Legal Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Legal Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His experience in the legal recruiting/marketing industry is invaluable.
His reputation in the industry is excellent and he knows the industry like the back of his hand.
John's knowledge of the legal industry goes deep and his connections in the industry run wide.
Him and his team are widely connected throughout the legal industry and their clients' industries.
He did this with several companies before in different industries.
When it comes to the industry, he really is ahead of his time.
His experience with him was so positive, especially being able to talk to someone who didn't just know about the industry but is from the industry.
John has deep industry experience, he is well connected and knows the nuances of the various sub industries.
John understands the legal industry, is easy to deal with and very responsive.
His experience is invaluable in the legal industry and contributes to his success.
John knows the ins and outs of the legal industry, courts, and law.
John doesn't just learn his industry, he's capable of teaching his industry.
It was important to him that he comes directly from this very new industry.
He knows the industry well and always looks for the most sensible solution.
And more importantly, he also knows everybody and everything in his industry.
He gives by far much more back to the industry than he receives.
He knows everyone and everything about industrial automation.
He truly has changed the way many of his clients view the legal industry.
His dedication in all that he does is something that sets him apart from others in the industry.
John took his time to make sure that he was up to speed on the changes in our industry.
John has the determination and can-do attitude that will take him far in this industry.
This may have something to do with his many years of experience in the industry.
John has an answer to all of their questions because he knows this industry.
He is you can go to with industry questions and he always knows the answer.
This was new for him at the time and he did help him ramp up in this industry.
He makes himself available at all times, which is pertinent in this industry.
He's always in the industry conversations and always has something to add.
John is truly the best in his industry and provides outstanding results.
John is well on his way to making a name for himself in the industry.
His expertise and experience makes him one of the best in the industry.
He knows his industry inside out and is passionate about the company.
It seems that he knows everybody in the telecommunications industry.
He knows how to keep confidences and he has the ear of the industry.
John came into our company not knowing too much about the industry.
Last but not least, he followed the industry trend very closely.
John gets results in an industry where that's not always easy.
He knows the industry, listens to your needs and gets results.
This comes from his experience across industries and cultures.
He's the only one in his industry who makes the time and effort to connect with our industry at our national conferences.
John came to an industry in which he had no experience, the limousine industry, and he established a presence.
His understanding of the streaming industry and the time he puts in to help the industry are both huge.
John entered this industry with a little industry background and quickly orientated himself to achieve.
His previous experience in the industry helps in aligning the academia and industry.
He brings innovation from other industries into the often needed auto industry.
He will do very well in not only our company, industry but any industry as his fundamentals are strong and attitude is right.
John's role was critical to the organization given that the industry is being defined as legalization evolves.
Not only has he kept up with the ever changing industry, he goes above and beyond for the company.
John knows his industry, and his people, and he knows how to make them both better.
Seems like he is still very well connected, in the industry as well with the press.
Graciously, he influences people to better themselves and the industry.
Connecting people across our industry was another one of his passions.
John's drive to succeed makes him second to none within the industry.
John gets things done where other people in this industry would fail.
But don't take his word for it, ask virtually anyone in the industry.
John really knows our industry and brings value to our membership.
His contacts within the industry make him one of the go to people.
Coming from the industry, he knows how to place the right people.
Highly recommended - not just by him, but also his industry peers.
One of his very favorite people in this, or any other, industry.
Here's to hoping there's more people like him in the industry.
Unlike many in his industry, he doesn't try to sell you people.
John's a strong talent in the legal market/technology industry.
John is well liked within our industry but more important than that he is well respected.
He went out of his way to use examples and language of our industry.
He really knows his industry and what is necessary to get the job done.
He understands his industry and that came across in his delivery.
John gets the job done, and certainly is on top of the industry.
But even more importantly, he can transfer his knowhow he gained in his core industries to other industries.
Whilst they are in completely different industries his name had become synonymous with each magazine.
He also is dedicated to trying to improve our industry, which is one of the things we have in common.
John's efforts have provided the benchmark for what our company is looking for in this industry.
Regardless, he is still constantly improving to keep himself abreast of changes in the industry.
