Life Coach Performance Review Phrases Examples

Life Coach Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an amazing coach, author, motivational speaker, and life and success coach.
He is an amazing coach - intuitive and solid when it comes to coaching individuals through life changes.
John has coached me through several hurdles and challenges in my life and it has made all of the difference.
Try his coaching, it will certainly help in some form that will impact you for the rest of your life.
I cannot recommend his coaching enough if you want to make any kind of difference in your life.
He is very inspirational and will coach you to make amazing positive changes in your life.
John is very genuine, if that is what really interests you in choosing your life coach.
One of the best things about him is his frank, honest approach to life and coaching.
John coached me through one of the toughest and most confronting years of my life.
I would recommend him for an instructor/trainer for life coaching with hesitation.
If you have not enrolled for his coaching yet, you are missing the best in life.
John has really made a difference to my life this year through him coaching.
I would not hesitate to recommend him to others looking for a life coach.
I will be back for more of his coaching- it is powerfully life changing.
John life is so much better as a result of his coaching and friendship.
John's coaching has been invaluable to me during this transition in my life.
His life's goal is to help others achieve their life goal and he does so with ease as a life coach.
John has been a coaching client of mine over several weeks and is a life coach in his own right.
John has been an incredible, life-changing asset to me as my life coach.
I would highly recommend him for life coaching as well as business coaching.
I credit much of my success in life to his coaching and am grateful for knowing him and having him as a coach.
John has used his life coaching talents and career expertise to coach me through multiple life stages.
I know he would take this same philosophy and drive into being a life coach.
John provided coaching to me at what was a challenging time in my life.
He was my coaching instructor for the new series of life coaching classes being offered.
During our relationship, he has coached me through many life situations.
John was able to delicately blend life coaching into the world of corporate coaching.
I hired him to get a grasp on what life coaching was about and to get direction in my life.
No matter who you are or what you are looking for, his coaching will apply to the present as well as throughout your life.
John has provided me, life coaching sessions for the last several months.
He is always learning new coaching method and trying to be a good coach ever.
John is an insightful, hard working life coach who will definitely bring you to where you want to go in life.
His coaching and instruction has impacted both my life and the life of my two young sons.
John has always taken the time to coach me and guide me in many areas of my life.
If you are looking to make changes in your life and stop repeating old patterns - then he is definitely the coach for you.
John has been an incredibly helpful coach guiding me through changes that have recently happened in my life.
I'd recommend his style of coaching to anyone who is serious about creating the best life possible.
John has the ability to coach on your money issues so you can have an abundance in your life.
John is a unique individual with many facets of life, especially when it comes to coaching.
He coached me for over a year and my life will be forever richer because of it.
I would recommend him as a coach to anyone who wants to transform their journey in life.
John is an amazing coach; he quite literally helped me transform my life.
John's coaching has had a profound impact on my life over the last seven years.
John is an awesome life coach and always on the cutting edge of everything.
He's helped me enormously with coaching in finding my own path through life.
John has coached me, and him and his wisdom have changed my life forever.
I would recommend him for coaching in any situation life has thrown you in.
His coaching has been a catalyst for countless positive changes in my life.
What a great coach to have in my life, his inspiration is unforgettable.
He coached me up, inspired me to take back my life and change my habits.
Being in his coaching sessions has made a tremendous impact in my life.
He has been my mentor and coach in participating in not only transformation of people's life, but also of my own life.
As my mentor coach, he is able to inject inspiration into my life as him coaching changes my lives significantly.
He coached and helped others in a very constructive, positive manner, even before he made coaching his life passion and life mission.
John was my life coach during a challenging and growth-filled five year period of my life.
John was and is an excellent business coach and life coach - always rooting for me to succeed.
He also provided mentorship to his coaches when necessary, so that the employees could maximize their coaching experience.
He coaches with life experiences that makes the theory so much more relevant.
I recommend him to anyone who is in need of professional or life coaching.
As someone who has experienced his coaching, he is down-to-earth, effective, and truly motivates you to want to make changes in your life.
If you ever need a life coach that really knows what he's doing, he's right here.
He would make an ideal coach for somebody considering their life choices.
His life is much richer and fulfilled because of his coaching.
John coached him and some of his colleagues at the our company up coaching circle and it was life changing for him.
The impact him coaching has had on him has been life changing.
His most recent exposure to him has been as a coach - both professional and life coach and he is excellent.
In his opinion, he wasn't just a smoking cessation coach, he was/is a life coach.
His coaching techniques are fantastic and certainly help in many different situations throughout life.
