Legal Counsel Performance Review Phrases Examples

Legal Counsel Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Strongly recommend him and his firm to anyone who needs legal counsel.
John is the best legal counsel the company could have wanted.
When he describes himself as "trusted legal counsel, " he could not be more right.
His expert advice and counsel went well beyond the legal scope.
John as your immigration legal counsel and also co-counsel in any immigration case.
He also knows when to bring legal counsel into a situation for guidance.
He would be a strong asset to anyone looking for good legal counsel.
Anyone seeking legal counsel would be well served by retaining him.
His legal counsel encouraged him through a very difficult time.
John's legal advice and counsel have been invaluable to our company over the last several years.
Also, his legal background made complex legal arrangements easy to navigate.
John provides superior attention and legal counsel to his clients.
John is just the type of person you want as your legal counsel.
John demonstrates all the best attributes anyone could hope to encounter with their legal counsel.
And, his legal degree makes him, particularly effective for legal recruiting.
His counsel to himself and others is invaluable to our organization.
John knows the law inside and out and gives the best and most appropriate legal advice with results.
That is why you don't need to hesitate to call on him when you have legal needs.
Each and every time he provided exceptional legal representation.
John is his first port of call for anything involving legal
In short, he makes his job at the company's legal counsel much easier.
In the end, even our legal counsel was impressed with his efforts and professionalism.
His understanding adds additional counseling value in dealing with legal issues.
He provided valuable insight and legal counsel concerning current and new clients.
John is the person we turn to for counsel, legal or otherwise.