Fontanelli may be the best in the industry while his style is very unique and not conventional.
John company that grabs him, may consider themselves among the most fortunate in the industry.
He is highly ambitious and entrepreneurial, and he goes out of his way to know his industry.
His leadership abilities are second to none both within his own company and in his industry.
The most critical is his understanding of the dynamic and changes that comes with our industry.
He follows the ethical practices that are necessary, but so often ignored in our industry.
Respected both inside and outside the company, he has become a reference in the industry.
His requests were always ahead of the industry and beneficial to both of our companies.
John is one of the best in the industry in making things happen and getting back to you.
He would be an asset to any company looking to be in the forefront of their industry.
His experience inside and outside of the industry was both insightful and refreshing.
His enthusiasm is contagious, even though he has been in the industry for some time.
People in the industry would be well-advised to listen to what he has to say today.
Not only is he very fast and very efficient, he knows the industry back-to-front.
The company he is associated with will have the finest this industry has to offer.
What we found most beneficial for our company was him reach outside our industry.
This is based on his industry expertise together with asking the right questions.
John sets the standard for what leadership should be, regardless of the industry.
John company in any industry would be so lucky to have him in their organization.
His experience would be particularly valuable to anyone analyzing this industry.
He has an eagerness grow and to know everything about the industry he's selling.
His experience in diverse industries makes him look at things very intuitive
He keeps us posted on what's going on in the industry and is results-oriented.
He is always looking for ways he can lift others up and improve the industry.
John has gone out of his way to give him insights into our company and industry.
Clients are also impressed by his extensive experience across many industries.
He has been in the industry for quite some time and has seen fads come and go.
However, he truly genuine approach sets him apart from many in his industry.
He did not have much experience in our industry, but this did not show at all.
He always made time for you and provided great insights into the industry.
John's message to the industry was always comprehensive but yet very clear.
His experience in the industry and 'how' he gets it all done is noteworthy.
All-in-all he is an asset, no company in the industry would dare to lose
John welcomed him into the role, being new to the company and the industry.
John is one of the few who really care about his clients and his industry.
He took the time to get to know us, our industry, and our target audience.
But what really sets him apart from the rest of the industry is character.
As a facilitator, you will not find many better than him in the industry.
Having been in the industry for many years, his experience is invaluable.
His experience is second to none and spans across many industry sectors.
He provides proven results that are unmatched anywhere in the industry.
In an industry where that is not always the norm, he sets the benchmark.
As someone new to the industry, it was an invaluable experience for him.
His contributions to the company and the industry have been invaluable.
John's experience in the industry shines through in any conversation.
Not only does he know his industry, but he cares about about it too.
He has decades of experience, and he knows his industry inside out.
The amount of experience he has in the industry is beyond impressive.
His dedication to the industry, and his company, were second to none.
John's industry experience has been vital to us over recent years.
He brought together colleagues from various companies & industries.
John brings all of these together as only industry experience can.
In that time he helped us sell into at least five new industries.
John genuinely believes the in cooperation within the industry.
John's abilities make companies profitable, regardless of industry.
He knows the questions to ask and follows industry trends avidly.
His attention to detail is above and beyond most in the industry.
His growth in this industry has been enhanced by his leadership.
He also facilitated many industry introductions and connections.
Although he was new to the industry at the time we took a chance.
John's thorough follow-up and industry connections are unbeatable.
His follow through is superior and can provide for any industry.
Few know the industry and effective tactics better than he does.
He is without question passionate about improving this industry.
John is confident and ahead of any industry, he's involved with.
He is respected within the irrigation industry and the company.
John could be the industry template for managerial excellence.
His go getting attitude has earned him respect in the industry.
His industry experience and knowledge were by far outstanding.
His experience can add great value, regardless of the industry.
His insights of the industry greatly help in taking decisions.
John has many years of industrial experience in cryptography.
His experience and expertise in the industry is unparalleled.
John is an absolute visionary in the sustainability industry.
John came to the company with no previous industry experience.
If you follow him on our company, its apparent that he's in the know about this industry.
John brought him into the industry and our company six ago with very little experience.
Vasu didn't have much industry experience when we hired him from our company.