Level-Headed Performance Review Phrases Examples

Level-Headed Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He wouldn't ask anyone to do something he wasn't willing to do himself, and he is completely level headed.
John knows what he is doing and where he is headed, and how to take your success to the next level.
He didn't even know what he was doing as there was no way he could have known what was in his head.
But even more than that, he just gets what it can do and where it's headed.
He is level-headed and definitely someone you want in the trenches.
He is always level-headed and forward looking in our dealings.
He knows what's going on and he knows where things are heading.
He not only knows how to get into the head of consumers, but how to help get your our company into their heads.
John is a level headed person with balance head on his shoulder.
He will take you and your business to the next level and probably up several levels.
He could help you see what to do to take it to the next level.
John inspired him on many levels, he worked with level head yet always willing and very professional.
He seems to have his head screwed on right and knows how to take recruitment to the next level.
Not only does he have it in his head, he actually knows how to use it and get results.
He's level-headed, always willing to help out, and knows how to get the job done fast.
John can also just get on with it, get his head down and get things done when needed.
He's fair, level headed, and would not ask anything of you he would not do himself.
He has always been known for being fair and level headed and above all, trustworthy.
He always kept a level head about him, even when things around him were hectic.
John does know where he's heading and he makes you want to go there with him.
He is also level headed and is not afraid to say he does not know the answer.
He is very level-headed and will always do his best to teach you new things.
Somehow, he got it all done, and kept his head throughout all the craziness.
He is one of the best level-headed professionals you can have on the team.
He is willing to take on any project head on and move it to the next level.
John is level headed and thinks things through well before taking action.
John always came across as level-headed and focused on his objectives.
And he is level-headed and reasonable when all around him are in chaos.
John is very level headed and does not get flustered by challenges.
John is very thorough, and always keeps a level head under pressure.
John knows almost everything in depth, yet it hasn't gone to his head.
He's organized, level-headed and willing to think outside of the box.
John is always very professional and level headed in his approach.
He is easy going, level headed, gets things done and never complains.
He is level-headed especially under pressure and is always positive.
John is passionate about what he does, but remains level-headed.
Do what he does and you too will be headed in the right direction.
John is very charismatic, easy to get along with and level headed.
John is someone you can turn to when you need level-headed advice.
He is level-headed, even when up against the toughest deadline.
He is as professional as they come, level-headed and passionate.
He leads by example and he is both level headed and even handed.
He adapts well to whatever is going on and keeps a level head.
He sensible, level headed and knows what he is talking about.
Everything that was in the back of his head, he got right away.
John is level headed and at the same our company compassionate.
We saw all of these from him while he was head of our company.
He is also a very level-headed manager who keeps his head even under immense pressure.
He's smart, he's funny and he'll go head to head with anyone when necessary.
He keeps his head and his staffs' heads' in the game at our company.
He is reliably thorough and level-headed, and gets back to you promptly.
John, as he is known to everybody, is calm, level-headed and thoughtful.
John has always been very level-headed, astute and conscientious.
Despite the challenges he still makes level headed decisions.
He is known for being level-headed, productive, and very reliable.
He is not one of those who would accept things the way they are and tries his level best to add value and take them to the next level.
John started as first-level support, but more and more was taken on things that were second-level.
Renjith has always been so observant of what he is doing and how he can take it to the next level.
Know that he will help you as much as you could possibly need and help you get to the next level.
John gets along very well with everyone around him at our company of the organization.