It's a blessing for anyone to have such an all encompassing life coach like him.
He can motivate, inspire, and coach, just by going about his daily life.
John's life coaching sessions came to him at the most opportune time.
John coached him in multiple sessions on several topics in his life.
His zest for life and commitment to those he coaches is unsurpassed.
If your life is challenging (and who's isn't) you need coaching.
John is recommended to him by an acquaintance as a life coach.
Balancing these two attributes makes him a coach for real life.
John's talent is second to none when it comes to life coaching and guidance.
What's so special about him is that he is not just a business coach but a life coach.
John is a terrific life and business coach, loves what he coaches.
His coaching style is very subtle and logical that the trainee is not even aware they are being coached.
John coached him thru all these components and because of this, his life has changed all for the better.
John has been his coach for over a year, and it was truly life changing.
He's motivated to listen to and insightful about life coaching.
His coaching during our company has been instrumental in the improvements in his life.
Him coaching and leadership were seen as some of the best on the floor.
John followed up to coach him on how to prepare for the interview.
Recently, his role as a life coach opened up a huge breakthrough that probably would not have happened without his coaching.
John is a top class coach and one who differs from the many coaches put there as he has real life experience.
Him mentorship, coaching, and friendship will be on his list of "the best things in life" for the rest of his life.
John always has made time to help and coach anyone in the organization that is in need of his expertise.
Hire him if you truly desire to have a coach that will have you make a difference in your life.
His results were very impressive too, which altogether made his life much easier as his coach.
His pitch/ selling coaching has been so helpful not only in the class, but along our life.
Through his coaching and down to earth approach, his life has been tremendously enhanced.
John is his first experience with a life coach and boy, did he make things happen.
His coaching does not neglect a context of the things that matter most in life.
Raffia is an amazing coach who brings his life experiences into him talks.
John helped him so much during a tough time in his life with him coaching.
You can trust him as your coach, to help you achieve serious growth.
John shares real life success stories of those he has coached.
He always checks in, sort of like a coach or friend, for life.
John's approach to coaching is honest, sincere and real life.
John also coached one of the key players in our organization.
Our company had another inspirational session with life coach John our company.
One of the best things about him is that he is very energetic and knows what exactly he wants to do in life.
He goes way above what is required to make sure others are getting what they want out of this life.
The impact he has made in his life and the lives of others do not come around often in life.
John's passion for the things that he do will definitely take him far in life.
He does not only know what he wants in life, but also knows how to get there.
Whatever it is you're after and wherever you are in your life, he will help.
Hiring him was the one of the best things that's ever happened in his life.
He will add value to whatever he does, and wish him all the best in life.
He makes you think about what you really want out of life and how to get.
He also makes one of the best espressos you will ever have in your life.
Talk to him once and you feel like you have known him your whole life.
His best wishes for him throughout this life and for next final life.
Mentors are few and far between in one's life, he will become yours.
Give him a try and you will wonder where has he been all your life.
Your life will definitely be better for having him in your corner.
Plus, he is always available, even if it's just to talk about life.
He is very clear about what and how he want things in his life.
After all, he has been making websites/developmental all his life.
He is able to help you get where you really want to be in life.
Along with all that, he knows how to have fun in and with life.
His life would have been very different without that opportunity.
Have been and will be wishing him all the very best in his life.
And, of course, his passion for all the things he does in life.
John has the potential to go where ever he wants in the life.
John can help you do this and become more effective in life.
John knows exactly what he wants out of life and goes for it.
John is always successful in everything that he does in life.
People look to him to help them in many facets of their life.
Craving to do better was always seemed him incentive in life.
Worked with him is one of the best collaboration in his life.
Our company you all the very best in whatever you do in life, John.
This coaching is more than advising, for him its a life relationship.
John has been his business and life coach for over three years.
John positions himself as a "coach for life" and is always willing to help get people to the next level.
John is such an inspiration to the women he coaches and his results are life changing.
And he has been successfully coaching so many people through this major life phase.
It was a life-changing experience for him that did not end when the coaching ended.
More importantly, through his coaching, he has made a positive change in his life.
John has been his life coach for some weeks and helped him find his new direction.
Femenia to coach you through conflict resolution in your workplace (or life).
John coached him through some life changing decisions, with fantastic results.
It grounded him in his pursuit of his passion to coach, and it changed his life.
From then on, his life and his coaching practice have changed for the better.
We did some life coaching work together, and he incite was ineradicable.
His coaching has been a life changing experience for him in so many ways.
One of the best people you could come across in life and wish him all the success in life.