal advice.
John's approach to legal representation is different from most.
Combined with his legal base, his versatility is unquestionable.
I would recommend him and his firm for any of your legal needs.
He had a tenacity to find the legal answer to complicated legal issues.
John has consulted me on many occasions for legal advice on complex legal issues in the immigration field.
I have to admit that he was sometimes too eccentric for my legal mind.
Him consultation and insights on complex legal matters were in high demand.
He would be an asset to any legal or non legal technical environment
John legal consulting approach is very pragmatic and to the point, his advices are very accurate and well weighted.
He provided high value added consulting on all issues related to the formation of the new legal entity.
If he cannot provide the right information, he will consult with another legal expert or refer you to them directly.